10 Vital Areas of Inner Purification

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By Openhand

Contributing writer for Wake Up World

In a recent video diary Transformation of Humanity, I spoke of the pressing need for people everywhere to reclaim our spiritual power in order to transform society into a new paradigm: to prevent immanent, wholesale, takeover by the industrial military complex, fueled by a behind-the-scenes Opposing Consciousness. We spoke of the need for “non-compliance” with the unjust ways of the old fear based reality.

Non-compliance flows hand in hand with inner purification. If we become intently committed to the spiritual path, we’ll find ourselves cleansing the old consciousness inwardly, which then in itself unravels the outer threads of the matrix.

So, how can we purify our inner world? Here are 10 vital areas of inner purification.


For me, food must come top of the list. Food is energy and what you take into your system, energetically becomes a part of you.

There is probably nothing more divisive and destructive to sentient life right now on our planet than our industrial food chain, not least now because of the surreptitious insertion of GMOs.

Recently we listed  10 reasons why not to eat processed food. Essentially processed food is dead food which your body will fruitlessly struggle to process and digest. It’s very hard to cleanse the energetic contaminants from your system. Much is full of excito-toxins that are purposefully addictive to make you want more. But since the ‘food’ has little nutritional value, the body craves more of the ‘food’ in order to be satiated. It becomes a vicious cycle. Basically, be very wary if it comes in a packet or a can.

Take also the meat and diary industry. Non-organic meat is packed full of hormones and antibiotics, a concoction you don’t really want circulating your body. Diary cattle are separated from their young in order that they continue to produce milk. This generates an inordinate amount of fear and stress, again which feeds its way into your system. Everything is energy. Also if you have eaten a reasonable amount of meat and diary in your life, it’s highly likely the colon will be contaminated with mucoid plaque – compacted festering and rubbery waste. Consider therefore a mucoid plaque detox if you’ve eaten plenty of meat and diary.

Consider also your fruit and veg. Much has been accurately revealed about the impact of non organic food not just on our bodily systems, but also the Earth’s top soils and resultant acidification of the oceans. Go for organic food wherever possible, even if it is costlier at this stage.

From a supermarket it’s likely that most of the time, the produce has been flown in from thousands of miles away, using cryogenic gases to keep fresh and store. Mostly the food is picked before it is ripe, which again, your body will struggle to energetically digest. It’s much better therefore to pick local foods if you can, that are in season. Aligning with the natural biology of your location, aligns you with the natural energetic eco-systems of the Earth. You will feel increasingly harmonious and aligned internally. And your ‘foot-print’ becomes increasingly gentle and compassionate.


It goes without saying of course the immense impact of water within our system, our bodies being comprised 70% of water. In the so called developed nations, our water is being progressively polluted through the recycling of drugs that our populations increasingly use and the excretion thereof into the water supply. Not to mention that many counties still flouridate water, which in actual fact, is a poison.

spring water

It would be a great energetic benefit to collect spring water, rain water or if you do have to buy it, then buy a source of natural spring water that you’ve first checked out. I seldom, if ever, use tap water and if I do so, I make sure I boil it first.

Water is a carrier of electromagnetism within our system. Every single cell functions through the exchange of ions. If you wish to increase the inner alignment affect, you can store your water in a natural clay vessel, leaving it outside to realign with the Earth’s magnetic field and to invigorate once more with prana from the sun. All of which ensures you ingest a vibrational frequency that brings you increasingly into harmony with the Earth’s natural vibration.


Our surrounding field is becoming increasingly awash with electrosmog from the appliances and gadgets that are infusing society. From mobile phones to Wifi, the frequencies help create an energetic barrier between lower and higher self. If you can’t feel your higher self because its being internally drowned out by disruptive frequencies, then you can’t integrate your higher self down into your being. Thus reducing the impact of this by minimising the gadgets that you own and rely upon will greatly benefit.

We got on perfectly well without Wifi and mobile phones before! It’s also vitally important to consider the residual electric fields that likely pervade your house. Alternating Current (AC) generates these persistent fields within the walls of the house which remain even when you switch the appliance off. Now you have an oscillating magnetic field that constantly impacts your own. I was guided by benevolence not only to turn off appliances, but also to unplug them from their sockets when not in use. When sleeping, instead of sleeping with your head nearest the wall, sleep instead pointing towards the centre of the room. This will minimise the impact around your head – a key consciousness centre of course.

Consider other ways to reduce the impact of electrosmog in your house. For example using crystals to help stabilise the natural field. Or using Iron Pyrite (fool’s gold) next to plug sockets.

Natural and aligned clothing:

It’s all about vibrational harmony and alignment within your own system. There is a surreptitious campaign by an Opposing Consciousness going on within the very field itself to create a dissonance between your soul and bodily vehicles of expression. The dissonance drowns out the ‘sound’ of your soul so you can’t ‘hear’ it so strongly. Thus our inherent powers of intuition are denigrated.

hemp shoesAnything that you can do to realign your field and bring back into natural harmony is going to be of benefit. Oil based clothing such as nylon, actually blocks this energetic realignment, so wearing natural clothing like cotton, wool, bamboo and especially hemp is going to help greatly. Wearing hemp for example, in itself can make you feel more centred, calm and aligned.

Decluttered environment:

Your immediate outer environment is often a reflection of your inner one. The busier your inner state of consciousness is, the harder it is to align with the reordering cosmic energies of benevolence that are yearning to bubble up through the field right now. If you’re constantly distracted, it becomes like background ‘white noise’ in your system. You become desensitised and thus you can’t align with the inflows of reorganising energy. It becomes a vicious cycle.

If you’re inner world becomes overwhelmed by the distraction of the outer, then you become disconnected. Decluttering your immediate living environment is going to help greatly. But what to get rid of? It’s a question to hold in your consciousness and let the very question itself help you let go of unwanted stuff. Thus you begin to break the threads of unnecessary external interference – and correspondingly – you unravel unwanted inner convolution too.

External media, vocabulary and sound:

Everything carries vibrational frequency. Everything can shift or alter internal states of consciousness. So if you’re allowing judgmental imagery and ideas into your field without consciously processing them, then it can have a highly downgrading affect. Soft porn or the bias of tabloid newspapers is an example. Or television soap operas projecting distorted behaviour patterns accepted as usual and normal are another example.

Sexual swear words and others such as ‘hate’ carry a vibration which we need to be careful and aware of. Sound of particular resonances and even spoken words can alter significantly your DNA (it being a receiver transmitter of vibrational frequency). If you internally scan the affect of such vibration, then you will begin to get a sense if what you’re exposing yourself to is having a detrimental affect.

Heavy Metals:

Increasingly our surrounding environment is being contaminated with heavy metals. Mercury is often used in immunisation, thus finding its way into the water table and oceans. Those who eat fish will often have high levels of mercury in their system. The  chemtrails  we’re all being irradiated with contain high levels of Aluminium, Strontium and Barium.

Water that comes into our supply through fracking will also contain heavy metals and the breakdown of plastic water containers. Such heavy metals will be transmitters of DNA downgrading frequency and will also calcify the pineal gland, thus making people less able to embody higher spiritual awareness in a physical sense.

Detoxifying with organic green juices and eating healthy salads with coriander will help greatly. For a more intensive detox, explore the use of the mineral Zeolite which is a naturally occurring mineral that is found in rock deposits around the world. It is very effective at washing heavy metals from bodily cells and decalcifying the pineal gland. There’s plenty of information on the web about it, but be careful which supplier you might go with. There are varying degrees of effectiveness.

Negative thought and emotion:

The whole concept of thought is a challenging one. If we hold negative thinking, that will clearly affect our inner state of consciousness and therefore the outer reality we create. Yet what is often misunderstood, is that thought and emotion are mostly the effects of our inner configuration of consciousness. So they often hold important clues of distorted behaviours and alignment that we need to process and let go of.

pensamientos-negativosIf we experience negative thinking and emotion, it’s important to explore them deeply and then soften into the internal contractions they generate so that we may process the behaviour out at a deep consciousness level. Once our consciousness in that particular area is realigned, then yes, it’s going to be incredibly beneficial to attune thought positively with aligned internal consciousness. So attuning to the sense of rightness and harmony, observing those things in your environment that are uplifting and nurture a sense of joy and at-one-ment with all life.

Opposing Consciousness and psychic attack:

As hard as it may be to imagine for the unaware, the surrounding energy field is awash with inter-dimensional entities that are surreptitiously shaping and controlling the matrix of mass human subconsciousness in which we live. This intervention has established and plays on much of the distortion outlined above. It slips into negative consciousness, accentuating and further distorting it. This locks people into disconnected and downward spirals. That’s why so many people are lost within society and for some, the sense of disconnection seems to be intensifying.

This  Opposing Consciousness  works by inserting energy implants in ones field and by playing various energetic frequencies which drown out the natural soul ray harmonic. The counter to this intervention is to attune as deeply to the soul as we can, in all that we do, and then to embody it every daily activity. Thus the distortions of ego which make us susceptible unravel and unwind. It makes us less prone to the intervention (see Removing Energy Implants).

First we must observe acutely all our internal reactions and contractions to external affects. If we’re being psychically attacked in this way, then to accept it first, becoming awesomely okay with it to the point we become as nothing in it – like a ‘ghost’. Thus ultimately you cannot be ‘seen’ from the higher dimension. When you reach this point, it becomes possible to reject or project out from your vicinity any of these malevolent entities. We’ve outlined in greater detail the approach here… Combating Psychic Attack.

Inner Identities and Karma:

In my recent Wake Up World article  Integrating Inner Identities, we spoke of the challenge of internal filtering identities formed through our upbringing and development that generate a false self ego. These identities are ultimately shaped by our karma, which we manifest in our lives through the  Law of Attraction  by drawing the appropriate circumstances we need to process, evolve and grow.

By understanding how these identities affect our lives and by unraveling them through the confrontation of limiting behaviours, we can unwind our karma that recreates the identities. It’s a constant process of internal observation, processing the negative effects and making higher self choices (openway  is an affective moment-by-moment process for facilitating this). Ultimately we become pure and aligned internally, ascending through the  Five Gateways  into multi-dimensional being.

Non compliance: an inner revolution

inner purification 2

Clearly this inner purification is not something to be taken lightly! It’s highly involving, but until you truly embark upon it, it’s impossible to imagine the uplifting and invigorating impact of such realignment in ones life.

Initially it may seem like we’re having to sacrifice (as we give up eating particular foods for example), but then as the untold benefits kick in and as your consciousness lightens, it becomes increasingly easy to let go of any sense of loss. The higher path becomes increasingly effortless.

Not only this, but of course such purification is of vital benefit to the planet and we inspire others to make the higher consciousness shift. You don’t have to fight the system to change it. Our  non-compliance with the distorting ways of the old will ensure an unstoppable spiritual revolution sweeps through our world, something that’s greatly needed right now on both a personal and planetary level.

In loving support,
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