You Are NOT Your Emotions

emotions9th October 2013

By  Susan Harper Todd

Contributing Writer for Wake Up World

Absolute Love is like Absolute White is to colour. People often think that white is the absence of colour when in fact it is the inclusion of ALL colours. In the same way, Love is not the absence of an emotion but the totality of ALL emotions. So for us to experience and know Absolute Love we must experience EVERY EMOTION. How can we possibly KNOW what Love is, if we don’t first know what it is not? We need the contrast of all negative emotions in order to KNOW the meaning of Love.

Which is why we humans here on Earth have been on such a roller coaster ride! But enough is enough don’t you think? We have had the experience. We have deeply experienced every possible emotion, and now we are done. We are finished with the highs and the lows. We know how the contrast feels because we have been sucked into the drama of it, time after time after time. We are so Done! We no longer need to experience this separation from who we really are. This separation which we ourselves purposely brought about by wanting to experience each of the separate lower vibrational frequencies that together make up our core frequency – that of Love and Harmony.

Yes, we did choose to do this, we wanted this experience, we wanted the contrast, because even though we know we are Love, that means nothing until we experience the opposite. We had to break Love up into all her separate frequencies, and experience each individual one… deeply… in order to REALLY understand the meaning of who we really are… which IS LOVE. And yes there have been times when we’ve enjoyed the drama of all these separate emotions, when we’ve found it exciting… but then we discovered that dramatic excitement tends to suck you in and spit you out, taking you from the crest of the wave to the trough. That’s when we’ve experienced the highs and the lows. And we’ve become so used to life being like this, that we’ve forgotten who we really are.

You see we have taken on these different emotions as though they are actually who we are. We have given ourselves their labels. We tell ourselves we are judgemental, fearful, anxious, guilty, hopeless, worried, unworthy and much more. We have so identified with these emotions, seeing them as an intrinsic part of us, as things that we carry around, weighing us down, that we have taken on their vibration. When we are constantly fearful, anxious, worried, frustrated etc. we radiate that vibrational frequency, and our reality that we see around us reflects that back to us. We start to live in those lower frequencies… and then we get stuck… and don’t know how to get out of the mess we’ve created.

But here’s the thing… YOU ARE NOT YOUR EMOTIONS. THEY ARE NOT YOU. You are not your feelings. They are simply different vibrations, which you, as an energetic Being are experiencing. But I repeat they are not You.  

Imagine Love as a beautiful harmonious musical chord. A musical chord is made up of many different notes, each with a different sound. When played separately some notes may sound very discordant, but when played as a whole, together, they are in perfect harmony. The different notes making up the chord are like the different emotions making up Love. You are NOT the separate emotions… you are the sum of all of them… that most harmonious sound of all, Love.

So… have you had enough of emotional drama? Of the highs and the lows? Of the contrast? Are you ready to reconcile and transmute all these separate emotional frequencies back into the One true frequency of Love? Well let’s DO this!

And yes, I know that it is easy to say, let’s do this… but how?

I am going to walk you through how to do it, and it’s not difficult. It’s actually siimple. We created the separation of the emotional frequencies, so it is for us to undo it. It is time to undo what was done. And with every emotional frequency that is released and transmuted, re-integrated into the Whole, you will find yourself becoming reconnected to yourself again…feeling and remembering your natural frequency… aligning with it again… remembering your power…Being You. Nothing can be within your energy field unless you consent to it being there. You have just forgotten that you are in charge. It’s time to remember. To take back your power.

So here we go. You can use this exercise any time you feel an emotion arising in you, creeping up on you, taking you over… Catch it before you are consumed by it.

Read through this all once and then you will remember what to do.

  1. Imagine yourself standing on a beach. In front of you is a beautiful body of water, stretching away into infinity in all directions. It is limitless. It is totally calm. It is a mirror. And in it you can see your reflection, for it IS You. This body of water is Love.
  1. Now bring to mind an event, or a person, that brings up a wave of emotion in you. Identify that emotion and give it a name. Is it anger, worry, fear, anxiety…what is it?
  1. What colour is it…this emotion…? Give it a colour. It will be the first colour that comes into your head.
  1. What shape is it? It can be any shape… it can be just an object like a circle or a square… it can be a bird… anything at all… Whatever you see is the right thing. And again it will be the first thing that comes into your head.
  1. What size is it? It can be any size – very large or very small.
  1. See this coloured object on the beach in front of you and talk to it. There are three things you want to say to it… for this emotional frequency has done it’s job well, but it’s job is now Done:

         I Accept You.

         Thank You.

         I Love You.

  1. And as you say the words “I Love You”, which are the words it has always been waiting to hear, see the coloured object in front of you suddenly start to dissolve. It loses it’s shape and form until Now it is no more than a pool of water on the beach. And as you watch it, the water in this pool starts to run down the beach into that limitless beautiful calm body of water in front of you.. being absorbed back into the Whole…back into Love. Until now there IS nothing but the Whole. There IS nothing but Love.
  1. Take a deep Breath. FEEL the Calm. FEEL the Harmony. Take another deep breath. And Smile. For It Is Done.

Next time a situation arises which would previously trigger that emotional response in you, stop. You don’t consent to it being in your energy field. You don’t need to feel it any more. It is not you. That particular emotional frequency is now reconciled back into Love. It has done it’s job well. So let it pass, don’t hold on to it. Smile. Know that all is well. That you are in charge.

Love is your natural frequency. It is the highest frequency of all. You are a tuning fork. When you are BEING your natural frequency, then everything around you naturally tunes itself to that frequency. So when you BE Love, you really ARE changing the world.

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