Lumen Octave: Magnetize the Soul Using Internal Light + Sound

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By Indra

Contributing Writer for Wake Up World

I have had some beautiful downloads recently, and there’s one I want to share with you that may provide you with clarification about the LumenOctave  and about how to utilize the power of it properly.  The technique I will reveal to you now will undoubtedly allow you to activate your magnetic field and integrate the true power of the LumenOctave into your life – and to have a blast with it on daily basis!

Okay, so what is the LumenOctave?

It begins by starting to look at yourself and your body as a battery. Yes, a battery. Just as a battery has a magnetic field,  your body has a magnetic field, which I call your LumenOctave.

There is a magnetic field to anything that has an electrical charge to it. Similarly, the LumenOctave has an upward moving flow, a downward moving flow, and a spherical flow. For our fields to be completely engaged – upward, downward as well as spherically – they have to be activated and fully engaged.  Yet for most of us, the entire magnetic field is not always engaged.

Most of us, when we speak of our spirituality and our consciousness, we tend to focus on the upward flow; we are really pushing upwards and trying to reach out to higher dimensions. Yet that is only one partof what is needed to engage the magnetic system.  The other two parts include the spherical flow, which is everything that is happening right here, at the eye level in your life and exercising the things that make you a successful human being. Then there is the downward flow, which is about engaging the things that make you a great physical being and make you a great manifestor in the physical sense.

To have all three of these magnetic parts engaged is what I refer to as  full spectrum living, which is really about being able to activate yourself in all the different dimensions! Through the LumenOctave, you actually activate your magnetic field – your torus, as it’s referred to – so that what you generate on the inside of you is a powerful magnet…. a magnet for your soul’s specifically designed purpose, and whatever is naturally and inherently needed for you to receive the best that life has to offer!

That might look like manifesting the place that you need to be in, the job that you need to have, the relationships with the people that you need to have around – all of the opportunities that arise through your new magnetic capacities. What  you are turning your body into is a magnetic system – a completely healthy, perfectly engaged magnetic field – that can attract to you what is in your highest and best good, instead of having pre-conceived, pre-prescribed and limited notions of what is good or suitable for you.

The LumenOctave activation takes place through learning the language of the soul, which is felt in the body as sensations. Through activation, you return to your “natural code” by purging the body of deeply held pain,  negative mental patterns, limiting beliefs, and unhealthy relationships.  By activating the LumenOctave, we are connecting with that part of us that is unique to us and completely in our highest benefit – and we don’t do this conceptually, we do this through a really powerful technique that I’m about to share with you.

Stay with me…. I’m going to switch gears now and get a little more technical for a moment.

Activating the full spectrum

It’s important to  look at your body and your mind and your consciousness in the same way as these three overlapping spectrums. There is a light spectrum to your consciousness – everything that you are aware of. When you look through your light spectrum, you see colors, you see things occurring in this spectrum of light. Your body, in it’s solid state, is vibrating at a certain frequency within the qualities of sound. So it’s basically the consciousness of light merging with the vibrations of your body.

The more you can tap into this light spectrum wholly and fully and perfectly align with this octave of your physical system, the more possibilities you have at your disposal. This happens mainly through consciousness coming down and integrating with your glands. The glands have each vibrational tone of your physical body, so they are giving  out colors and frequencies, and if you can activate them to their natural state, you’ll be able to bring your amazing light potential into the physical reality.

So for those of you who are wondering “how do I become the amazing being I know that I am in my meditations, and I feel that I am in my heart? How do I really live out that power?”….

bliss instinct

The key is in merging with your physical body, which means you’re going to have to upgrade your sensational reality. These sensations that are coming out from the glands have to be in their natural state and not a programmed state. Because most of the glands have been restricted or written over, or blocked by food and GMO’s and bad programming, we have to re-learn the programs that are true to our nature so we can return back to what it feels like in our activated state, with our engaged magnetic field – LumenOctave. Then we can become FULLY embodied as intended…. and therefore vibrantly alive.

Moving into the technique….

We’ve been talking about consciousness as it relates to the body, because you as a consciousness – as a very high being – are already perfect. You are already amazing because you have chosen to be in the body. This is a choice,  you chose to come into the physical body, and you are choosing to apply all of that right here…. trying to learn how to apply all of the knowledge…. all of the amazingness that you are into the physical reality.

What is the best way to do it?  This is the technique that I’m going to share with you. I’m sure that most of you are going to love this because his will revolutionize your life.

Turn the focus of your mind onto the sensations of your body. Feel what your body feels like.  Feel the sensations within your body by dropping into a full sense of the exquisite nature of your physical body. By doing so, you will be able to access greater intelligences that exist within the whole of consciousness which is completely at your disposal…. when and only when you utilize the sensation of your body.

The mind is kind of like a lens, and whatever it projects onto, it starts giving energy and power to. It actually starts decoding it, because mind is an interpretive substance. For example, if you are watching two people interact, and you focus your lens on those two people, your mind will instantly start trying to make sense of it all…. like he is saying that, and she is saying that, and you become “involved” in the experience. It suddenly becomes a part of your reality. But all the mind is doing it is simply interpreting a reality that’s occurring…. interpreting data like a machine. It’s a rather well-oiled machine.

What we are taught to do is to constantly project that lens of the mind outside of ourselves. And what I am proposing is that the mind, which is the lens by itself, is going to be only as effective as one organ.  If we chose to tune into and experience the whole body and not just the mind, we become full spectrum beings. In other words, utilizing the mind at its full potential – which is its interpretive skills – you are turning the focus of that lens inwards and into what the physical body is feeling like. And a whole new world – a previously unknown world of information – is then accessible to us!

Activating intelligence

Initially, when you turn the focus of the lens into the physical body, you will develop a simple awareness of those sensations. Yet as you go deeper into that experience, your relationship with the sensations becomes more sophisticated, and in turn, the mind becomes more intelligent at interpreting sensations. You will start realizing, as I did, that  there are different sensations at different organ levels  that have certain programs and paradigms attached to it, and if we can live within the harmony of those sensations, we are now not only using the one-dimensional organ of the mind to interpret and make sense of and navigate the world around us, but we are now accessing the full spectrum – we are accessing the information that every gland and organ has come to receive about our reality.

Our bodies are constantly interpreting everything that is happening around us. Sometimes with our mind alone, we may actually “feel” something physically and have a sort of “reaction” to it, but we don’t actually know mentally why we reacted that way.

LumenOctaveWith the body, if we use all of it – if we use the full spectrum – we become infinitely more intelligent. We have access to so much more information that the mind may not know what to do with all of it at first. However, with the fine-tuning of this technique, and the fine-tuning of this tool, you will allow the most important information to project onto the screen of the mind so that you know why you act or react as you do, and then you’ll have all the information that you need to act and react in the way that leads you to your best destination – a sort of “super pathway”. The body gives you  the best navigation tool, consisting of the full spectrum information system rather than the one-dimensional information system of the mind.

The bliss instinct

To take this technique even further,  when you focus on your body, you start realizing that you feel really good; the mind will actually activate sensations. So as you surrender into the body, and you feel how the body feels, you will increase your sensational feelings in the body,  you will increase your sensational experience, and it’s going to intensify your sensations. You will begin to tap into and cultivate your birthright…. the sensation of bliss!

My proposition to you is that this lusciousness, this blissful sensation that is being ignited by simply turning the lens of the mind onto the body…. just go with that, commit to that, because there is something deeply intelligent about letting the sensations run the show. The sensations are so much more into the full spectrum tuning of who you truly are.

You’ll know when you are doing this technique properly when you are able to  commit to the luscious, the blissful, the love-filled sensations that start generating in your body, and you stay within the harmonic flow of those sensations. Then you will be living your life in bliss, you’ll live your life in lusciousness. Slowly, you will stop questioning if this is the superior way. The feelings will guide the way and never steer you wrong.

Initially, there may be some questions, but keep experimenting with it. Any decision made from a place of lusciousness and bliss is far superior to a decision made from the mind. It is far more connected than the projecting, compartmentalized and fragmented way that the mind makes decisions. Bring your focus back into the body, feel the sensations, allow yourself to connect to your lusciousness, feel what feels good to you, and go from there.

Joseph Campbell was quoted as saying “follow your bliss”. Here now, you are being taught how to consistently do just that. You are well on your way to following your bliss instinct. By engaging your LumenOctave, you’ll infinitely upgrade the way you live your life in no time!

If you would like to learn more about this technique, if you would like to activate the glands in a deeper, more full potential way, we offer the LumenOctave Activation Course, which I invite you to look into and consider. Then we can embark on this journey of sensational, luscious, blissful living together!


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