Be Careful, Consciousness Is Listening!

consciousness is listening

By Michael Roads

Guest writer for Wake Up World

Walking into a pet store the other day, I told the woman at the counter what it was that I wanted. “Too easy,” she said, getting exactly what I wanted and taking the money. I reflected on this purely Australian colloquialism that you hear nowhere else in the world. Too easy. I smiled. As far as colloquialisms go it is a very positive one. Most are not.

Probably the most common colloquialism in Oz is the reply to, “Hi, how are you?” Invariably, you hear, “Not bad.” It becomes obvious that people, generally, have no idea of the impact regularly repeated words and statements have on their lives. Another common one from more positive people when you are asking for help is, “No worries, mate,” or “Not a problem.”

Let us look at the power of common statements. Maybe you are a person who has your own.

All thoughts and words are energy. Thoughts and words are energy that create either more energy or less. Think about it. Your thoughts are your creation. They are either energizing you, or causing you fatigue. And most people are tired by the end of the day. We always assume that this is the result of the days’ work, but more often than not it is the result of the days’ constant repetitive thoughts creating fatigue. People who always watch the television news of suffering, drama and trauma are drained of energy via their emotional and nervous system.

We are fields of energy. In every moment we are either feeding ourselves with more energy, or we are draining energy from ourselves. Life does not drain us, nor do world events. Not even the negative ones. We have to do that by reacting negatively. And we do not have to react negatively. Negative reaction is not a choice, it is the abdication of choice. The very word re-action means that we are re-enacting an old pattern of resist-ance. It comes from our past. A reaction from the past to deal with an issue that is based in the moment is not a good way to live your life.

I am told that statements from a certain U.S. president make many people angry. No. His statements do not make people angry. His words do not have that power over you unless you are powerless. His words are no more than the trigger that set up the chain reaction of an old, old pattern from your past. The president makes a statement, you hear it, and disagree. Now, this could be the end of the story. To get angry you are required to negatively react, to give your power to the president, to then feel helpless and powerless, and finally to get angry to summon back some power because this is the only place that you can find it – all this happening in a subconscious negative chain reaction that finally leaves you as the fatigued victim.

Unfortunately, every time you react and get angry you are continually recreating the pattern of continuity that you are already locked into. Very counter productive. So, let’s go back to some of those key words we mentioned earlier; the words in your language that, unbeknown to you, hold you in these negative patterns.

First you must realise that we are conscious Beings living in fields of consciousness. This is our continuing reality, unaffected by birth or death.

Consciousness is listening to your every thought, your every word, even to your intent and attitude. All this is part of the conscious language you use to speak to consciousness. Sadly, people have become so focused into the world of illusion that this language has become subconscious. People are not even aware that they are speaking to consciousness. This means, in effect, we are speaking our creative reality in a language we do not know that we are speaking! Nor do we know to whom or what we are speaking. Nor do we realise that we never stop this communication. “Not bad” is heard by consciousness as a repetitive statement. In consciousness every statement has a focus. In “Not bad,” the focus is “bad.” Bad is the key word. In “No worries,” the focus is “worries.” Worry is the key word. With “Not a problem,” the focus is “problem.” And so it continues — and things get worse, worries continue, and problems occur more frequently.

I suggest that phrases like “Really good”, “Rest easy”, and “Easily fixed” would create a far more comfortable and progressive lifestyle without the drama.

It is interesting because, while “Not bad”, “No worries”, and “Not a problem” are all statements of a basically positive attitude, all unwittingly invite trauma and drama into a situation or to a person who is ready to free themselves from this position. In other words, they have the right attitude, but the energy of their words opposes them.

Be aware of your language, and if it opposes you, change it. As much as possible be aware of thoughts, words, intent and attitude as your communication to and with life. If you apply this awareness you will be amazed and delighted by the results.

In Love and Light,


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About the author:

Michael RoadsBorn in England in 1937, Michael Roads discovered at an early age he was able to communicate with nature and go beyond linear time and space. He immigrated to Australia in 1963 where he was a beef and dairy farmer, and prominent in the early organic movement. He wrote the first book on organic gardening in Australia, which was an immediate best seller.

After becoming spiritually awakened in 1986, Michael wrote about his metaphysical experiences and has since published 14 books, translated into 16 languages. 2016 marks his 25th year of travelling around the world giving talks and 5-day intensives on unconditional love and emotional balance.

Connect with Michael at and Facebook/MRoads.

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