Interdimensional Entities Influencing Daily Life (+ Audio Meditation)

Interdimensional Entities Influencing Daily Life (+ Audio Meditation)

By  Openhand

Contributing Writer for Wake Up World

Dealing with the concept of interdimensional entities in the field that are influencing humanity has always been a challenging one. Where are these entities? Where’s the evidence?

Today people are generally too focused on the external drama: trying to fix this or that; trying to control some kind of outcome. Since the world you see is defined (partially) by where and how your consciousness is directed, then most miss the internal interplay between the inner world (the entirety of the multiverse) and the outer mirror. This is where and how the intervention reveals itself, and until we engage in it, we can never truly be free…

Dumbed Down

The problem is that people have become disconnected from the wider universe and closed down from the original state of multi-dimensionality.  To me it is unquestionable that this was done by design, but yes, you could also interpret it simply as human creative consumption running away with itself and closing consciousness down in the process. Whatever the reason, the issue is that most people, even many awakened ones, only tend to perceive the lower realm of consciousness in which our physicality lives. Most people are still working daily towards various intended or desired outcomes in the physical drama of life.

Of course the reality you perceive and therefore live within, is created by where your consciousness is directed. So if you’re continually looking outwards for some desired outcome, that becomes the limit of your reality.

This  Opposing Consciousness  is exceptionally clever, advanced and deceiving. It works from a higher dimensional state, interacting with your thoughts and emotions. To give you an example: let’s say you’re taking a walk in nature, having a very peaceful, relaxing and expansive time. Yet suddenly you’re thinking about work or something you have to achieve later today. Or you’re in a relationship with someone and a basic misunderstanding suddenly escalates into a full blown and projectional row. Or else you’re constantly worried about where your money is going to come from or how you’re going to support you and your family. These things are not inherent to the Original Human, where we were trusting, aligned and at-one with the benevolence of the universe. Original Humans were expansive, multi-dimensional and free.

And so what’s their purpose?… To get you to live a life which is not authentic to who you are, in which case you become enslaved within the system they’ve created and bleed energy; which they assimilate like you would food.

Seeing and Feeling the Patterning of Your Own Behaviour

So this intervention acts within the very psyche, your physical and emotional bodies and your higher energy field. It works by the stimulation of emotion, thought implantation and by false reality filter creation. It’s actually very easy to do that when you’re coming from a higher dimension and the host is unaware of what’s actually going on. So it’s in your thoughts, emotions and feelings where this OC is acting. Many people have said to me over the time that they loved the Openhand work, but struggled with the concept of OC. Then six months later, exactly because they’ve spent more time looking into their inner world, suddenly part of this multi-dimensional landscape comes into view.

It’s about seeing and feeling the patterning of your own behaviour. It’s about taking full responsibility for your actions and why you take them. It’s about working to realign ones behaviour with the natural flow of the universe as supported by signs and synchronicity. When you’re living this way –  the whole time  – then you begin to witness this extra subverting energy in the field trying to close you down in fear or denial and divert you from your path.

And trying to distance yourself from the influence by pretending it doesn’t exist doesn’t work in the end either, whatever source you accredit the interference to. It too leads to a false reality – the false ‘love and light’ one – which is disconnected from the actual truth of this moment. It is yet another deception to be wary of.

Staying Open to the Possibility

The Higher Paradigm that everyone is speaking of is not elsewhere. It is here and now, within the confines of your very being. You don’t have to leave the body to access it. And Once you’ve seen enough to want to live there the whole time, once you’ve fully experienced its expansiveness, liberation and authenticity, it’s likely there will come the moment that you feel to tackle this intervention head on – the impulse will well up from the depths of your soul. Life becomes all about making your highest choice, in every possible moment, whatever that may mean in this limiting and controlling matrix. It’s then that the full landscape falls piece-by-piece into view.

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The Openhand ‘spiritual compass’ is specifically designed to help people access their inner world much deeper, and then unravel any distorting influence of the Intervention. Check it out here … Openhandway.

So I would say to anyone who is skeptical, that’s fine. Don’t believe me nor anyone else until you actually have some of these experiences yourself. But I would also encourage you to stay open to the possibility that all on the surface may not be what it seems. Surely there is enough disharmony, exploitation and control going on for you to be suspicious of society’s motives, which makes you want to delve deeper? If so, the place to begin is in your own inner world.

What are your true feelings in response to external events? What makes you contract down and get fearful or worried? Above all, how can you penetrate these contractions with the light of your consciousness and expand them out?

Then you’ll set yourself clearly on the path to freedom and expansion back to where you should naturally be.

Finally, here’s a great releasing entities meditation from Trinity which you can listen to freely online or download to your audio device. Just click the image to your left to begin.

For more information on entities, please read Trinity’s article:  Fourth Dimensional Entities and What You Can Do About Them


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