Building Trust in the Divine

Trust the divine

By  Openhand

Contributing Writer for Wake Up World

In spiritual evolution you’ll often hear of the need to develop trust. Trust in what? Trust in the divine perhaps, or trust in oneself? Or maybe we need trust that everything will turn out fine – whatever ‘fine’ actually means. Clearly it relates in some way to letting go and accepting the flow of life.

But does that mean acceptance of anything goes? What exactly is this thing called trust that we should be developing….?

Divine Trust: the Opposite of Control

Of course we’re very used to a world of control. Society is configured on pretty strict rules and regulations of how things work – step out of line and it tends to come down on you like a ton of bricks. So from an early age, in order to function in society people are conditioned to conform, to be bent and molded to fit the ‘right’ patterns.

I can distinctly recall emerging from such a restrictive prison. Trust was something that you seldom did. But then as I rediscovered the inherent interconnectivity of life and the flow through the moment. I discovered that as I progressively let go of this control, then I’d align with that flow. As I stretched my ‘wings’ outwards, somehow the universe would rise to support me.

But you have to know what the flow is. If the control aspect is still hanging on to a degree and needing the outcome to go a particular way, then it limits our ability read the flow, align with it and thereby develop trust in the divine. So the key is to understand where the flow is going.

Where Does the Flow Take You?

We often speak about this on  Openhandweb  and in our work. It seems we’re often heading against the spiritual mainstream, and in particular the concept of using connection to the divine in order to shape the life people might want. But who exactly is wanting? And how is this trust in the divine if it still has to go a particular way?

What if the purpose of life is to reveal the magnificence of who you are? What if there’s nothing else going on? Ever. When you burst through the ego, you touch the place of this infinite potential. It’s like crystal clear clarity and you realise you ARE that. What’s more, there is nothing else. All that you’ve struggled and worked for falls away. The bubble of the illusion bursts.

So then there comes a point where you’ll probably realise it’s not worth being anywhere else other than in this hallowed space. In which case, any limitation or contraction –  lack of trust for example  – would be confronted by this One Self – it would invite you to burst through your limitation,  by configuring events to confront the limitation.

Meeting the Universe Halfway

If you begin to switch perspective in life from trying to gain an outcome from it, to instead observing yourself; looking to expand into any contraction that arises; to keep unleashing true beingness, then something truly miraculous happens – you begin to experience the unseen hand of the universe supporting your every move.

But you have to meet the universe half way to do this. And denial of the quiet directive doesn’t serve either – it leads to a false, intellectual enlightenment, a shadow of the real thing. Meeting the universe half way takes surrender – trust. It’s the universe waiting for your initiation, for you to make the first step. Hence you have to go out on a limb to break down the fear and need to control.

You have to be prepared to make yourself vulnerable.

Opening Up to the Moment

If you can accept the moment to the degree you need no outcome from it, then you begin to open to the moment. But it’s not an acceptance of anything goes. It’s not giving up. You find instead, that as you soften and open, increased sensitivity and awareness arises. You start to pick up, amplify and channel the energy of the divine. You unleash gifts of beingness you could never have predicted you’d have.

As you ride this arising wave within,  it sweeps you through the outer world with increasing ease and effortlessness.

But to me trust is no on/off thing. There’s progressive levels of it. If you start with the little things in life (“Shall I take this route to work or that one?”  for example) then you start to notice how the universe is coaxing you to a greater expression of yourself. It will be risky yes, it will push the boundaries yes. But that’s the point of life – to develop you as a being.

Trust the divine - Waters edge quote

Developing Trust

So what can you do to develop more trust in the divine flow today?

  • Notice that if you’re truly following the flow, then you’ll be brought to a point of challenge, of confrontation. There’ll be all the excuses in the world why not to follow the pull. Watch this place of denial and contraction
  • At some point –  assuming you want to progress  – you’re going to have to start breaking into these resistances – to follow what you know you’re really given to do. Ask yourself does it serve you to continue with the limitation?
  • Watch the physical/emotional impact of the resistance. Your body may get tight, breathing short, attention is distracted from full awareness of the moment. Think to yourself “what’s the worst possible outcome that could happen here?”
  • Contemplate this deeply and all the time, remember that you are the inviolable source of all that is. That you created this victimisation to expand into the fullness that you are
  • Now soften into the tightness, feel through them, know yourself as the One
  • As you open into this void of emptiness, let true beingness arise, then follow through with the fullest expression of truth that you can. Even if this means simply committing to a different pathway home.
  • Watch the synchronicity as the universe comes in to meet you.

A Greater Possibility of Yourself

What have you got to lose? Why stay in the limitation? Why not expand a greater possibility in yourself?

I guarantee that if you do this, you’ll discover things about yourself you never dreamed possible. Your trust in the divine will escalate. And what’s more, trust in yourself –  as a being  – will flourish too.

That’s what I get from this amazing video about trust which came to me recently. It speaks to me of pushing the envelope. But not recklessly. Rather to do so with awareness and surrender into the moment – feeling and intuiting exactly what wants to happen next. How might it inspire you in your life today?…

Why Trust is Worth It….

From my heart to yours

(on behalf of  Openhand)

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