Robo Bees and the Synthetic Reality Agenda

robo_bees2nd May 2014

By  Openhand

Contributing Writer for  Wake Up World

I find it amazing how you can glean the truth of what’s going on in the world more from the movies than the mainstream. The story bubbling up through evolving human consciousness is one of being enslaved within a system of control that we’re working to break free from. Films like Hunger Games, Elysium, and Divergent are indicative. We’re working to reclaim the sovereignty of the earth. The very next agenda we must rise up against is ‘transhumanism’, so eloquently depicted in the Johnny Depp film “Transcendence”. The powers-that-be are proposing all manner of synthetic realities. Watch this greenpeace video about “Robo Bees”. Let us not sleepwalk into a false reality agenda…

Reclaiming our Spiritual Power

Geo-engineered cities, GMO crops, nano technology and transhumanistic consciousness –  trying to put the soul of man into a synthetic reality. This is the shape of the future some would envision. It will not work!

This planet evolved as a natural, self sustaining, self regulating and supportive eco-system. Benevolence ‘wants’ it back! Hence  the Great Realignment  of gathering strength that will sweep this virulent cancer from the earth.

We can each accelerate the closure of this redundant fear based reality by unleashing our souls, reclaiming our spiritual power and becoming as one with the realigning flow. It’s something we have to do now in order to ease the shift. Time to stand up and be counted. Here’s how…

from my heart to yours

(on behalf of  Openhand)

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