2014 – When Awakening Erupts


By  Zen Gardner

Contributing Writer for  Wake Up World

There are exponentially increasing signs of life responding to the rapid deterioration and fascist takeover of our world. These manifestations of life can take time to surface, like   seeds germinating and working their way up through the earth and into the sunlight. Life will always keep emerging from the seemingly dark recesses of fomenting consciousness, bringing new life and inspiration.

Many more evident sprouts of awakening are about to come forth in the days to come. “Grass roots revolution” got its name for a reason. And we’re all it. This is why the continued planting and watering of the seeds of Truth is so important. Our participation is tantamount to the success of this challenge in which we are engaged. Both personally, and collectively.

A Time to Consciously Activate

We’re here with a purpose and fundamental responsibilities, like it or not. We are not here to just exist, but to consciously respond to the world and activities around us. As we each come fully alive issues become real and impactful. The realization of the implications of governing decisions on our lives becomes more dire, more prescient.

We do have an individual effect that changes the whole. We are empowered with the majesty of free choice and action.

We may simply want out of the traps being set, but we’re here and need to deal with our challenges responsibly, whatever our circumstances. As the picture becomes clear it becomes time to rise to respond.   We are about to see a massive break out of those realizing this truth who may have been watching from the wings but have been richly fermenting in the Truth and are about to come to the surface.

In springtime barren land erupts into gorgeous fields of new life – trees, shrubs and flowers bloom. What has been clandestinely incubating beneath the earth’s surface under winter ‘s chill draws on the strength, food, and information which the awakening seedling has been absorbing from the rich earth.

The time then arrives for the plant to rise in all its glory into the fray of life and the challenge of survival on earth’s surface.

A Year of Activism – Being True to the Truth

We’re going to be seeing exponentially more indigenous outcroppings this coming year and beyond. Our world, in every sphere, is full of life – wonderful, inspirational, Truth and Love affirming life. It is unstoppable. Our glorious Universe is nothing but infinite power and possibilities.

This eruption is already happening. We’re just seeing the surface, the beginnings of this awakening.

The human soul hears and senses everything. What it chooses to acknowledge or act upon is a selective process, governed by many influences, not the least of which is social programming and engineering. Our world is under assault by these and other forces and they are becoming more draconian by the day, as people awaken one issue, one spiritual experience at a time.

One perfect example is the fracking issue – when they start to burrow under your town and home and your tap water catches fire and crops begin to die and your family is sickened, your life is profoundly affected and you respond. Another is GMO food, where farmers are either being forced out of business or to conform to corporate pressure, while adulterated products poison the food chain and proliferate unlabeled in the market. Then there’s the fascist allopathic medical system if you do get sick, an abusive system based purely on profit.

The pattern becomes overwhelmingly clear. The system is not designed for our benefit, but our disempowerment and control.

The health issue is where many people begin their activism. Why let your family eat tainted or “modified” food? Why are they trying to outlaw natural supplements? And why spray the skies and seas with toxins or infect the water supply with tainted chemicals? Why are the oceans dying and our food supply is increasingly radioactive? And most of all – why is the mainstream press pushing and even honey-coating these horrific facts and programs?  This is when the light goes on.

A Year for Boycotting

One major spinoff effect of awakened activism that will reach new found proportions is boycotting. Thanks to alternative media, we know who is pushing what and how the fascist corporate structure operates. We are awake and aware about their products, operations and intentions, few of which are good for humanity.

This doesn’t just apply to what we purchase, but our bank usage, education plans for our children and where our income is derived, to name a few aspects. Why patronize anything we don’t have to that we know is working against humanity’s progress and well being? It may be time to not just boycott Walmart and their ilk, but to get your kids out of the school system while you also disentangle from the many financial and legal obligations that have been foisted on you. Are they necessary? There are alternatives.

It takes some effort but every strand of matrix cobweb we can snip or peel off the more freedom and energy we have to keep pursuing and propagating the liberating Truth. Not giving our energy or obeisance to this vampiric system begins to deprive it of its food supply and ability to support its illusion. This is already happening. The matrix is cracking. Their last resort is always more suppression, which invariably backfires.

Food sovereignty is another important aspect that is a natural extension of boycotting. Taking control of what we eat via local farms and gardens is a game changer. All of these types of actions outlined here and more we can do immediately. Hand in hand is encouraging personal activism in those around us and contributing to the growth of strong, awake communities wherever we can.

Precipitate A Crisis

Precipitating change is our spiritual salt. When we are true to Truth and Love our world cannot remain the same as it was. Our continued goal is to embrace that even more this coming year, and beyond. And many will heed the call – when your back’s against the wall you come out fighting.

And that’s good.

When people wake up to one issue the other many questionable topics naturally begin to converge on their consciousness. That’s why activism is so powerful. It’s much like perforating their protective membrane. Once one breakthrough is made, the enriching water of Truth naturally passes through and fills the vacuum.

That can be applied to global consciousness as well. When one issue is truly exposed, the pattern starts to take shape. If the real truth were known about public sentiment it would not in any way resemble an official “poll”. People are seeing what’s going on. And as the evidence continues to accumulate in whatever area they are concentrating on, other information is going to arrive.

That’s why we must never underestimate the power of the alternative community. It is often one email, one article, one talk, one evident truth that kicks each of us off. And like a room of mousetraps loaded with ping-pong balls, when one goes, off….well, it’s pretty cool!

Let’s Do What We Can

It’s usually the smaller things at first where our new found convictions manifest and they quickly lead to more. The point is to do one thing at a time and take if from there. Trying to figure out the end result of everything we do or don’t do causes analysis paralysis. At that point we do nothing and eventually the challenge seems too great for us.

It’s just one thing at a time. Respond, share, be truthful, act on our compassion. One step at a time.

The rest follows. Conscious awareness comes via many paths, but once it has pierced the veil of lies the door is open. Whatever it took to get to that point will soon fade in importance into an enormous sense of awe and wonder at the world we’ve been allowed to discover.

The rest follows.

May this be a glorious year for all. Whatever our situations or obstacles, may we be true to the Truth and let the Universe handle the rest!

Much love always,


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