Transcending the Negative

Multidimensional Neo-Human Consciousness

By  Zen Gardner

Contributing Writer for Wake Up World

The world has gone insane, clearly. People simply react to whatever is put before them. But this is only apparent if you’re watching. The degree of insanity we’re witnessing has broken all previous boundaries yet it continues to be portrayed as “normal”.

The interesting phenomenon to watch is when personal worlds collide with this manipulated mainstream narrative. That’s where the synthesis takes place that creates the next levels of so-called normality as people subconsciously integrate the swill being introduced into their own lives and hence project it into the society at large.  It’s carefully steered and controlled beyond the comprehension of those they’re puppeteering.

These phenomena are quite something to behold and it’s clearly more disturbing by the day. We have to take it in small doses or it will take us down with it, which is no doubt their intention. Infect, weaken and control – at every possible level – is their mantra.

Finding a Positive Balance

It’s important to be informed, yes, but it’s also important to have an overwhelming ballast of true knowledge and conscious awareness in your tank. Without a foundation your building will be rocked and swayed by this onslaught of completely disempowering nonsense. I can’t stress that enough, and most are well aware of this.

Keeping things positive in such a negative climate is a serious challenge for anyone. As we know, the mainstream mind just blocks it all out. After all, it would not just ruin the football game and “harsh their mellow”, but seriously disrupt the entire foundation of their lifestyles. It’s a cleverly constructed cage of self containment which we’ve talked about at length.

Seeing Past the Illusion

We are continually evolving. For the awakened we know the full Universal dynamic is anything but disempowering. We are thriving in a beautiful, dynamic and infinitely creative multi-dimensional spiritual milieu without boundaries. The current parasitic forces attempting to enslave and utilize the human spirit for its own designs are a passing phenomenon. I won’t say fraud, because it’s as real as people allow it to be.

That’s our free will being co-opted and coerced into submission.

All this must pass. In due time. Apparently our challenge is to undergo this onslaught and learn and respond the best we can. Personally, I enjoy the challenge, but it’s horrific seeing so many people being abused and manipulated apparently needlessly, and when so often they, too, could enjoy the transcendent reality that a true spiritual wake-up affords.

More than that is identifying the cycles of creation. We are passing through, key word through, this time, test, epoch, into another. I’m not talking about a Pollyanna approach, but a full realization of our state of affairs.

Is this a Natural Progression – A Birth into the New?

The following quote hit me between the eyes:

The present convergence of crises – in money, energy, education, health, water, soil, climate, politics, the environment, and more – is a birth crisis, expelling us from the old world into a new.

–   Charles Eisenstein, Sacred Economics: Money, Gift, and Society in the Age of Transition

Pretty cool. I haven’t studied this author’s works, but that quote sure resonates with me. I’m not into social or economic reconstructionism or political anything, but it’s clearly true, and what a wonderful reminder!

We’re in a birthing process. And it’s not an easy one.

We need to be aware of what is transpiring all around us, but more importantly the world we know to be True needs to have pre-eminence in our hearts and minds at all times.

fresh sunrise at mountainA Time for Focus

There is much written on this subject, but there’s a whole lot of cynicism to be overcome. Any of us can be easily jaded by the pathetic condition of the world today, but we mustn’t be. It’s a time to accentuate love, unity, consciousness and community solutions. We each need that feedback, that encouragement, that support, that reinforcement to keep up the good fight.

Be Strong, because you are. Be True, because you are. Be Unwavering – because that is your natural spiritual state.

Adhere to it. Rest in it. Find peace in it.

When we operate from there we are much more effective, happy and inspired. Our Light speaks the loudest.

A simple solution at our fingertips.

Keep on. We’re meant to be here, and now.

Much love always,


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I have questions. Life is wonderful – full of amazing wonders that continue to unfold.  My quest for truth has given me new perspectives which lead to well springs of information that continue to inspire awe and wonder at the world we live in. Dare to explore and see what leaves you … just wondering. Love Zen.

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