Rectification and Re-Orientation – the New Moon’s Message

Rectification and Re-Orientation - the New Moon Message June 2014

25th June 2014

By  Simon Vorster

Contributing  Writer for Wake Up World

The zodiac at the moment is highlighting some interesting aspects supporting inner spiritual growth. With the amount of flushing out, changing of core beliefs and re-orientation of our imbalanced self, it is no wonder that we are feeling like everything is intense at the moment.

As many of you know by now, we are in the process of going through a massive transformation. Global consciousness is upgrading its frequency and leaving behind its outdated self and an emergence of a more balanced state between ‘masculine’ and ‘feminine’ energy is the bottom line of this transformation.

Our Journey So Far…

Each year has a theme, and for 2014 it is all about clearing out the noise, clutter, pollution and corrupt demiurge.  These are aspect of ourselves that no longer support us, and through this cleansing process we will be able to re-align with our inner authority; to stop looking outside ourselves. So far this year we have been flooded with supporting energies to force us in on ourselves.  (For more on this  see  2014 – the Year of Individuated Authority).

We begin with the larger cycle of Jupiter in Cancer.  Here the frequency pattern for the last year has been re-calibrating our inner intuitive connection to our home (mother earth) and more directly our inner identity. It also pointed to the evolutionary need for total inner security. You can see this manifesting in the world as we start to use organic products, promoting more natural ways of nurturing ourselves, spending time in nature to relieve stress etc. We are breaking away from that which is toxic.

Our relationship to ourselves is also changing. During this cycle we have had to work bravely at accepting our vulnerabilities and insecurities  – a  major aspect of this cycle. To truly make use of this frequency pattern we have honor the damaged aspects of our earth and ourselves. We must be brave and courageous. To take off the amour and feel the pain. To accept and integrate the vulnerable aspects is to be loving to yourself. We must heal through this. Chiron and Neptune transiting through Pisces are really helping there. So compassion to yourself and others is key. Recognizing the wound in yourself will help make it easier understand the wounds in others.

It is a time of finding love and acceptance.  Know you are an infinite being with the universal source flowing through you. You are safe!

Our  Journey Continues…

So this is how the theme of the story is playing out this month.

I will begin with Mars. Mars,  the trigger of our evolutionary growth, is in Libra and in opposition to Uranus in Aries. We feel people are stepping on our toes. We feel frustrated with others. We are quick to fire off, and projections are at a peak at this point.

Also stirring this up is the challenging aspect of Saturn (duty and responsibility) in opposition to Venus (inner outer relating). This is an intense cycle. The shadow aspects of our identity is coming out. This is the reason why mars is in Libra, so we can deal with the parts of ourselves that are out of alignment.

At the same time we have Uranus is in a tension aspect to Jupiter. This is where the emotional vulnerabilities are emanating from. We can feel that something is not working for us but we are not quite sure how to proceed.

Liberation and Healing

So how can we improve? Question your value system and to take a good look at how you are able to improve your overall worth. Search and explore aspects of yourself which bring you security but may be holding you back because of feeling too comfortable with the security it brings. A good question to ask yourself is: Are my current definitions of my needs truly and honestly giving me what I need, or are they just familiar and comfortable?

It is an opportunity to expand, rinse out, work through and dissolve.

Question an aspect of your belief that is causing you to create conflict or be angered within yourself and others. Ask yourself, is this serving my best interests. Is this supporting what I am creating or wanting in my life? What is holding you back? Remind yourself to transcend duality. Find your heart and live in it.

Be the person who shines through the heart and in turn helps others find and be in theirs.

Use the opportunity of Mercury retrograde to review these things in your life.  The full moon that happened on Friday the 13th 2014 helped make you become aware of what this out dated, non-helpful vulnerability might be. Think back to last Friday… and consider it in the context of the story and understating the cycle of Jupiter in Cancer.

New Moon, New Cycle

This is what the New Moon in Cancer on the 27th June can offer…

Generally speaking, a new moon represents a new cycle. New beginnings. And setting in motion for a new cleaner aspect of the self to emerge.

This month, Cancer (self-image, home, inner security) is big theme.  Mercury and Jupiter are  in Cancer;  the evolutionary intention of Pluto, through polarity, is also in Cancer;  the Sun is moving into Cancer; and the new Moon happening there. It is quite clear that the archetypal energy of Cancer is where it’s all going down right now.

So to me, this is what I feel we have to do: sow the seeds for the next month with this as your mantra…

Letting Go

Inner security means feeling that you are emotionally resilient and believe in yourself. You recognize that you are an infinite being of creation and alive with source energy pulsating through your veins. Your destiny is in your own hands and you are the captain of your Soul. The key to your journey lies within. You understand that your brilliance and amazement are a part of you. It is your birth right. You are a sovereign being. A multi-dimensional self.

The energy here and now is helping you understand how far you have come  in this  process of LETTING GO of the old outdated sense of Self – one that no longer serves you. As you let go and embrace your authentic self and apply compassion and self-love, embrace the Oneness. Feel connected. Still the Ego and remain heart centered. Allow your divine organic pure crystal light to shine through your physical form.

For you are ALIVE!

Love and light,


The New Moon Message June 2014

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Simon VorsterSimon Vorster is an evolutionary astrologer who has been practising astrology for over 10 years. Currently studying at the  school of evolutionary astrology,  Simon’s work is rooted in helping souls de-condition the self and empower the soul into making new conscious choices. His  soul work, sharing his thoughts and insights and using the powerful tool of  evolutionary astrology, is to  help others find their own spiritual paths, live  in the moment and understand that they are able to change and effect their own evolution.

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