When Science and Spirituality Collide

When Science and Religion Collide

By Carmen Allgood

Contributing writer for Wake Up World

Science: The intellectual and practical activity encompassing the systematic study of the structure and behavior of the physical and natural world, through observation and experiment.

Spirituality: Historically, the words religious and spiritual have been used synonymously to describe all the various aspects of the concept of religion. Currently, spiritual but not religious (SBNR) is a popular phrase used to self-identify a life stance of spirituality that rejects traditional organized religion as the sole or most valuable means of furthering spiritual growth. The term is used world-wide, but is most prominent in the United States where one study reports that as many as 33% of people identify as spiritual but not religious. [source]

Since science and religion are man-made, it might be wise to take it all in with a grain of salt and, on occasion, a shot of tequila.

With diametrically opposed thought systems as the primary guide through our short lives here, is it any wonder the world is in chaos and turmoil? The two positions we can hold, together or separately, highlight the conflict in this world, which in turn prevents us from experiencing the very thing we all want — for peace will never be found on a battle field, or in a mind torn in two by opposite points of view.

The ideas we rely on to help guide us through the complex maze of life’s origins will, by necessity, reflect elements that make up life. The main circumstances that both thought systems agree on are simple:

1. Everything came from one source.

2. Everything is made of the same stuff and contains a masculine and feminine principle.

3. We are all headed in the same direction, and will end up in the same place or situation.

With these ideas in mind, perhaps it just makes sense to only focus on our common ground and sameness, and overlook any seeming differences that stand in the way of our collective search for truth.

Love Science

Albert Einstein suggested in a very relaxed and casual manner that God, hence Love, is all natural and found everywhere in the world of science. In stark contrast, Carl Sagan – a devoted Atheist – claimed that ‘love is an invention of the primates’. But he also stated that the sheer enormity of the expanding universe would ‘be unbearable without love’.

The opposing thought systems that Sagan presents summarize the entire conflict of the world. As brilliant as he was, it would be impossible to find any comfort in a fabrication, so he must have felt some element of the real in his love experience here.

And so it is here that everyone engaged in the search for truth should bring their question, which is always: Who and what are we? Semantics aside, there is only one force that calls us to our own completion. It is the same energy that we share and covet in our personal search for eternal peace, and that is a thing we all call Love.

A Meeting of the Minds

Love is a general property of all life and is reflected everywhere in the natural world. Without love, life would not only be unbearable but impossible; it is the law of attraction that gives rise to all form. Still, it is the internal propensity to unite that holds the full expression of our life force because Love is content and not forms of any kind.

Masculine and feminine principles are seen everywhere and are everywhere. Their endless attraction is naturally caused by the one thing they are attracted to – namely Love.

In order for the world to fully gravitate towards its ultimate truth and reality, it is right and necessary for a couple of things to happen: First, for everyone to finally accept and recognize that the truth about us is the same, regardless of what it is, simply because we all came from one source. Secondly, the love we are seeking already belongs to us, and is shared among everyone equally. The spark of creation is held safely in our ability to remember our sameness that has never changed – because it is an experience of Unspeakable Eternal Love.

This revelation will result in a total eclipse of all man-made concepts as the reality of the beauty and power that we all possess, individually and together, manifests itself as Heaven on Earth in our hearts and minds.

This is the truth that binds us all together, and what makes us divine creatures … Love is the Answer.

Music Video “Love Is The Answer”

Courtesy of artist Todd Rungren.

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Carmen Allgood is the author of the beginner’s guide to inner peace, Beyond Diapers – How Not to Wallow in Your Own Poop. Carmen offers readers a modern day exploration of spiritual evolution, with a timely twist of pop-psychology for the masses who are starved for lasting peace of mind and true happiness.

Through her work, Carmen unveils the mysteries of love, reveals the means to heal the mind and thus the body, and the simple steps available to all of us to live in constant joy.

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