Can Looking Back Help Humanity Move Forward?

Is Looking Back Really Going Forward


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Times are changing, rapidly. For those of us who are seeing the bigger picture, there is an agenda coming in that is sweeping across the planet like a plague of locusts across our fertile land. Nation states are being destroyed before our very eyes. Countries have lost their sovereignties to a corporate takeover called ‘Unified Commercial Code’. We no longer live in a world where you know the truth as so much deception and lies have been spread, that it is very difficult to get to the very bottom of this mess.  The Constitution of America was actually suspended in 1933. The UK lost its sovereignty by being hoodwinked into the European Union. Unless you have the tools to deal with this when first encountering this knowledge, you can find yourself in a very bewildering and sometimes, impossible position.

There is one very quick solution to this which is ‘never compromise yourself’. Sounds too easy. Well for most people, I would dare to suggest, it isn’t. I know I have struggled to come to terms with these simple few words all my life, and I am finally understanding how this can be achieved. Through a deep analysis of yourself, and the nature of your reality, and maybe with a little help and guidance, you can begin to understand who you are, and why you should never compromise your true self.

Moving Forward

I have always known there was something wrong with this world, but a few years ago this started to become real for me, and strange occurrences began to happen. To cut a long story short, I began looking past the official narratives of 9/11 and 7/7 (the 2005 London bombings) and found massive questions that should have been dealt with, but were conveniently brushed under the carpet. This research led me to learn about the banking system and how the cartel create money out of thin air  –  which has just been admitted by the Bank of England  –  to the benefit of  its secret private shareholders.

Then you find the other private banks, like the US Federal Reserve, and the Bank of International Settlements, which is the Private central bank of central banks. This whole cartel is run by the Rothschild family, and their crony cohorts. They are creating money out of thin air, and robbing us, the people of this planet, of all the resources that actually exist in physicality, including our time and energy.

Then came the amazing revelations of the Military Industrial Complex  –  that all wars are bankers’ wars for profit and control. It is the concept of ‘divide and conquer’, taken to the extreme, with innocent lives being extinguished as a result. With all this information coming at me in a very short space of time, I became very angry indeed.

Then came the night terrors. Every night I would wake about three in the morning with the feeling that everything I owned had been taken away from me, and that the layout of my bedroom had been changed and was not how I had fallen asleep. I found remedy to this situation by taking some Bach flower remedies and regaining control of my thoughts. This sent me on another journey where I found Open Focus theory, and met Dr. Tomasz Kopec, who is the leading advocate over here in the UK of the practice. We will come back to my good friend Tomasz in a minute.

So my quest for knowledge and understanding of who I am and why am I here continued when I met a devotee of the Hare Krishna’s in Kingston. Previous to this meeting, I had many conversations with an intellectual friend who was always talking about the Mahabharata, and the Vedic scripts, and I was ready to digest more information on this now. I approached the stand and started talking and we immediately hit it off. I was asking about the Golden Age humanity was seemingly going into. He pointed me to the Baghavad Gita. The ancient knowledge written in this book actually rings true to me. It is a system of living that is both intellectually and spiritually sound. With a little tweaking to bring it into these times, it would work very well.

But  of course before any new system came to be, it would have to replace this tired old system. Therefore this system we live under at the moment has to crash, and there will be a weak point where the people trying to implement this tyrannical control grid will be vulnerable, and that is when we need to be strong and resilient and speak our truth loud and clear. Morality and integrity needs to take precedent, and we need to speak from the heart. All these pseudo intellectuals who are trying to carry on this insane beaurocratic mess need to have their say and then be exposed for the hypocrites they are. Enough is enough.

Looking Back

These ancient vedic texts hold very profound knowledge and understanding of the ways of humans and the diversity of our race. How we are not all born the same, and some have very different attributes to others, and therefore need to find their vocation in life. This is completely contradictory to the way that we are being forced to live at the moment, which is ‘one size fits all’, and you can either like it or take your Prozac. This is why we are seeing the word Harmonisation being used throughout the European Union legislation. We are being herded up into a coral, where we can be controlled, and kept under control. The third world war is really looking like a climate war, where the controlling elite are destroying our environment, and blaming it on man-made global warming, in order for them to introduce their one world government. It was all written down by the Club of Rome. Who knows what these lunatics are going to do next though?

[To learn more, please see:  Agenda 21: The Plan for a Global Fascist Dictatorship]

So, is looking back really going forward? My answer to that question is ‘This depends where you are at’. Some people are walking the path of the ancient Vedic traditions and I find them very honourable people, and a real pleasure to be around. I am also meeting people who are waking up in a different way, without  ancient teachings, but are coming to the same conclusions. Really there is no one stop shop for spiritual development, it is down to the individual.

What I have found when I administer sound therapy is that I am starting to be able to remove the programming of this meme we live in, and see the real awareness behind the human being. The reaction after a treatment can sometimes be tears, joy, happiness, a feeling of wellbeing, and many more positive emotions. This seems to be pulling the human being away from what they perceive to be real, and toward what is actually real. We are awareness  –  some would call it a soul  –  that is inhabiting a vessel, our bodies, and that is it really. We are fooled by the mind, the ego, and our emotions, that these are our reality. These illusionary feelings can dictate our lives totally. We can detach from these illusions immediately, and go back to our awareness, where we are at peace. So we can find this inner journey for ourselves, which is where all our higher knowledge comes from. We can be guided to this position, or find it ourselves. And the same message rings out…

‘Never compromise yourself.’

This doesn’t mean to be inconsiderate, rude, ignorant, self centred or any other negative attribute we may carry as an illusionary thought or feeling. It means don’t accept anything that you know to be wrong inside you. And again, I mean the real you, not the programmed one.  So when I read the introduction to Dr. Tomasz Kopec’s new book ‘The Magic Terrace’ I saw that he is coming to much the same conclusions. We concur we can wipe away these elites who are running this world by finding our true selves, and highlighting their hypocrisy.

How can a piece of paper with a few ridiculous words on it be passed as our laws without our consent? How can we support endless wars? How can we support fluoride being put into water? How can we support WiFi going everywhere when it is known to be hazardous to human health? How can we tolerate carcinogens and pathogens being put into our food supply? How can we allow a baby to be vaccinated up to 30 times before it is even 2 years old? How can we allow GMO’s to infect  our food chain? This list is endless. It is time to wake up and stop compromising on these big issues that are being thrust upon us.

Open Focus  is another way of detaching your awareness from your body, and finding your true self. You have to practice it and keep working on it to get some amazing sensations and feelings; it is another way of understanding how to find inner peace and tranquillity. When you experience these sensations, it really does bring home how important it is to look after the vessel that your awareness inhabits. Indifference and apathy cannot be allowed by yourself when matters of our way of life are being controlled and compromised by a few elites. Your body is your temple, and we must drive back this attack on it. People are waking up, and I hope this helps you on your journey of discoveries. Believe me, it is quite remarkable when you get into it, and you will experience life in ways you could only dream of.

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Peter Paul Parker

Peter Paul Parker has been a musician for most of his career. He started as a bass player and moved on to become a producer and writer of music and songs. Peter has also now moved into the health arena and is a Bach flower advisor, a sound healer, a vegan and health consultant, and was partly responsible for setting up the Ministry Of Health in the UK, a non-government organization comprised of experts in the field of non-pharmaceutical health. Peter is also an activist and writer, highlighting the challenges our world faces and how we can regain our humanity.

Peter wrote and produced the album ‘Wild Child’ by The Spoken X and his own album, ‘Stepping Up’, both released by Metro Publishing. He also wrote and produced his recent album Anahata, Earth Echoes as an expression of love for his conscious awakening, released by New World Music.

Peter is currently working with Dr. Tomasz Kopec on a series of meditation exercises, incorporating his music, binaural beats and tones of the chakras in the mixes.

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Anahata, Earth Echoes

Peter Paul Parker - Anahata, Earth EchoesIn addition to his work with the Ministry of Health and, seeker, activist and writer Peter Paul Parker is also an accomplished musician. His album ‘Anahata, Earth Echoes’ is available on the label New World Music. Anahata is the fourth chakra at the center of the luminous auric body, and is considered a gateway to higher consciousness.

In creating ‘Anahata, Earth Echoes’, Peter was inspired by learning about the chakras and experiencing the togetherness of ancient tribes like the Aborigines, the Fijians and the Native Americans he met travelling around the world as a child. The first seven tracks are tuned to the seven chakras, from the base to the seventh chakra, to help you meditate on your chakras — Peter’s small way of helping to raise the vibrations on our planet.

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