Finding Perfect Love


By  Carmen Allgood

Contributing Writer for Wake Up World

Carl Sagan once suggested that love is an invention of the primates. If this is true, then love is false, and the only thing worth living for is nothing but a dream, incapable of fulfilling us or making us happy in reality. In other words, we are totally screwed with no hope of attaining peace, for the fear of death and the unknown will always loom just ahead of us, forever denying us our completion.

The world has been striving to define what love is since the dawn of time. At its worst it is seen as this enormous power that crushes us emotionally, letting us live only to suffer and finally die in agony and defeat at the bitter end. At its sweetest, it can elevate us to a place where we are literally lifted out of this world and basking in bliss.

Our collective and individual search for love implies that we are without it, which sets us up for scarcity consciousness, feelings of deprivation, and lack. What prevents us from understanding what love is, is our refusal to love everyone in the same way that Love loves everyone – totally and completely all the time. As a result of this, most of us will spend an inordinate amount of time, and a ton of energy, trying to bring something into our life that is already there.

Perhaps it will make our quest for fire easier if we can define what love is not, and through a process of elimination, discover where and what it is.

Why No One Else Matters….

Our interaction with other people and events seems to saturate our lives. Hardly a day goes by in which we don’t have a highly-charged, emotional response to someone, or something, that impacts the way we feel about our experience in this world.

What if we really understood that the world is simply a screen that we project our thoughts onto, and that most of those thoughts are unloving? What if we recognized that everything is truly one thing simply because, in reality, everything came from One Source? This would mean we share one self, and in fact are one and the same.

This idea makes a lot of people feel nervous and the auto-response is to get busy with distraction, because the implication is that, as one self, there is nothing to judge against or side with. The other people we think we see are really just our own self. They seem to be acting out the script we wrote for them. And the reactions we have to our own projections are all part and parcel of the false separation we hold so dear to keep the illusion alive and kicking in our minds.  This vain attempt to keep love out is a manipulation we use to prove we are not really worthy of love.

The next step is to blame someone ‘out there’ for upholding our desire to be right rather than happy. And then we hold a grievance against them, ensuring we will never be at peace. Sound crazy? It is. But this scenario is how we believe love operates and functions and we see this pattern emerging over and over again.

The point here is to recognize that our sameness is the key to our ultimate truth. We have this tendency to focus on our seeming differences, which is the underlying cause of all the conflict in this world. For how could what is different hope to be seen as what is the same, and be reconciled? That would be impossible.

The conflict has no cause, and therefore has no effects, because it is causeless. There is no other self or person. The self we all share is literally one and the same because “we = me.” This is because Love is content, and not forms of any kind.

WuW Chaplin Self Love

What Is Real?

By definition, what is real is something that everyone can experience; something that lasts forever. Changing, shifting, part-time reality makes no sense and simply doesn’t hold. If truth changed, it was never true.

In our brief moment of time in this world, our only hope for discovering our personal reality is going to happen when we lay our weapons down, and look at the sameness we all share. There will be no differences in truth. The bodies will fade away, and everything in the material world will be seen as one and the same as well, spinning off into the nothingness from which it came.

The only thing that we can find that is the same for all of us is our love – an inner yearning to love and be loved. If our deepest desire is any sort of reflection of our shared reality, then it stands to reason that Love is who and what we are.

Skeptics and intellectuals will likely titter over this description of the world, which is in fact the universal code. For what is in everything, and what gives everything a propensity to unite, could only be called Love. Although we can use a different word, ‘love’ seems to be the most popular when it comes to human expressions about sharing and caring and what draws us all together.

The Way Out Is Far Out!

Here’s the game changer for all of us. Once we stop dreaming that someone else is responsible for the way we feel, we’re on the right path. The next logical step is automatic and effortless.

Think of someone, a situation, or even a favorite pet, that we have deeply loved. Remember the happiness, and recognize that the joy we experienced is what happens for all of us when we come into contact with our own love. This is the result of extending or sharing our love so we become aware that love literally lives in us. But it is not bound by bodies. This is why we can extend our love to include the entire world, and experience endless, boundless joy as a result. Love is just a thought away; give it all away to experience all of love.

A Simple Catalyst to Start and End the Day

1. There is only one question in this world: Who and what are we?

2. The Answer will always be attached to the question because there is no  separation in love.

3. Express gratitude on a daily basis, and bless those who cross our path or  mind.

4. Become a Master of Forgiveness by practicing it every day. Every time we truly  forgive, we just increased our happiness. When we have expressed complete  forgiveness, we will remember what Perfect Love is, and that it lives in each  of us. This is the reality that binds us all together.

We owe it to ourselves, and the world, to forgive everyone and everything we believe stands in the way of our happiness. Forgiveness, like love, always rest upon the giver. The more we give, the more we receive – this is the natural law of love. Breathe deeply and let it flow, for love goes on within us and without us. This is why Love is the Answer.

Music video All About Love (Ganga Mix) performed by indie artist  Ronny Morris  as heard on  Radio Showz.  

Carmen Allgood © January 2014

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