The ‘Missing Link’ – All Roads Lead To Love

The Final Frontier – All Roads Lead To Love - Darwin Love Evolution

7th April 2015

By  Carmen Allgood

Contributing Writer for Wake Up World

The search for the “missing link” is an age-old quest typically associated with the world of scientific exploration and discovery. Scientists have the daunting task of tracing the forms and matter we have come to know back through time and space and are hopeful about arriving at “The Beginning”.

Everything we hope to understand about the origin of life is completely dependent on the starting point. Reason tells us that the center is found in the sum of all of its parts and reflected perfectly in everything that is and ever will be.

Nature Speaks Only Truth

In spite of all the headway scientists have made in reconstructing the essence of the cosmic mass, at the end of the day they still admit that we  simply do not know. Science does not know who and what we are, where we came from, where we are going or what our purpose is. It  does not recognize the Cause of All.

At this time truth still alters and changes for these courageous men and women of science. Through their efforts, diligence, and cool perception, scientists are willing to admit they were wrong about previously held theories and as a result we no longer believe the Earth is flat or the Sun revolves around it. And the general agreement today is the universe has shifted from 20 billion to 13 billion years old. This, too, could change at any moment …

Blind Faith

We can’t leave out the other side of the coin in our search for truth – our spiritual natures. Religion lends itself to the realm of faith-based belief systems in which a Savior is given an elevated status over His underlings and followers. This implies that our search is unnecessary because only the Savior has the complete and full answer, along with the God-head.

Uncertainty breeds fear, and in the darkness of unknowing all kinds of issues arise that seem to block our awareness of reality, which is within us and all around us. How could it be otherwise?

With a complete thought reversal, and a nod to love, the truth is easy to spot. Perhaps what is hindering us is our incredulous and misdirected faith in the impossible, which is the idea of separation from truth. Let’s remember that we came from truth and have been connected through this entire journey.

Understanding Oneness and The Reality of Now

The notion that the “missing link” is a yet-to-be-discovered evolutionary mystery is almost preposterous. How could truth remain hidden for millions and billions of years? How could humans be incapable of recognizing it for what it is? And, where has reality managed to stay out of sight and still exist everywhere forever?

Truth, or what is, did not leapfrog over everything and suddenly appear in us. To leapfrog means to advance from one place into another without progressing through any of the stages in between. Reality is inherent in who and what we are and is found in everything that is. There is never a moment when truth is absent here and now.

Now would be the best time to recognize that truth never changes, is eternal, and is the world’s collective reality.

“The most telling and profound way of describing the evolution of the universe would undoubtedly be to trace the evolution of love.” ~  Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

Expanding on Teilhard’s profound thought, let us look at the direct trace found on the heart of each element and recognize it for the love that is there, unseen, yet felt and desired by everyone and everything. If our deepest desire is any sort of reflection of what our reality is then it stands to reason that love is what we are. Once again, love did not simply leapfrog over all of life and land in us.

The Final Frontier – All Roads Lead To Love

With this in mind, perhaps we should all relax for just a moment and focus on the fact that whatever reality is, it is with us this very moment and completely knowable to us. Blocks to awareness come in all sizes, shapes, and colors, and are designed by us as a means of proving we are unworthy of whatever the “missing link” is. Blocks also have the ability to “protect us from the truth.” As fantastic as it sounds, we actually believe that in the face of truth we will turn on ourselves and destroy ourselves, and fear wins again.

Removing our blocks is actually a lesson in forgetting so we can remember. The only way to remember truth, which is buried beneath the rubble of unloving thoughts, is through forgiveness – the key to our peace of mind.

The Final Frontier –  All Roads Lead To Love

From our first breath until our last in this realm of experience, nothing attracts us like the energy of love. Parental love, personalized love, friends and family love, love for our pets, and spiritualized love trumps everything else in our lives. Love is our deepest attraction, with good reason.

Be glad! There is nothing we can do to alter, delete, transform, mutate, annihilate, diminish, destroy, or change truth. Reality is here without our making, but none of us would be here without reality.

Love Is No Secret

There is no place that love is not. Semantics could be used as a puny weapon against the truth, but still not refute the fact that all of us have love. It is seen in all of nature on all levels until it vanishes from sight in the world of subatomic particles and spirit matter.

Call it what we will, none of us can honestly deny that our love experiences have been the highest and lowest points of our lives, demonstrating the power that this invisible force has over us. The pain is the result of refusing to love everyone. The happiness is the result of experiencing our love by sharing it  – even with just one person.

Imagine the super high we will experience when we simply love one another. This is where the rubber meets the road, the journey becomes clear, and everything becomes warm and illumined in the Light of Love that surrounds us all together as one.

Take a step forward in the mind and seek this place above all else, and we will fully understand why Love is the Answer.

Give Me Love (Give Me Peace On Earth)

George Harrison performing ‘Give Me Love (Give Me Peace On Earth)’  live in Japan 1991.  Originally from his 1973 album ‘Living In The Material World’.

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