6 Things You Must Know About Colloidal Silver

6 Things You Must Know About Colloidal Silver

By  Dr. Edward F. Group

Guest Writer for Wake Up World

Colloidal silver has been used for centuries to promote good health and studies continue to also show that colloidal silver outperforms many mainstream methods used against harmful organisms.  [1]  With so many cases of antibiotic resistance, it’s no wonder why colloidal silver has become extremely popular in recent years. Consumers should know, however, that not all silver products are created equal.

Here are 6 things you must know about colloidal silver to protect yourself and ensure the best results:

6 Things You Must Know About Colloidal Silver

1. Parts Per Million (PPM) is Mildly Important

When it comes to colloidal silver, don’t get caught up in how many parts per million — or PPM — a solution has. Although it’s not a mundane detail, what’s really important is the particle size.

Smaller particles can move more easily throughout your body and they’re more bioavailable. Particle sizes less than .005 microns are ideal. Sometimes this is indicated on the label, sometimes not. One way to tell if silver particles are too large is by examining the color of the solution. A dark or murky-color usually indicates large silver particles and other impurities.

2. Colloidal Silver Should Be Clear

A quality colloidal solution should appear clear. Other colors indicate additional chemical additives. Darker-colored solutions occur as a result of the presence of stabilizers, additives, salts, or proteins. These compounds are often used in many silver products to suspend larger silver particles. Products which need refrigeration or require shaking or those that develop a foam likely contain additional chemical impurities.

3. Silver Won’t Upset Beneficial Intestinal Organisms

A lot of people use silver as defense against harmful organisms. Unlike  antibiotics,  which wipeout both the “bad” and the “good” organisms present in the intestinal tract, silver maintains a balance of intestinal microorganisms. Silver absorbs quickly in the upper GI tract, and little gets through to cause problems for the beneficial bacteria in the small intestine and colon.

4. Good Colloidal Silver Won’t Turn You Blue

Occasionally you may hear of an individual who develops  argyria, a condition that develops when silver proteins cause a blueing of the skin. (Do a Google search for Paul Karason.) While this may happen when people use ultra low quality silver solutions, pure hydrosol colloidal silver without additives, proteins, or salts does not cause this condition.  [2]  This is why it’s imperative to obtain the purest solution available.

5. Purity Matters

Colloidal silver isn’t just a mixture of silver and water; it’s a solution where the silver particles are suspended in water and have an electrical charge. This type of solution requires ultra pure water. It also requires special equipment necessary to create and maintain a constant charge.

Many colloidal silver home brew kits use salts or other compounds during the brewing process to suspend the silver in the solution. Products like this do not offer the same effect as colloidal silver produced with high voltage technology. The chances of argyria also increase with the consumption of these products.

6. Only Use the Best Quality Colloidal Silver

Not all colloidal silver products are created alike. First and foremost, choose a product that’s been produced using high voltage alternating current technology. This production method requires specialized equipment and produces a silver solution of unparalleled quality and purity compared to low-tech low voltage methods. Don’t be fooled by “concentrated” solutions of more than 10 PPM. In fact, a PPM of higher than 20 indicates the presence of a stabilizer or other protein that the silver is bound to as a means of suspension. That stuff turns you blue, it doesn’t provide any benefits.

Before you invest in a colloidal silver, do your research into any products you’re considering and make sure all these factors add up. I personally use and recommend  Silver Fuzion.

Do you take colloidal silver? Why, or why not? Please leave us your answer in the comment section!

– Dr. Edward F. Group III, DC, ND, DACBN, DCBCN, DABFM


  1. Morrill K, May K, Leek D, et al.  Spectrum of antimicrobial activity associated with ionic colloidal silver.  J ALtern Complement Med. 2013 Mar;19(3):224-31. doi: 10.1089/acm.2011.0681.
  2. Chang AL, Khosravi V, Egbert B.  A case of argyria after colloidal silver ingestion.  J Cutan Pathol. 2006 Dec;33(12):809-11.

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  • Pam

    I use C.S. for various things…nose spray for allergies, zits or bumps beginning on my face, for sore throat, cuts, canker sores in my mouth, and a couple dropperfulls just because some days. My daughter has used to help with pink eye & another eye infection.

  • Name (required) Peter Adams

    I have been advised to take silver by connecting, via a clip, my silver to one terminal of a 6 volt battery and place the silver on my toung while completing the circuit by placing a dampened finger on the other terminal. This gives a slight tingling sensation to the toung Hold for a minute or two. Any comments?

  • David Miner

    Have you researched Tetrasilver Tetroxide? Dr Marvin Antelmann in Israel has a patent on it for curing AIDS. LifeSilver produces Patis 30, which they claim contains 98% Tetra, and is clear in color.

  • ken mitchell

    I and my family have been using CS for years and have found it totally effective. We have not been seriously ill since we began using it. We take it only when we think we need it. It so beats modern pharma remedies….

    • David Miner

      How much do you take when you feel the need?

      • Jeremy Nusser

        For the first week, 1 tsp three times a day for a week, then after that, you need .5 tsp a three times. This is what I do and is on the suggested use on the label. I’ve tried all kinds, some are better than others.

  • Alex

    First WW medics used simple water inside a silver bottle to wash soldier ´s wounds, and it worker!

    I ´ve been making my own colloidal silver for years using a mobile charger and two pieces of pure silver wire, and it ´s been working for me and my family.

    There ´s no need to complicate, unless you want to sell your own *ultra pure colloidal silver*.

  • ElPolacko

    I’ve been making my own Colloidal Silver for almost 20 years. I rarely get sick and I haven’t turned blue. .9999 silver in distilled water…4 9v batteries and only glass beakers, glass storage bottles and 1 oz. per day dosage. The thing that makes silver so important is that you can make it yourself.

  • Wolf Jordan

    The Romans used to put some silver in their wells in order to purify the water. So, I put a silver spoon deep in my well… I have no idea if there are real results, but my horses are fond of this water. And horses are wise in those matters.

  • Cherie

    I take Colloidal Silver and have for many years as it keeps my immune system in check, prevents viruses such as cancer and other harmful diseases from causing havoc in my system.

  • Cherie

    I bought my generator from https://www.utopiasilver.com/ and have used it for many years, making your own in my opinion is the best way to go, then you don’t have to worry about additives, as you know it’s just the silver rods and the distilled water in a beaker….

  • Tracie Lavering Black

    I use colloidal silver in the form of Silvasorb Gel for the cellulitis on my lower legs. I have used it for a few months now and it works well.

  • Michel Sixel

    Have been making CS for the past 10 years. Use only distilled water and a small “generator” that uses a pure silver element manufactured by Silver Genesis. Never had a problem and many friends use the CS. Will always recommend CS for many ailments, cuts & burns.