Eugenics – Selective Breeding of the Human Herd

Eugenics - Selective Breeding of the Human Herd

By Sergey Baranov

Guest writer for Wake Up World

The Hippocratic Oath written in the 5th century BC in ancient Greece was an oath historically taken by all healthcare practitioners swearing to practice medicine honestly. This oath was meant to encourage integrity among doctors, and ensure the minimization of negative effects their work might have on people. In essence, such an oath would advance moral and ethical thinking and ensure safety of the patient.

Unfortunately, in today’s world, the oath to uphold the ethical standards is taken rather lightly, if taken at all. It has been estimated that only 50% of the British physicians and other healthcare professionals are taking the Hippocratic Oath. Deviation from this ancient tradition in the medical profession has cost countless lives.[1]

But medical negligence or medical error is still a lesser crime than a deliberate violation of the moral, ethical and professional code. A good example of this can be seen in England, where a recent 19 month undercover investigation led by the London Telegraph newspaper has exposed two doctors who agreed to arrange illegal abortions based on the sex of an unborn baby. “The two doctors were filmed agreeing to arrange terminations for women who requested them purely because they said they did not want to have a baby girl.”[2]

Obviously, it would be one thing to decide to abort the unborn child based on the solid medical examinations confirming high risk for the baby to be born with defects causing lifetime suffering for both parents and a child, and it is another thing to terminate the pregnancy and consequently the life of the unborn but healthy child just because of an unwanted gender.

“What is the doctor to do who is offered a bribe for harming his patient? His two arts each make rigorous and contradictory claims upon him, and there is no evident principle for choosing which should be preferred’’ – reasoned Socrates in Plato’s Republic.

One would think that the voice of one’s conscience would be enough of an evident principle and a basis for action. But apparently, for the ruling elite morality has another meaning.

A Deeper Look Into Oligarchical Thought

The eugenics mindset can be tracked back at least 2,700 years to Ancient Sparta, where the unfit and undesirable children were killed at birth. As the result of focusing on selective breeding, excellence and military training, Sparta became a dominant military power of ancient Greece in 7th century BC. Later, in the 4th century BC, a systematic deconstruction of a family unit was proposed and implemented for the “common good and perfection of the state”. Taking the kids away from their parents at birth, was making the formation of natural bond between child and parent impossible. Thus abducted children were becoming state property —  its assets. This was a great idea for the state and yet, a cause of suffering for the people. Claiming parental rights over the children, the state could send them to war anytime without any explanation or resistance from the people because the people lost  their parental rights over their kids at birth. They had no say in their children’s fate simply because their kids were raised by the state and thus belonged to the state.

This article could turn into another book, if I were to elaborate on every point made in what I would call today a “first communist manifesto” in which the ancient Greek philosophers were establishing rules to benefit the rulers and the state, calling it a “City”, by proposing the idea to make common everything that is private. It is just a glimpse into oligarchical thought:

“Full communism, is the only form of just regime, requires not only the abolition of private property but also the sharing of women and children and the rule of philosophers’’

“All these women are to belong to all these men in common, and no woman is to live privately with any man. And children, in their turn, will be in common, and neither will a parent know his own offspring, nor a child his parent”

“The communism of women and children, by suppressing family ties, serves to emancipate man’s love of the good”

“A father, if he is anything, is the one who engenders the child. A father who did not do so would be a completely artificial entity, at best a substitute for the natural father. Law or convention must take the place of nature in order to insure the possibility of this city”

“In this arrangement of things, marriage means nothing more than a temporary sexual relationship, for there are no private homes, no private children, and the citizens may be expected to have many such marriages”

“Sacred is what is beneficial to the city. Appetizing and frequent sexual relations are to be the reward for excellence in public service; this will motivate the citizens to perform their responsibilities well and will insure that those who are of the greatest virtue will produce the most children, for there are no private homes, no private children, and the citizens may be expected to have many such marriages”

“Just as erotic activity becomes a part of a man’s public duty, so the offspring of the unions must become part of public property”

“The family is abolished, unless one considers the city as one family”

“The intention of the noble lie is furthered: men are finally deprived of everything which they might love more than the city; all men are brothers. But the effect of this is to remove whatever is natural in the family and replace it with an entirely conventional base”

“Children must be led to war on horseback as spectators; and, if it’s safe anywhere, they must be led up near and taste blood, like puppies, then in all these, labors, studies, and fears, the boy who shows himself always readiest must be chosen to join a select number.” ~  Plato’s Republic

I have to say that if I had not read the ancient text myself, written 2,400   years ago, I would think these quotes were coming from Agenda 21 eugenics meetings, or from a destructive cult in which privacy was seen as an obstacle for a common goal agreed upon by the rulers.

And yet, it is what it is.

Apparently, eugenics thought survived through the millennia and simply by looking at our society today we can find an abundance of examples to support this fact.


One of the modern ways to separate children from parents is done through the indoctrination of parents, who are told they were incompetent to raise their own children properly, and for the sake of their kids, they should be raised by the state.[3] By brainwashing the people into submission, the state is continuing to break families and remove healthy kids from their loving parents, displacing them into foster homes where they are being  abused[4], drugged out of their minds by the cocktails made of anti-psychotic drugs[5][6][7], and then go missing[8][9]. It is also known that the Child Protection Services (CPS), the main supplier of kids to foster homes, is being paid to confiscate the “living state assets” from the parents and is often conducting its business on false accusations of child abuse. [10]

How many stories have we heard about CPS having taken kids away from good homes? It hasn’t been long since we have heard the heartbreaking story from Sacramento, CA, where a five month old baby was confiscated from a young and loving Russian couple only because they dared to seek a second medical opinion for their kid! You’ve got to see that video which shows CPS and the goons in uniforms entering their home, while keeping their hands on their guns and shouting: “I’m going to grab your baby..”[11] Based on this and other countless incidences [12], the question arising is why the CPS is not under serious scrutiny? Dr. Mercola has called them a “legal child abduction service’’[13] , to which I would add “abduction and trafficking service’’.[14] [15]

It might seem like I digress, however, things are well connected and parallels easily drawn.

As it becomes evident, the practice of breaking the family unit by separating children from their parents is seen throughout millennia and still is practiced today, continuously disempowering the individual while empowering the state.  Apparently, seeing humans as a herd and treating us like cattle, is an ancient tradition deeply embedded in oligarchical thought.

I encourage you to look deeper into the subject and understand the wicked mindset behind the eugenic movement. And if going back through thousands of years of history would seems to be too much to ask, then try instead to look into the 20th century which had its proponents of the eugenics movement like Margaret Sanger, a founder of Planned Parenthood who spared no efforts to “assist the human race toward the elimination of the unfit’’ went as far as saying, “the most merciful thing that a large family does to one of its infant members is to kill it”. (“Women and the New Race”, Chapter V – The Wickedness of creating large families.) This is what she wrote it in her book dedicated to her mother who gave birth to eleven children.[16]

And this is only one example.

As we can now clearly see, social engineering is an ancient technique of controlling the masses, which today is enhanced by technology and science. And as I previously mentioned [17], both technology and science can be great tools if used and practiced with integrity, however, if hijacked, which seems to be the case, they can become a weapon, infinitely more dangerous than a loaded gun in a child’s hands.


About the author:

Sergey Baranov 1

Born in 1976 in the Soviet Union, Sergey Baranov lived in different countries before moving to his present home in Peru.

Sergey is an author and a political observer who contributes his time to exposing injustice, corporate greed and government corruption seen rampant these days worldwide. He is convinced that by raising awareness over important issues such as destruction of the planet and loss of personal freedom, true change can be brought into the world. He also believes that through the connection with Nature humanity is capable of waking up to its humanness and defend the right to exist and enjoy a healthy social and natural environment, the birthright of each human being.

Sergey’s involvement in politics has come out of necessity not desire. He would much rather spend his time writing about the nature of reality, spirituality and other subjects dear to his heart. However, realizing the interconnectedness of the whole life on Earth, he thinks it would be irresponsible to ignore these issues and sees Wake Up World as an avenue to express his political views which have now become a part of his life.

You can learn more about Sergey in his book “Path”, available here on Amazon, or follow Sergey via

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