“Bombogenesis” – the Bomb of the Great Realignment

Bombogenesis & the Great Realignment

19th November 2014

By  Open

Contributing Writer for Wake Up World

I didn’t plan the Divinicus Tour as such. I stood in front of a wall calendar and felt dates ‘spike’ in my consciousness, then penciled them in; feeling them until the sense fully landed. Only then did I go ahead and make the venue and flight bookings. I had the strong sense to be back home in the UK around 11th November and no later than the 13th. It would seem the completion of my journey was timed to carefully avoid “Bombogenesis” – an ‘extratropical surface cyclone’ – delivering a big freeze across swathes of North America, affecting Europe too.

A big ‘lesson’ of the Tour’s conclusion was for us to expect upheaval from Gaia as we move into a future of uncertainty – the perfect conditions to develop spiritual mastery…


Wow! Where do they come up with these names?! Sounds biblical and a tad glamourised. But then when you witness its  effects, perhaps the name is perfect. According to TheWeatherPrediction.com

“Bombogenesis is cyclogenesis taken to the extreme. It typically occurs between a cold continental air mass and warm ocean waters. The contrast in temperature between polar air spilling over the eastern U.S. and the warm Gulf Stream waters sets the stage for cyclogenesis on the boundary between these air masses.” It is exacerbated by a “strong jet streak (the jet stream) diving into the trough of low pressure. The momentum of the jet streak causes a rapid evacuation of mass above the region of cyclogenesis.”

This causes a “Bomb” of a storm.

I’m surprised we’re not already hearing more about it. But then I guess the system is heavily invested in ‘business as usual’. It keeps trying to paint the image of ‘normality’; anything to keep people consuming of the gravy train. Just as long as we don’t question too much and too deeply.

Extreme Weather to Increase?

During the Divinicus Tour Finale in Cape Town, one clear effect of our  energy work was a sudden drop in temperature – or at least the work synchronistically coincided with that effect. Was it a  sign? It feels very clearly so. The point being, we can expect now strong surges in extreme weather across the globe, due to the disruptive affect of the system, but particularly, Gaia’s strong response of Great Realignment. The two opposing energies are beginning to collide.

In a way then, this very dynamic is mirrored perfectly by the cyclogenesis “Bomb”.

As always, I am not sharing such inconvenient news to spread fear. Quite the contrary: where fear exists in people, there’s a strong encouragement to get into it and explore it deeply. Most people are already living with unconscious limitations of control and fear – identification with the physical – it’s what holds people back from transcending into the unlimited, Cosmic Being Divinicus.

Direct Confrontation of the Truth

To advance along The Spiritual Path, there must be a continual confrontation of the truth as we perceive it. There must be no ‘pulling the wool’ or ‘sweeping under the carpet’. The synthetic reality that the intervention has created, has stamped a matrix of control across the natural eco-systems of Gaia. After a period of ‘waiting’, many Openhanders now get the strong sense she is beginning to move, to break down and unravel this dense energy.

So expect upsurges and radical change in the days, weeks, months and years ahead.

Here at Openhand, we feel a strong sense of compassion and urgency – to help people prepare for these shifts mentally, physically and of course, spiritually…to walk The Path between Worlds. So stay tuned if you feel alignment and resonance with what we’re saying.

In the meantime, here’s an informative video by Professor Michio Kaku on the subject of “Bombogenesis”…

From my heart to yours


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My soul is intimately connected with the higher dimensions where I find myself in communion with this benevolent presence most of the time. We ‘speak’ through the language of telepathic synchronicity: plain knowing of signs and symbols, an intuitive, objective interpretation of the flow of the moment which helps me understand and realise the various underlying impulses that are activating and influencing people’s lives here in the lower realm.  The Openhand Foundation works on behalf of this energy, helping ground its presence in this realm.

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