STOP! Nuclear War Ahead

nuclear barack obama21st January 2015

By Sergey Baranov

Guest Writer for Wake Up World

“I know not with what weapons World War III will be fought, but World War IV will be fought with sticks and stones.” ~ Albert Einstein

When years ago I heard Lyndon LaRouche saying that if Barack Obama remains in power then a thermonuclear war with Russia is to be expected, I thought LaRouche was crazy (1). I couldn’t see a connection between the two. Then, when more recently I heard Gerald Celente, a top trends forecaster who spoke of the first great war of the 21st century, I was skeptical as well. (2) However, considering the tendencies we see today, both men above should be given credit.

It was quite shocking to hear president Obama speaking at the nuclear summit about Russia’s actions being a problem while in the same context expressing his concern for a nuke exploding in Manhattan – a dangerous rhetoric to hear from any politician, let alone from the president of the United States. (3)

No less surprising, though, was Hilary Clinton’s attempt (4) to blame on Russia the downing of the Malaysian Airlines flight MH-17, a passenger plane with nearly 300 people on board blown to pieces over the Ukraine. Her speech reminded me of the 9/11 tragedy when within minutes the mainstream media begun to blame Osama Bin Laden for carrying out the attacks. In both cases, strong accusations went ahead of facts.

For any thinking person an idea that the Russians had shot down the plane would seems extremely stupid, knowing that they would be the first to get the blame. To figure that one out, one doesn’t need to have degree in geo-politics; a simple use of logic is enough. Whoever benefits from this attack, it wouldn’t be the Russians who are already demonized and suffer sanctions.

I wonder what the western powers are thinking when pushing for war with the nuclear bear? It sounds suicidal and insane!

One doesn’t need to be an army General to understand the probability of military madness going wild, mutually destroying all sides of the conflict. It was October 1962 when the Cold War between United States and Russia came closest to turning into full scale nuclear war.

The Cuban missile crisis could have been the last page in the book of human history. Fortunately the conflict was peacefully resolved, and humankind was given a chance for existence. However, 50 years later, we are facing the same threat once again.

How long will it be before economic sanctions against Russia, which have already begun the second cold war, will turn into a global nuclear war?

It is well-known that an immense nuclear arsenal which was built during the arms race of the Cold War era, has served as guarantee for peace since it assured mutual destruction. Today both counties, the United States and Russia, have enough nuclear power to blow up our planet into pieces.

However, as it has become apparent, sanity in Washington seems to be a rare commodity these days.

Before we go further, let’s consider a few more facts.

Did you know that Russia is the only country in the world that has nuclear weapons equal in power and in numbers with that of the United States, carrying around 5,000 strategic nuclear warheads, plus a few more thousand tactical nukes whose number doesn’t even have to be disclosed?

Did you know that the ‘’little boy’’ – the code name for the nuclear bomb which America dropped on Hiroshima on August 6, 1945 killing between 90,000 and 140,000 people – was only 15 kilotons, which is hundreds of times smaller than an average strategic nuclear warhead kept in stock today, and thousands of time smaller than the ‘’big boys’’ filled with megatons of nuclear death?

Both Hiroshima and Nagasaki bombs were merely fireworks in comparison to modern-day nuclear capability. The destructive power of the megaton nuclear explosions is even hard to comprehend.

Have you heard about the hundreds of fully operational rapid launch underground silos spread all over the Russian landmass?

Have you heard about the Russian Topol-M, (5) a mobile intercontinental ballistic missile capable of carrying megatons of nuclear punch? There are hundreds or maybe thousands of those as well.

But this is not the only way to deliver the nuclear pay-load to the major cities and military installations in U.S. There is another way, much faster. These are undetectable, silent nuclear submarines (6) sitting in the waters not far from the U.S. coast. It takes a minute to deliver what they’ve got in store.

Don’t get me wrong, America is super charged with nukes and just as deadly. And that’s the point. This type of war does not have winners, regardless who strikes first.

This fact was always clearly understood by both sides, however, the recent tragic, yet shady event of the downing of the Malaysian airline MH17 which occurred under suspicious circumstances and followed by the rhetoric of war, has raised questions as to whether Washington has gone insane while thinking that nuclear war is winnable!

Don’t they understand that in the event they make a preemptive strike on Russia, retaliation still will follow? And it only takes a small portion of either side’s nuclear arsenal to destroy the world, let alone the warring countries.

The moment the Russian radar detects a ballistic missile lunched toward itself, the rain of nukes will fall right back following its military doctrine stated in 2010, which allows Russia to use its nuclear weapons “in response to the use of nuclear and other types of weapons of mass destruction against it or its allies, and also in case of aggression against Russia with the use of conventional weapons when the very existence of the state is threatened”. (7)

And what about nuclear China who is Russia’s ally and not America’s best friend? This country has a massive army, over a billion people and thousands of nukes, and it doesn’t like American aggression nor does it trust its talk. (8)

So, as you might have already guessed, triggering a nuclear war among the giants is a very bad idea, not only deadly to your life but to the whole of organic life on Earth – I hope these simple facts will make you think before you vote for madness. (9)

This is why nuclear war is final, not because it’s necessary to establish global peace for all, but it’s final because when it’s over, there will be no one left to make one.

Are the madmen at the top unstoppable?

According to prominent figures such as Zbigniew Brzezinski, they are not. A former US National Security Adviser and Trilateral Commission co-founder has said during an interview with Germany’s DW News that a growing political awakening is making it difficult to solve regional conflicts. “Given the contemporary reality of what I have called in my writings ‘Global Political Awakening,’ a policy of force based primarily on Western and in some cases former colonial powers does not seem to me a very promising avenue to an eventual solution to the regional problem,” said Brzezinski, referring to the situation in Syria.’’ (10)

A few years back, Zbigniew Brzezinski gave another speech at the CFR conference during which he said that ‘’for the first time in human history almost all of mankind is politically awake and activated. And that is an enormous change.’’ While referring to dominating Atlantic powers, Brzezinski continued: ‘’the lethality of their power is greater than ever, their capacity to impose control over the politically awakened masses of the world is at a historical low. In earlier times, it was easier to control a million people than to physically kill a million people. Today is infinitely easier to kill a million people than to control a million people.’’ (11)

The global awakening, to which a chief architect of U.S. world hegemony is referring, has become possible thanks to the internet, something which was also confirmed recently by the Secretary of State John Kerry during his last week visit to Brazil. In his statement John Kerry complained about how difficult the internet has made it for the ruling class to “govern” people’’. (12)

Summing up both statements by Brzezinski and Kerry it’s becoming quite obvious that an alternative media and the independent minds connected worldwide, are having an effect on global affairs. This is why it has been, still is, and will be a continuous attempt to control the internet by the global elite. The recently failed internet bills which were designed to control it, such as CISPA, SOPA and PIPA, were only the beginning of this continuous effort. (13)

More of this should be expected in the future and resisted as though our lives depended on it. The internet is a powerful and effective tool we have, which if taken away from us, will slow down the momentum of the rising global awakening and rob us of the visible and within reach real change for the good.

Every victory, no matter how small, does count, since it builds the confidence we need to believe that we the people have the power.



About the author:

Sergey Baranov 1

Born in 1976 in the Soviet Union, Sergey Baranov lived in different countries before moving to his present home in Peru.

Sergey is an author and a political observer who contributes his time to exposing injustice, corporate greed and government corruption seen rampant these days worldwide. He is convinced that by raising awareness over important issues such as destruction of the planet and loss of personal freedom, true change can be brought into the world. He also believes that through the connection with Nature humanity is capable of waking up to its humanness and defend the right to exist and enjoy a healthy social and natural environment, the birthright of each human being.

Sergey’s involvement in politics has come out of necessity not desire. He would much rather spend his time writing about the nature of reality, spirituality and other subjects dear to his heart. However, realizing the interconnectedness of the whole life on Earth, he thinks it would be irresponsible to ignore these issues and sees Wake Up World as an avenue to express his political views which have now become a part of his life.

You can learn more about Sergey in his book “Path”, available here on Amazon, or follow Sergey via

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