From RoboCop to RoboBees – Is This The World You Want To See?

From RoboCop to RoboBees - Is This The World You Want To See

1st December 2015

By Sergey Baranov

Guest Writer for Wake Up World

The recent invention of the ‘RoboBee’, compared to other seemingly more malign innovations, may appear at first as a trivial and even harmless invention. But if we make an effort to remember and search the memory banks, we will quickly find the time when drones were adopted by the law enforcement agencies, and have been ever since. At first they were introduced as surveillance devices to help with rescue missions, a noble cause, as it appears at first. But the truth of the matter is that this noble cause is usually a mask, a dirty trick to get the bill passed or get the funding going.

And when this goal is achieved, the situation quickly changes. In this case, from surveillance devices, these drones have been upgraded and weaponized to carry less than lethal weaponry such as rubber bullets, pepper spray, tear gas, and sound cannons, which have in fact been proven lethal in many cases. (Learn more.)

In the case of RoboBee, surveillance would be much more effective due to its smaller size. It can be easily guided into your apartment to spy on you. Next thing you know, a swat team is breaking into your home, most likely shooting your dog dead, and arresting you for smoking a joint. This is how things are done in America today. (See: SWAT Team Kills Restrained Dog for Barking, in Front of Child.)

Although the subject of a growing infringement on our rights and freedom is valid more today than it has ever been before, I would like to focus on another issue.

The Science of Destruction

I took a break from writing to refresh my thoughts, while thinking about the increasing insanity we are seeing in the world today. But what is even more depressing is to see the people who are naively waiting for a Messiah, and others, expecting aliens to come and help us out. These views, I find, are wholly unrealistic. No one is coming folks, it’s just us over here to deal with the mess we have created. And this is why we have to stop waiting for the extraterrestrial bailout and simply get involved in our lives with intent to make a difference in the world we are living in.

Why and how we are losing our world are two questions all of us must ask. The world we have inherited from our parents, and borrowed from our kids is now disappearing. Looking at my daughter who is turning 5, a happy kid who only knows love, I’m thinking of the future awaiting her and other kids when they will grow up.

One doesn’t need to be a philosopher to have common sense and tell between the right and wrong, good and evil. Being a human being is enough.

It takes a fraction of a brain to see the tendency and direction in which we going as a species. Let’s just suppose that by some miracle we will avoid the nuclear war, instigated by the Western powers on its psychopathic quest for world domination — what awaits us then?

It would take just a few more neurons to realize the ticking time bomb of the Fukushima crises, a crippled nuclear power plant that has been, still is and will continue to spew a deadly nuclear radiation into the air and release hundreds of tons of radioactive water into the Pacific Ocean every single day. If we consider that it takes 10 years for all the water on Earth to circulate and mix, how long do we have before all the water will be radioactive? What would you drink in just 5 years? What would you eat when all the soil is contaminated by the nuclear fallout? And that’s on top of the ongoing destruction of the food supply by introducing genetically modified organisms into the ecosystem. This cocktail of deadly toxins in our food, water and air slowly but surely is leading us first towards mutation and then extinction as a species. But this mutation won’t be cool and sexy like the Logan character from X-men. It will be very ugly. The growing cancer rate as the result of all this, is reaching epidemic proportions; I’m sure you know someone who is ill. And then on top of this we hear about scientists who seek to obtain a permission to alter human DNA, as though anyone could legally grant it to them.

To accomplish this, I would assume, they would have to ask and receive approval from 7 billion people currently populating the Earth. Personally speaking, I do not consent to this experiment with human DNA. Nor do I agree to extremely dangerous technologies such as H.A.A.R.P. (High-frequency Active Auroral Research Program), a weapon of mass destruction built for weather warfare and, I suspect, is often used. (See: Weather Warfare: Beware the US Military’s Experiments with Climatic Warfare and U.S. Government Engineering The Climate To Control Populations.) Just look at the anomalies in current theories around climate change and global warming, which have become doctrines of faith, not science.

Neither I am happy about the existence of the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) built by the CERN, European Organization for Nuclear Research, which if advanced, will make a nuclear bomb looks like fireworks. Do you really think that billions of dollars put into these projects are spent on curiosity research or for the advancement of science? That is a naïve proposition! The purpose of this research is to build a more advanced and more destructive weapon. This research into antimatter can yield the most destructive power ever known to man. Scientists are telling us that matter and antimatter particles are always produced as a pair and, if they come in contact, annihilate one another, leaving behind pure energy. They also speak about the great challenge of physicists to keep these apart.

Even the Wikipedia article on antimatter weaponry, although stating that this kind of weapon does not currently exist, admits that the research into it certainly does, and that the United States Air Force have had an interest in military uses of antimatter since the Cold War, when it began funding antimatter-related physics research. Further, it gives a description of its destructive potential:

“Quantities measured in grams will be required to achieve destructive effect comparable with conventional nuclear weapons; one gram of antimatter annihilating with one gram of matter produces 180 terajoules, the equivalent of 42.96 kilotons of TNT (approximately 3 times the bomb dropped on Hiroshima — and as such enough to power an average city for an extensive amount of time.’’

If you look the CERN’s official website,, you will find a scientific conclusion that comes with a familiar flavor of arrogance, and talks about any critique of this technology by “unqualified people’’ as being rubbish and an attempt to gain publicity, while assuring us of its safety. But even if we hypothetically assume that there will not be any accidents in the LHC facility, what about the use of this technology as a weapon? Just imagine an explosion that creates a black hole that swallows matter, causing a chain reaction to swallow more and more. And all this happens in the speed of light.

Not to mention that an accident at LHC has already occurred on September 19, 2008 when a large amount of helium leaked into the LHC tunnel.

“This incident was unforeseen,” said CERN Director General Robert Aymar, “but I am now confident that we can make the necessary repairs, ensure that a similar incident cannot happen in the future and move forward to achieving our research objectives.”

Luckily, it didn’t cause a big explosion, this time.

Mistakes and accidents do happen. Let’s just remember for a moment the time when we were told that the nuclear industry was safe and people have nothing to worry about. But the truth is that it isn’t and in fact it is the most dangerous industry in the world, which cannot even tackle its own radioactive waste, burying it in the ground while turning our planet into a radioactive dump. Should it not be banned altogether around the world?

99 nuclear incidents have been recorded worldwide since the construction of the first nuclear reactor in 1954 (the same year when CERN was founded). Who can even count the amount of radiation that has been released into the atmosphere? And that’s without even counting the nuclear tests whose number reaches 2000 since the 1950s. Wonder where the cancer is coming from?

It is worth mentioning that China now wants to build their own LHC that will be twice as big as CERN, reaching 57 kilometers (35 miles) long. Does it ring a bell? An armament race for the third millennium?

How can such research even be lawful if its completion and the use of its technology, either by intent or accident, can lead to a disaster that poses an existential threat to the human race?

Don’t get me wrong. I am not against true science. Science and technology could be served for the good if they weren’t hijacked by the powers that be, and run by a cult of mad scientists messing with the code of life and the gentle atmosphere of our planet. I am against scientism, not science. And if a pollinating RoboBee can seem as a harmless invention, then certainly the move to alter human DNA and use the LHC could not.

Science, Politics and Morality

Here is a good example how technology can save lives.

A recent invention developed by a team of researchers at Alexandria University in Egypt can prevent the future water wars that surely are coming. They came up with an idea for how to transform salty sea water into drinkable clean water. (See: This New Technology Converts Sea Water Into Drinking Water In Minutes.)

But how long will it be before someone like Nestlé will take over the research? After all, water is not a human right, according to the Nestlé CEO. What an outrageous and immoral statement, besides the fact that it defies the natural law of human nature, which simply requires water for life.

While keeping an eye on the big developments described above, it is still important to pay attention to other things, which in comparison might seem too small to even think about. Personally speaking, I was speechless when I read the following article in which a process of dumping used subway cars into the ocean has been documented in New York. (See: Stunning Photos Showing NYC Subway Cars Being Dumped Into the Ocean.)

Is it not a reflection of the same mentality that only varies in degree? If the ocean and the soil are looked at as a dump for waste, including nuclear, then human life itself is hardly safe, for man is part of the same nature and thus can be used as a dump. How long will it be before the bio-chemical and nuclear pollution will make our planet unsuitable for life?

And where is the Environmental Protection Agency on this? Busy cleaning Colorado river they have managed to pollute? Or swamped with work of fining people for no good reason?

Why are we seeing what we see? It is, of course, because the government is utterly corrupt, and politics no longer has anything in common with morals. It is rather more of a fast track to personal enrichment than anything else. Honesty has become a vice in politics rather than a virtue, a weakness that shakes the ruler’s throne. Cunningness and hypocrisy are needed to rule. Contaminated with greed, governmental bodies needs a detox.

What government is doing anything other than creating legislation that further restricts the common man? And what are legislations other than words written on a piece of paper and believed into law? It seems as if government is now simply a fiction written by big business for its own sake. It is a wall between the rulers and the ruled. And the bigger the government, the bigger the wall. With every law, the common man is more oppressed and led toward obedience and submission. His natural birth rights of freedom and health are neglected, restrained, dismantled and dismissed. He is forced into eating uneatable food, drinking undrinkable water, breathing unbreathable air, injecting toxic vaccines and believing in unbelievable lies — until he develops cancer and, after going bankrupt using chemotherapy, which kills the body sooner than the cancer does, dies without peace – all the while enriching the industries of death.

To understand this matter, one should refer to the Cancer Act of 1939, crafted in England and well explained here: The Secret Stranglehold The 1939 Cancer Act Has On England & Curing Cancer.

So what’s ahead? Well, at this point, it is no longer a question of prophecy but of basic math. As long as we remain asleep in the hypnotic trance created and maintained by mainstream media and a culture that weakens the mind and contributes to the loss of ability to think for oneself, we will eventually be forced to bow down to authority in order to obtain the very right to exist.

RoboBees – Is This The World You Want To See?

From ‘GreenPeace Video’: “This is the imaginary future we do not want. This future where bees and the biodiversity they help maintain, have finally fallen victim to chemically intensive industrial agriculture. So, here is the question: should we create a new world or save our own?”

Path: Seeking Truth in a World of Lies

Sergey Baranov - Path (book)

Written by Sergey Baranov, “Path” is a book about the author’s search for truth and the meaning of life. His path took him through four continents, four countries, four cultures, and four languages, far beyond the walls of religious institutions and far above the boundaries of the “ego.” It was a search for answers to intimate questions, in distant places of the world, interacting with people whose way of life allows them to keep their true connection with Nature — a key to understanding oneself and the world in which one lives.

His path began with a fear of Death and a thirst for knowledge, and through contemplation and experience he was able to gain an understanding which helped him drop the heavy burden of fear and illusions and helped him to live his life with peace in his heart and clarity in his mind. Working with shamans and sacred medicine plants both in North and South America, led to his awakening and now he humbly offers this story to you with the hope that you too will realize your potential.

Sergey Baranov’s book “Path” is available here on Amazon, or visit

About the author:

Sergey Baranov 1

Born in 1976 in the Soviet Union, Sergey Baranov lived in different countries before moving to his present home in Peru.

Sergey is an author and a political observer who contributes his time to exposing injustice, corporate greed and government corruption seen rampant these days worldwide. He is convinced that by raising awareness over important issues such as destruction of the planet and loss of personal freedom, true change can be brought into the world. He also believes that through the connection with Nature humanity is capable of waking up to its humanness and defend the right to exist and enjoy a healthy social and natural environment, the birthright of each human being.

Sergey’s involvement in politics has come out of necessity not desire. He would much rather spend his time writing about the nature of reality, spirituality and other subjects dear to his heart. However, realizing the interconnectedness of the whole life on Earth, he thinks it would be irresponsible to ignore these issues and sees Wake Up World as an avenue to express his political views which have now become a part of his life.

You can learn more about Sergey in his book “Path”, available here on Amazon, or follow Sergey via

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