New Moon in Aquarius – The 5th Element

New Moon in Aquarius - The 5th Element - Wake Up World

21st January 2015

By Simon Vorster

Contributing Writer for Wake Up World

The zodiac does not enact life, it merely reflects it.

The 20th  of January marks the arrival of the Sun and Moon into the constellation Aquarius. Another celestial cycle has come to an end and with it comes the unfolding of the next chapter in our current awakened state.  It is time to break free from the norms and embrace your own personal liberty.

This month’s cycle brings with it some amazing celestial gifts that I am sure many of you have been waiting for. Although in typical Uranian fashion, the route to accessing the truth that is available is delivered to us in an offbeat and fragmented way. The next two months will have a heavy influence on how and where we start steering the ship as we delve deeper into the year of 2015. I encourage you to stay and digest the information contained in this report as there is a lot to cover. Are you ready?

Happy Birthday Aquarius!  May the road rise up to meet you. May the wind be always at your back. May the sun shine warm upon your face.

Aquarius/Uranus Vibration (Deconditioning)

Through  the  Aquarius/Uranus  archetype, we learn how to break the form of any conditioning that has come before. This process is needed for evolution to proceed, providing an evolutionary force that allows things to move beyond the old and outdated.

Of course, with change comes trauma, and the dynamic of trauma is also represented through Aquarius. From the human perspective, the need for security is deeply rooted in our psychology, and security comes from self-consistency – something that is known, and has structure (Capricorn). When the Uranus energy enters our lives and breaks that  form, it induces change.  It is difficult for us to accept change in an instant,  and we often experience emotional trauma as a result. Reflect honestly on your own life when these situations happen to you.

Another core aspect reflected by the Uranus/Aquarius archetype is the soul’s long term memory, both from the past and the future. (Time is an illusion, right?) There is a direct link between Mercury (the conscious mind) and Uranus (the unconscious mind). Simply put, we have short term memory (Mercury), and long term memory (Uranus). During hypnosis, the memory areas that are explored and accessed emanate from the Uranian field in your soul. All of us have this symbol somewhere in our birth chart. It is our unconscious identity.

On another layer, Aquarius reflects the nature of living in groups and tribes – the Collective. The reflection of a group has an identity, and this identity is a way in which we are able to understand ourselves, even define ourselves, because the group will reflect to us our own personal interests, drives and even our nature.

In the context of this discussion, these three core themes are currently very present and are manifesting deeply within our collective consciousness. For many, the global awaking started to really take place when Uranus moved into Aries in 2012. In the sign of Aries, Uranus reflects the de-conditioning of the self and the re-ordination of new self-discovery.

Pretty neat! We are letting go of our old conditioned selves and re-inventing our new selves, through a constant universally-supported process of self-discovery.  

Mercury and Jupiter retrograde

This is an interesting aspect here; both Mercury (logic) and  Jupiter (intuition) are in a reflective (retrograde) state. Their intention is moving inward. When both these symbols are retrograde they directly point towards to the planet Uranus; to the liberation of old thought forms (mercury retrograde) that lead to a deeper awareness of outdated truths (Jupiter) that are holding you back as you seek to find the special destiny you are working towards. This  creates a total energetic rewriting of the left and right brain hemispheres, and supports  a process of  flushing outdated thought forms that no longer facilitate the higher dimensional consciousness that is currently being experienced on Earth right now.

To add emphasis to this, Mercury goes stationary in Aquarius on the day of the New Moon. As a planet is turning retrograde, it appears to stop. This is what we call stationary. The way this is energetically experienced is like holding a magnifying glass and focusing in on whatever the planet is pointing to. As mercury is in Aquarius, Uranus is that magnified focus point.

So, why the intense focus on Uranus?

Uranus conjunct the South Node of the Moon.

Every single one of us has been for quite some time now being hearing the sentiment  “let go of the old”… “Let go of old fear based experiences”… and so on. As mentioned above, the Uranus energy has a direct effect on  fracturing our outdated,  crystalized habits and patterns. The South Node of the moon symbolizes to us aspects and parts of our self that contains all our experiences. It also reflects how we nurture and feel safe within our lives as the past reflects the known and the known reflects security.

Do you see how these symbols together are manifesting for us? Freedom from the known! But why? Evolution!

Currently we have  Pluto squaring the Nodes of the moon. As I have written before this is an incredibly significant aspect for us. Pluto symbolically reflects our unconscious emotional security. Deeply grained in our security patterns lies our sense of personal empowerment. Insecurity comes from feeling vulnerable, which in turn makes you feel disempowered. Paradoxically security causes us to experience limitations which leads to stagnation.

For evolution to occur we have to embrace the new at every point, as it opens up newer experiences that leads to more awareness and more shedding of outdated conditioning. Growth. Personal empowerment.

So what we have at the moment on the deepest level (Pluto) are two current realities. There are people who are “awake” to this process, who are seeking drastic change in the world from past realities (Uranus in Aries and South Node), and feeling a sense of destiny and a  thirst for new personal empowerment (Pluto)… And then there are those you are “asleep”, feeling insecurity and loss, experiencing trauma and  the fracturing of  their securities (Uranus in Aries and South Node),  perceiving  that they have no control over their lives, and  seeking to reinforce their sense of personal security from outside of themselves. This ultimately  creates a  feeling of disempowerment (Pluto in Capricorn).

So, as Uranus moves into total conjunction with the South Node of the Moon, which then will complete square Pluto, we will have will be final asked to zero in on our desires and be present with whatever might be holding you back from being the new empowered you. Pluto is offering and asking you to reflect on your desires. Desire works in polarity. This  leaves you with a choice:

Will  you choose to stay with the old outdated patterns in your life and follow the path of consensus? Or will  you embrace your  shifting  reality and take the opportunity that is unfolding for you right now, in each moment?

The choice you make in each moment will determine  whether you  align with the new reality that is unfolding for you right now, or resist it, clinging instead to illusory external  securities. It’s up to you.  Do you desire to be a part of a new paradigm? Do you have the feeling of inner security to needed for you to embrace  this  changing reality?

Sleep Disturbances

It isn’t just pre-existing patterns of behavior but also sleep cycles that are being radically changed during this period. I am sure you will notice that your normal sleep cycle is off?  One of the main reasons for this is that the pineal gland is being stimulated through the electrical system of  Uranus (Uranus correlates to the electricity within the brain) via the Mars transit through Pisces  – which is, at this point in time, actually completely conjunct Neptune.

Neptune has specific correlation to the pineal  gland.  The pineal  gland secretes a protein called melatonin which reflects on how we dream/sleep and therefore how we dissolve all physical perceptions of reality. The erratic vibration of Uranus is directly effecting and causing sleep disturbances. As this process unfolds, and with the placement of Mercury, Venus and now the Sun moving through Aquarius, the old fabric of reality is beginning to shatter.

Expect the unexpected!

South Node of Neptune in Aquarius – Our Spiritual Roots

Here we have something extremely special. The South Node of Neptune, again, reflects the past and – in terms of where we as humans today – helps us find our origins. As we know, Neptune will reflect our natural relationship to the Source of all things. We are realigning ourselves with the natural understanding that everything is connected; that we are all Source energy expressed in different ways.

If everything in the universe is part of creation, then how can one part be superior to another? Surely any belief that we are separate from source, nature or god is merely an illusion.

All that separates us from the  Source is us, our minds, what we think we are, verses what we truly are. This is what we are returning to. We are releasing the distortions of these  limited, illusory beliefs of our reality.  So, with the recent movement of Mercury and Venus moving off the South Node of Neptune, an incredible about of focus has been and is still about understanding what we are essentially, then with that awareness, learning to integrate that understanding into the physical world so that we are able to then start forming new thought patterns and manifesting our reality in alignment with natural laws of creation.

New Moon Message –  Connecting Heaven and Earth

As we enter the next  two month’s cycles, much of the focus will be about preparing for when Jupiter goes direct on 8th April. Simultaneously the New Moon in Aries will bring about the “GO!” energy that everyone is waiting for. So it is important to take a step back (Aquarius) and review the current situations you have in your life at the moment, then compare them  to what you would like your life  to look like come  the  end of March/start of April. There is a sequence (Virgo) to how we manifest, and this time right now is about reflecting and re-adjusting what we want, and what we don’t.

Here are some perspectives to think about when refining your ideas for your future.

The Aquarius vibration teaches us about group co-operation. It helps you find people who are willing to aid you on your journey to self-actualization. Recognizing what groups you participate in (formal or otherwise) can help give you a clear sense of your identity.

Groups offer support and enable larger ideas to be manifested.  Groups help build stronger communities. By  working with others for the needs of the community, bringing whatever you can to the table, a little bit of effort can make a big change – personally and communally.  Identify with groups  that  reflect your soul interests, which will naturally allow exchanges of similar spiritual vibration, and which will help you bring your gift to the world while you help others bring theirs.

Warmth and sharing, overcoming loneliness and alienation, the interchange of spirit and understanding; these are the foundations on which our communal tendencies are built. The unity at the  heart of our Earth community lies in linking your special purpose and destiny with that which helps build and strengthen our connection to our fellow Earth citizens, and to our homeland.

The 5th  Element

To understand this synchronicity and to fully understand what is transpiring behind the scenes for us, we have to look back at the 11:11 alignment that happened when Mars and Pluto connected at 11 degrees on 11/11 last year. On that day we had a Cardinal Grand Cross shift which began  shifts  in  our awareness. These shifts are felt subtlety and can only be fully experienced when integrated into the physical over a great deal of time.

11:11 represents the unity of all things; that we are all of the same vibration even though we appear to be separate in the physical. It also symbolizes the number 4; the four elements of our Earth combine to create the One; the totality of everything. When we see these numbers we are being asked to  pay attention  to this connection.

When we experienced this  11:11 alignment, we were asked to integrate the four: body, spirit, emotion and mind (Cardinal Grand Cross) and then to completely embody them through the flesh and spirit as one — the alignment of ego, source and desire (Water Trinity). This marked the awareness of necessary change that then created the space for us to now fill it. Now we are at a point in our awaked state that requires us to add that special ingredient into our lives.

What makes the 4 elements of our physical reality come alive? The 5th  element.

On this New Moon we will be experiencing another extraordinary alignment that is directly connected to the 11:11 alignment, as  Mars conjuncts Neptune in Pisces at 5.55 degrees.

Pisces/Neptune reflects source energy; the manifested and un-manifested, the very essence of all. It cannot be defined nor can it be altered. It can only be experienced. This source energy is also called the 5th  element or  the 5th  dimension. To experience the Source we must integrate it into the physical. We do this through the 4 elements. The elements air, fire, water and earth are all ways for us to experience Source and co-create within it. In order to truly experience this co-creation, as we are here to do, we must raise our awareness  from within our physical reality to the creative Source that is interacting with it, and underlies it. This is where we find our divine purpose. This is also where we find the courage to interact with life freely – as we were meant  to.

The next step is yours.

What do you wish to colour the world with? What drives and inspires you?

Find and connect to the essence of your being! Start by removing everything that is not original to you. What you are looking for is undefined. Be present with yourself, you will experience the truth of what you are looking for – the light that already exists within you. The space you are wanting to be with, and work from, is the stillness that resides within. It is pure serenity, stillness and openness. Like the vast starry galaxy that displays itself up above, the 5th element – our  connection to Source energy – is the essence of the life force that brings all the 4 physical elements together.

It is time to embrace  the 5th  element  – to connect Heaven and Earth into your very being. What inspires you?

New Moon Mantra

My mind is still. My heart is open. My body is my temple. I can feel the inspiration to do great things in the world – for the world. I know that there is a greater purpose to life than to play make-believe in a man-made world that isn ´t structured for my true nature. A world that isn ´t structured for nature at all.

I will use these tools I have been given, this gift of life. I will use this body and this mind, and I will fuel it with the love and inspiration to create a better reality… to co-create a reality with my fellow Earth citizens in which  we all bring our gifts to each other,  and to our homeland. However great or small, whatever it is I am called to do… I will do it. I am not afraid to leave my securities behind,  for I am way too excited about this new direction  — about this new life and this new world.

I am ready for change. I am the change. I am.



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