Intentional Manifesting, Authentic Choice and Truly Letting Go

Intentional Manifesting, Authentic Choice and Truly Letting Go

By Open

Contributing Writer for Wake Up World

Zillions of words have been written on the subject of intention. I’m sure it goes without saying that we’d all like a successful and fulfilled life. But what is true intention and where does it come from? In ‘setting intention’, we need to be really clear it’s not coming from a subtle sense of lack. And in creating with the divine, we also need to be clear how that works exactly.

What, if anything, does the divine ‘want’?

I put it to you, that there is a way to totally surrender into the divine flow, and thereby lead a truly magical, blessed and abundant life. Providing that is, we make the one authentic choice open to us…

Sent up the Swanny for $9.99 with a big out-board motor!

Please pardon my irreverence, but sometimes I feel the Spiritual Mainstream is being led astray, sold an illusion, and ‘sent up the Swanny’ with a big outboard motor, purchased from all that distorted ‘abundance manifestation’. Finally, thankfully, the outboard motor runs out of gas, we’re forced to let go and simply allow the stream to take us. And that’s when life truly takes off.

You see the problem is this: often these ‘intentional choices’ are happening because we can’t fully accept the moment just as it is; nor the purpose of the moment, which is to reveal the magic and splendor of who we truly are.

My heart goes out to those still stuck in this trap. Eventually we must give up the struggle and land on the beach of who we truly are. All subconscious suffering then ceases.

I put it to you, that when you still believe in separate intention, you’re being an identity that’s not flowing spontaneously from the divine…

“I set my intention to do this or that”. But who is the “I”? And does the divine really ‘want’?

If you’re still ‘setting your intention’, it’s like trying to control the future. And the divine simply doesn’t do control. It’s only an identity that is separate from the One that does.

How can the Pure Presence of the One have intention?

To me, the One has no intention, because that presupposes an identity to have the intention, and if there was such an identity, where did it come from and who or what created it? Instead, I experience there is presence, emptiness, unimaginable divine potential. From this emerged, and continues to emerge, streams of consciousness – ‘waves’ – called ‘souls’.

Essentially as the presence of the One exploded into being at what some have termed ‘the bigbang’, then flows of separation consciousness were condensed into matter by the pull of unity consciousness flowing back to the source – back to the presence.

Now on this journey through the separation, Souls confuse themselves with what is being created and believe themselves to be ‘some thing’ – some separated identity. This is the process of light coming into darkness, the One bringing consciousness into unconsciousness…

It’s just what the universe is doing, without any kind of intention.

So the soul manifests this dynamic of getting lost in the darkness: the sense of separateness that needs to justify it’s identity – it’s lostness – by setting some kind of intention. That is until they discover how to let go of their identification and realise the One Self – in other words they become ‘self-realised’.

To become truly self-realised is to recognise there is only ever one authentic intention:  to surrender to the flow of the One, felt within you as the mainstream of the soul.

When ‘you’ – as a soul – realise this, there’s tears of profound joy as you dive into the only stream that has any flowing life in it. It’s that flow of total spontaneity, total aliveness based on the uncertainty of the moment – the juice that intention strangles the life out of.

So where does authentic choice come from?

We appear to be making choices all day long: what to eat, where to work, how to play, who to be with, how to spend our ‘free’ time. But for most people, the vast majority of these choices are not choices at all. Until you become conscious with every choice, then it’s highly likely that conditioning, attachment, veiled need, subtle fears and addiction are really making the choices.

This is where unity consciousness as the soul is generating some kind of internal ‘friction’ caused by the identification with the illusion of reality. And people make choices to placate that friction – that discomfort and non acceptance of the moment. Actually, these are not free choices at all. Hence you see the destructive consumption taking place on the earth, the excessive reliance on some kind of drug, and the need to control – to manifest – our reality.

But there is authentic choice; there is authentic action. How does this arise? How is it felt?

The soul contains the memory of the original condition of Oneness, which people feel and often describe as ‘unconditional love’. It’s that pull through the heart to see past that which separates us, and connect with that which unites us. It’s a driving energy, that when you open up within, wells up through you and activates authentic impulse.

The soul has various characteristics which are all similar essences of the One (see The Seven Rays of Divine Impulse). These are expressions of the One: like the sense of will, power, strength, courage, compassion, joy, acceptance, timelessness, spacelessness, contentment to name just a few. These are the authentic impulses that when allowed to, make authentic choices. This happens all by itself, they emerge from the soul. They don’t have to be manifested, they are the intrinsic nature of the soul. In fact trying to manifest these qualities only squeezes the juice out of them – you’re left with a dim shadow.

If you’re not careful, you lose the full, unfettered, taste of life.

So I put it to you that the only authentic choice that ‘you’ – the sense of separation – can make, is to surrender into the soul in any given moment; to open an internal space so the soul can arise, then to give yourself fully and completely to that arising impulse. In which case, you harness the infinite creative potential of the source and manifest pure magic. There is nothing to compare!

But you do have to feel into, through and past your ownership of these soul qualities – where the soul fragments into neediness and attachment; where it is not self-realised and needs to ‘do something’. You have to feel into these contractions, and open them out so the main stream of the Soul can flow freely through you. Then the ‘right’ choices will happen all of their own accord. Effortlessly!

Setting intention to heal? Who needs to be healed?

People talk about using intention to heal. How often do you hear of people ‘curing their cancer by setting their intention’. But what is illness? I put it to you that illness is disease – dis-ease with being the One, which creates internal tension of non-acceptance, leading to stress, illness and injury. Instead, there is only ever one thing going on: a soul seeking to have an aligned experience of the One Self. Disease is where there is no such alignment. But here’s the key, working to take away that illness before you’re realised why you created it in the first place (yes YOU created it – YOUR unrealised soul), is like removing all the evidence at the scene of a crime before you’re understood why the crime was committed.

I was in a health food store one day where a lady in front of me was telling the person serving that ‘she’d just cured herself of grinding her teeth by going to a hypnotherapist’. I couldn’t help myself but ask… “why were you grinding your teeth?” (the question arose as a deep, undeniable upwelling from within). “Oh that’s simple” she said “I hate my job!”. It’s just a small example of someone creating illness and disease because they’re not following the true pull of the soul. And now all they’ve done is removed the evidence of the problem – where the soul was getting stuck in the illusion, resisting the natural choice to do something more aligned with her vibration.

Instead, I advise getting into the contraction, the tension, the tightness, the illness and dis-ease. This is where the soul has become delusional and identified with the illusion of reality – where it’s struggling to make something happen; where it’s efforting to generate an outcome or is resisting authentic reality. This creates internal eddy currents – and these are what cause illness and dis-ease.

Are you ready to throw away all those crutches?

So, get deep into these contractions. They’ll be mental, emotional, physical and karmic. You have to feel deep into them, become awesomely okay with them, to the extent that you don’t need them to go away. Then something truly magical happens: the fragment of soul that was identifying – that which was creating the illness and dis-ease – suddenly has a eurkha moment: it realises itself as the One and lets go.

That fragment is reintegrated into the streaming consciousness that is the soul. And ‘you’ – any sense of separated self – ride the wave all the way back into the source, into the One, inside your true self. It feels just like coming home. And now, creation happens through you, in the most magical of ways. Even the most ‘ordinary’ moments become extraordinary, because you appreciate the real meaning of why they’re happening – to simply reveal the splendor of YOU!

But you still have to fully commit to that moment, to open out into any contraction based on sense of lack, attachment or neediness; to throw away the crutches; to trust in the divine like never before and truly give yourself to the fullness of who you can be.

So are you ready yet? Are you ready to truly let go, to truly trust, and to dive into the centre stream of your life – the mainstream of your soul?

Welcome home!

(on behalf of Openhand)

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