Next Phase: Co-Creating a Thriving Planetary Consciousness and Culture

Next Phase Co-Creating a Thriving Planetary Consciousness and Culture - Demonstrations in Spain (Indignados)

By Fatima Bacot

Guest Writer for Wake Up World

Although there have been many, many aspects to the Shift in Consciousness the last 25-30 years, one of the biggest, game-changing and critical Evolutionary Big-Switches that has occurred (and continues) is that of people getting up off their knees, en masse, all over the world, and actively busting the dominator / victim, conqueror / conquered, rich / poor dynamic that has been dominant for thousands of years.

Millions have risen (and continue to rise) globally to challenge ages-old domination of people, environment, the narrative and the commons, and they are building a ‘movement of movements’, one person, post, photo, tweet, prayer, blog, protest at a time.

These significant years will be but a chapter in the history books to be written some day, but for us they represent an exhilarating moment in the evolutionary trajectory from controlled human being to liberated, limitless human being.

Called ‘Joyful Activism’ by Eckhart Tolle, ‘Spiritual Activism’ by Andrew Harvey … and ‘Evolutionary Activism’ by myself … the next phase is about galvanizing one’s free will, imagination and dignity in order to co-create a thriving planetary consciousness and culture, on the collapse of the outgoing, destructive (patriarchal) culture.

This moment is about being here, in other words, and getting creative.

Greater Global Understanding

In 2015, of course, there is greater global understanding of wealth inequality, the corporatocracy, the centralized banking cartels, and the debt-money/fractional reserve banking systems that dismally fail the environment and the majority of human beings and the Earth’s species.

And yet, in the face of enormous corporate control of media and agendas; worldwide spying into our online habits;  fracking our lands;  poisoning our air, food, seas and skies;  aggressive clampdowns on free speech;  and increasing concentration of wealth and power into the hands of the few… people in the millions are speaking truth to that old order. …and getting creative.

They want conclusive moves from competition to collaboration, from hierarchy to equality, from us-and-them polarization to unity-in-diversity… and they are willing to dive into the deep overhauls necessary to transform Religion, Politics, Spirituality, Medicine, Education, Economics and numerous social systems in order to realize their dreams and visions of how we might really freely and abundantly live.

This is what the Shift has accomplished, and it is not ‘out there’, but right here and right now… on this Earth. The ‘New Earth’ is THIS Earth, with human beings the conscious caretakers and powerfully engaged in translating vision into manifested reality.

The ‘New Earth’ that millions are globally co-creating within this ‘living library’ of exhilarating diversity is founded upon the basic human rights principles of universality, accountability, transparency, and equity. It is rooted in interconnection, interdependence, and LOVE, whether one considers him/herself ‘spiritual’ or an ‘atheist’.  It is based on a popular sovereignty which involves direct participation in shared, from-the-ground-up, cooperative decision-making for collective action that serves the common good, with higher levels supporting (rather controlling and manipulating) the lower.

The recognition of our deep interconnectedness and interdependence is giving rise to a planetary consciousness. This consciousness promotes human development through direct engagement and social decision-making, and it fosters cooperation, a care economy, dialogue and a sense of agency, instrumental knowledge and wisdom, values clarification, and social consciousness.  In this ‘New Earth’, the enriched individual is an esteemed part of a larger social whole of living systems and intrinsic relationships, not an isolated atom, and individuals and systems are valued as deeply entwined mirrors of one another’s prosperity, health and wellbeing.

Aspects of How the Shift is Manifesting at Large

As we are still somewhere between the old and the new, the breakdown and the breakthrough, destruction and creation… it is sometimes difficult to recognize, especially through the blaze of propaganda. However, many shining trajectories are piercing through those tired worldview-control strategies. In fact, examples abound of those bridging worlds, talents and experiences, and re-imagining and manifesting the New from the ground up in the form of:

  • Intentional communities, habitat restorers, interspecies relations and ethics, community eco-therapists and environmental justice, rather than isolated ‘nuclear families’ in burnt out environments and communities.
  • Dignity, critical thinking, consciousness, reconciliation, consensus-building and dialogue, rather than demoralization and despondency.
  • Engagement in focused prayer, meditation, healing and intent, psycho-integrative and shamanic (either individually or in groups), to clear negative energy, bring stability, and to hold energy and space for peace and for the New to enter and become real.
  • Egalitarian, democratic, self-managed horizontal organization and participatory democratic consumer, worker & manufacturing cooperatives; community coordination and people’s councils…rather than hierarchical boss-worker exploitation.
  • Land committees; protecting cultures indigenous to the area; educating and sustaining an interconnected, interdependent worldview.
  • Bringing together huge numbers of people to focus upon deeply disturbed areas of the planet, and directing positive thought and emotion at synchronized intervals.
  • Progressive electoral politics, and people’s community councils that embrace local, grassroots governance, community mediators, consensus-building and participatory democracy.
  • The rise of the international solidarity economy network, community partnership banking models, barter systems and state banks, rather than ‘too big to fail’ banks and super-entities.
  • Dialogue facilitation and many more parties beyond puppet left and right parties and candidates
  • Intergenerational dialogue and cultural recovery, rather than marginalization and decimation of culture.
  • Restorative justice, community mediators, nonviolence educators.
  • The arts, culture-celebration.
  • The release of suppressed technology and medicines.
  • Rural and urban communities working to create sustainable, locally-owned energy, and local food production and distribution networks
  • The global environmental movement and increasing desire for, and use of, solar, wind and other clean energy sources for heart-centered, sustainable communities and initiatives.
  • Ecosocialism and unprecedented victories in protecting land and resources from extractive industries and vulture capitalists (after oil, gas, cheap labour, dams, mining, deep sea drilling, fracking, fishing, forestry and land for transnational private interests that impoverish communities, expel people.)
  • Zapatismo in Mexico, Keiretsu in Japan, Mondragon in Spain, the Vermont Commons in the US, Tamera ecovillage in Portugal.
  • Ecuador’s Buen Vivir (that is spreading as a philosophy throughout Latin America); the Bolivarian Revolution in Venezuela.
  • Documentary, film and video; online and offline grassroots networks and organizations that may be local, national or international.
  • Whistleblowing, civil disobedience, bloggers, hackers, social media activists, boycotters, petition organizations, and alternative media (radio, TV and news channels.)

YES, these examples are all about empowering people and about building a conscious, more fuller humanity from the ground up in authentic participation, in recognition of inherent connectedness, solidarity, transformational self-determination and human development. They demonstrate the transformation of global beliefs and practices toward secure a sustainable and abundant planetary culture and wellbeing for all.

None of the above examples is about:

  • Pretending-away (through distraction and spiritual bypassing) the many affronts to our humanity, dignity, species and environment.
  • Solely resisting the advances and cruelties of the old system as one ‘free trade’ agreement is created after another or one ‘aid package’, ‘freedom fighter’, IMF loan or social program is foisted upon a given culture or country.
  • Going to another Earth or dimension (a belief that leaves this earth unattended and open to continual senseless plunder and war.)

These actions are focused upon actually seeing and loving THIS EARTH ‘enough’… to restore dignity and to engage free will, imagination and creativity, via connectedness in new social relationships and mutual responsibility and collective direction, where diversity and lots of worlds can fit, interdependently, and in energetic relationships, both horizontally and vertically.

They are building alliances based on collective will in as many places as they can, connecting them and sharing philosophies and strategies… whilst the old guard is on the run.

They are keeping an eye on backlashes, to be sure, AND they are focused on collaboration and building strategic alliances, and transcending the old mentally, emotionally, spiritually, economically, politically, environmentally… all at the same time.

THIS Earth

It is THIS Earth, and not some ‘other Earth out there’. It’s about Immanence and Transcendence combined, working as one. Spirit and Matter combined, not split. That’s Unity Consciousness, that’s ‘Creating heaven on Earth’… and it’s here right now, not out there. It is time that the ages-old schism separating matter and spirit, ‘old earth’ and ‘new earth’, heaven and earth… came to an end. It is this very schism that is causing the greatest disturbances and challenges as human beings look away or wish for that ‘new earth’ to suddenly materialize.

In this New Earth, it’s you and I right here and right now.

THIS New Earth is:

  • fusion spirituality, politics, economics, culture, science, and technology for supporting diversity and jumping borders
  • participation in common pathways, across numerous viewpoints for progressive agendas and moving dialogue
  • creation beyond just ‘personal salvation’, but into a unified, highly diverse consciousness based on awakened, conscious individuals working collaboratively with vision.

It’s a fusion and ‘movement of movements’ that recognizes the value of this earth, this humanity….and sees the interconnectedness of all our systems (environment, spiritual, economic). It’s this kind of Restorative Love, Passion and Dignity that have spurred the millions into visionary and empowered action.

As we know by now, what we don’t value gets trashed or taken away. Like Sudan, the last known white male rhino in the world, certain things face extinction due to human interference and when we don’t care.

And yet, and as with Sudan, Australia’s Great Barrier Reef, fracking, Nestle stealing California’s water, and more… trashing is ALSO an enormous wake-up call into activation, engagement and all-systems, interconnected empowerment for a thriving planetary consciousness and culture.

And when we re-invigorate our values and realize that there is so much of inestimable value on this shining Earth, we will be further emboldened to imagine, create, think, feel and act in coherent alignment, and we will be well on the way to developing the economic, spiritual, political, environmental, technological and scientific forms of a collaborative planetary society based on the sacred worldview we all envision, in wholistic, biospherical respect, love, nurture, equality, freedom, prosperity, power and care….serving the wellbeing of both the people and the planet.

We are but at the beginning now, post Shift, and crises abound and will continue, to ensure the conscious capacity to live in freedom and abundance as a global community, interdependent with the Earth, and enhancing life on earth for everyone.  There’s no shortage of ways forward, that much is abundantly clear. And….it is to our benefit now and to the benefit of those to come, to get started and to focus on what we want to build in conscious co-creation and participation….and do it.

Enlivening and Refreshing!

How enlivening it is to BE this vibrant hope, free will, sovereignty, dignity and creativity… and not give into denial and despondency.

How refreshing it feels to feel so free that we might secure a collective future that has moved from the more primitive, reactionary, destructive and fear-based and into empowered cooperation, abundance, connectivity, joy, freedom and sustainability for all.

Everything right now is a superb invitation into claiming the power that has been surrendered and was hidden away and used by others. This invitation to reclaim, restore, reconfigure, recalibrate and rise up is a beckoning! It points to the seeding and manifestation of a new you within our renewed, revered and regenerated Earth… a new evolutionary phase calling us forward.

As we go forward and be here fully now, we take ownership of our thoughts, emotions, actions, manifestations and experiences… and their results in our lives. We grow up and land in the masterful co-creation of a new era characterized by inspired action, holistic thinking and emotion, the understanding of right human relations, non-aggression, powerful self-worth and self-respect, dignity, and an inspired synthesis that is based on compassionate and awake identification with the whole of humanity. We land in an Earth and planetary consciousness that allows many different worlds, libraries of information, beliefs and species to co-exist in enormous and welcomed diversity. We land in a worldview-culture that is restorative to people, place and planet; unified and diverse and the same time… and thriving.

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About the author:

Fatima BacotFatima Bacot is an Australian Metaphysical Teacher with a deep interest in activism, politics, spirituality and global finance matters. Her work has reached thousands in 13 countries, spanning over 25 years. She has a blog, “Diamond Blog”, where she covers all manner of subjects related to the evolution of human Consciousness.

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