Full Moon In Scorpio ~ An Invitation To Emergence

Full Moon In Scorpio ~ An Invitation To Emergence

5th May 2015

By Simon Vorster

Contributing Writer for Wake Up World

A very pivotal point in the Pluto–Capricorn cycle is being called into our collective awareness and a radical shift in our spiritual awakening is taking place.

Up until this point in time, the awaking experience has lead us to feel very shaken up. We have experienced deep internal changes that have led us to begin dramatic life changes. Much of the past month has been about re-integrating one’s awakened self-back into the social (physical) realm, but is has also being about embodying the new higher aspects of our spiritual selves.

Now, much of the recent months’ events will begin to make more sense as we realize we have each begun a new spiritual journey. As the 2015 timeline unfolds in front of us, an invitation to emergence is on the table. We are half way through the Pluto–Capricorn cycle and although we may be feeling that the end is nowhere in sight, this (temporary) feeling is currently cloaking the huge collective change that has already happened this cycle began back in 2008.

This is a time where we need to reflect on our progress and keep pushing for change, never giving into feelings of futility and lack of purpose. We are humanity and we are strong. Only healing the collective heart can lead to total metamorphosis.

Planetary alignments reflecting our evolution

Sun in Taurus Opposite Moon in Scorpio Square Jupiter in Leo.

There is quite a lot to mention about this alignment. Together with the other T Square going with Saturn, Mercury and Neptune there is quite a significant amount of internal shifting going on. We are clearly feeling paradigms and energies with in us shifting.

What I first noticed with this alignment is that our sense of needs and abundance (Taurus) are being brought into question. This awareness is a reflection how we are going about establishing our new way of life and actualizing ourselves into the physical realm.

So what is important right now? What are the essential resources around us that can aid us in moving forward in our lives? As we bring the current Full Moon’s energy into play, a big part of our focus now is to answer the question “How do we interact with one another and share resources and support without feeling we will not have enough?” A big driving force for us right now is whether we feel connected to the inspiration/motivation behind our choices. Are we manifesting our truth, or someone else’s?

On a higher level, this alignment is also bringing into focus some aspects of the last 2½ years of internal ‘shadow’ work; those deep karmic energies that were brought to the surface for us to clear. we have been dealing with intense dark truths about the nature of humanity. We have become completely aware of the nonsense that today’s authorities and institutions project into our perception about what is real and what is not. (This is an essential part of this aspect, as this is where I feel it ties into the other T Square, which is happening simultaneously.)

Now, as Saturn is approaching its return back into Scorpio all of the lessons and themes are being called up again, bringing our collective awareness back in this direction again. This little escapade of Saturn through Scorpio is simply asking for mastery of those lessons and themes learned in the shadows. The work has already been done. It is now just solidifying it into place.

Saturn Retrograde Opposite Mercury Square Neptune.

This planetary alignments is reflecting some strong evolutionary effects that are happening with in us right now. Saturn itself is reflecting issues related to beliefs and truths that still hold us in duality, bound to illusions of separateness. While this is taking place, the archetype of Mercury (currently in Gemini) is placed in direct opposition to Saturn in Sagittarius, and is challenging how we mentally define ourselves. This is the axis that reflects to us in our consciousness how we communicate (Gemini) our Sagittarius (truth).

This is all happening in relation to the Square that both Mercury and Saturn are making to Neptune in Pisces. On hand Neptune in Pisces is causing awareness for the need to dissolve old definitions while simultaneously creating new definitions that are rooted in knowledge, transparency, unity and empathy. This transit will having you feeling mentally over-tired and finding it really difficult to keep on top of things… at least of a mental level. I would suggest just allowing more flow into your life at this time.

Tied in to the other T square that is going on (which I mentioned above) this alignment is also aiding in re-shaping the truth of our reality and making it crystal clear as to where all the distortions lie within our collective psyche. Discernment is a huge part of this alignment. Question everything. Double-check and triple-check, just to make sure you are seeing what you are seeing. As we are learning to balance and reintegrate the left- and right-brain hemispheres, we are becoming aware that for a great deal of our collective evolution, our intuition has not been practised by suppressed. This alignment is offering a wake-up call to each of us — to become more interconnected with our multi-faceted Self, and (re)learn how to navigate life using (and valuing) our intuition and discernment in equal measure.

Pluto in Capricorn and Uranus in Aries.

At a generational level, Pluto, the symbol of evolution itself, and Uranus, the symbol of revolution, are also having a serious conversation with each other at the moment…

Uranus energy creates an unconscious need for change, to rebel from the existing conditioning, and in this way he helps evolution take place. Uranus helps us not get stuck in confining patterns. From 2010 till 2019, Uranus is in the sign of Aries, the first sign in the zodiac and a symbol of new beginnings. In evolutionary terms, the Aries energy has served to redefine our collective identity by initiating new experiences that will revolutionize and reinvent our experience.

At the same time, Pluto going through Capricorn is bringing to the fore all the dirty secrets, hidden agendas and corruption of our governments, political structures and so forth. This is manifesting in the breakdown of financial system, the housing market, and the corrupt food and health systems – and this is to name a few. The truth is being revealed on all levels and the people have begun demanding to know what is going on (Pluto) and who is responsible (Capricorn). Outdated or old patterns can no longer exist are being replaced with new knowledge and understandings.

Full Moon Message

We are at a point in our evolution were our intention needs to be turned into action. Pluto is at 15 degrees Capricorn reflecting a very critical point in this process; we are not in the process of involution (Letting go) any more. We are very clear about what is going on in the world. The movement is going ahead and we are creating a difference and this is great news for us.

However we do need to focus on the shadow and more challenging aspects of this very important evolutionary cycle.

The 15 degree mark reflects the middle point and creates the feeling where the starting point is very far away and the end is equally as far away. We are literally in the middle of it. It can seem so defeating and pointless at times, it can feel that it is time to give up; like there is going to be no change. This is absolutely a reflection of the Capricorn energy.

This is where the archetypes separates the ‘men from the boys’, so to speak. This is a phase where maturity is key.

Self-determination, maturation and spiritual responsibility are key words that need to be integrated in my personal view. We need to understand that this journey of collective awakening, self-realization and spirituality a long processes. It helps to recognize the progress we have made, but internally and in the outer world, and understand our place in the broader process of evolution.

The greatest challenge humanity faces at this stage is actually implementing change on the planet we live on. To achieve such broad change, we need ambassadors for the change. We need people who are prepared to sacrifice the comfort of complacency and work toward an overall goal that is rooted in making Earth a planet we actually want to live on, and a place for humanity’s future to thrive. This is a time in which focusing on the work that needs to be done in the world (instead of the work that is economically remunerated) will begin to satisfy more than just our physical needs, it will provide our soul with nourishment and healing and enable a collective improvement our life on this planet. To do this, we must connect to our inner being and bring out the Source from within.


One thing to remember is that each generation comes through with their own spiritual journey. Our job right now is to understand that we are in a process of evolving the collective consciousness of our planet, and to offer ourselves to the flow of our divine purpose and help bring about a change that gives future generations a safe, honest platform from which their journey can begin. Acknowledging our place in evolutionary history adds ‘life’ to our story, which at times can feel hopeless. It can feel like a big responsibility – a spiritual responsibility – but remember, we are part of something bigger than we comprehend. We are here at this time to enact this evolutionary change on behalf of humanity. We, and our collective Shift, are the manifestation of humanity’s unstoppable evolutionary reality, and each choice we make leaves a mark on how the collective shaping of our evolution is going to unfold.

We are also learning to take our power back from the external patriarch archetype that has dominated humanity’s energetic presence for far too long. In doing so, we are learning that our freedom requires not in identifying with the lingering distortions in the outer world, or seeing them as a measurement of where we are collectively. Such an identification would only reinforce the distortions of the outer world. Rather, the outer world reflects to us where we have been and what the ramifications of those choices are.

The reason the outer world, so rife with destruction, appears so vastly different to our inner reality is because the more inner healing we do the more apparent the outer distortions become. In reality, we cannot destroy this outer reality by fighting against it – we need to change our direction and accept it as what it is. From that point we implement change away from what is feeding that system.

Remember, each construct in the universe requires life-force. Without it, it does not thrive. With that knowledge in mind, the way to beat the external distortions is to stop giving it life-force. Choose what your energy will actively support, and withhold your energy from those constructs we know must end. We are building a new way of being that is rooted in seeing that “we” the people have the power! This means stop waiting for the magical ‘external force’ to save us, because this will lead us straight into the path of disempowerment.

We the collective are here to initiate change. Each day leaves us making choices that either create a new imprint, or not. Consciously making that choice; that is the path of mastery. And at the highest level of growth, that is what we must attain if we are to rise to this invitation to emergence.


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