Sovereignty – An Awakening Slave’s Most Challenging Reflection

Sovereignty – An Awakening Slave’s Most Challenging Reflection

6th May 2015

By Uwe Schafer

Guest Writer for Wake Up World

As a former finance broker, my realization that all bank loans are fraudulent didn’t just lead to my immediate departure from the industry, it also quickly brought some of life’s deep questions to the surface.

In a recent article I shared how, as a former Finance “Professional”, I initially became aware of one of the world’s control structures of modern slavery (yes, there are more than one). I also detailed the way events have played out through the seemingly (on the surface) iron-clad structures of the “lending” industry and legal system, since I sought substantiation in my own financial affairs.

Today, I will detail why, and answer the question But you got the money and the benefit, didn’t you?— the most important question (and answer) in our awakening to the reality of finance and banking slavery.

A Most Challenging Reflection

Nowadays, most families, at least in the Western world, have entered into one or more “loan” agreements. It’s basically an unavoidable scenario in today’s world if you want to be able to “afford” a roof over your head and a metal box to drive around in, unless of course you are one of the lucky few who has managed to leave this behind in some way already. Many have not. Even though I can personally relate to both, I am writing this article for this vast majority.

My wife and I have actually lived through both scenarios, as we had reached a stage of being “debt-free” about 18 years ago after some reasonable business choices. Even though this was a very enjoyable position, we (or rather, “I” the patriarch) subsequently “sabotaged” it to have another shot at experiencing lack and manifesting fresh opportunities for accelerated “personal growth”, much to the dislike of my wife and family.

After learning that bank loans are fraudulent, I felt compelled to continue shining the light into this darkened corner. All our “lenders” were unable to substantiate that the promises they had made within our mutual agreements had been accordingly fulfilled, and in mid-2012, we began challenging our home-loan provider — the last bastille. We clearly advised them that in the event of non-provision of the information requested, per our agreement, we would “freeze” payments until they had complied. Then in December 2012, we served the lender a “Notice of Breach of Agreement” and made no further payments. The lender began legal enforcement proceedings with an action in the Western Australian Supreme Court in March 2013.

From this point in the story, I will walk alongside the following email which arrived earlier this week from a fellow finance pro, who by the way I do not yet know personally, but who I thank for her poignant questions, which regularly come in from all around the world. For me, this email is a mirror of some of humanity’s most pressing questions and I thank her for her permission to reproduce it here.

Lisa M

“ Hello, I am Lisa. And I am a banker as well, trained in Germany. I know what you are saying is right but what do you expect to achieve out of this? We all know money, sadly, rules the world and that’s the way you can buy a house through a loan. Have you got any suggestions how else you would advise people how they should finance a house if not going to bank. I think the whole system will collapse if you will win this court case. Not just you but every single person will go to court and claim that it was not legitimate from the bank to “give a loan” from something the bank doesn’t have. So who is paying on the end the contractors and workers which build all these houses or manufactured cars? I understand a 100% where your arguments coming from but to literally blow a system without having an alternative one is just headless. I would like to know if you have suggestions for a new “banksystem” and how you would like to achieve those changes?  Kind regards – Lisa M 🙂 

Before I dive in… If you are fairly new to all this, I recommend you do some independent research about the nature of money, lending and banking. We have all been duped by the financial system; the very thing we argue over all day long, being “money” is an entire fiction. That is the basic benchmark of understanding here.

For more information, please see the following articles:

So, with that out of the way, we can address Lisa’s concerns, which for a long time were mine too.

I’d like to begin with a lesson in psychology that has helped me immensely on this journey.

Cognitive Dissonance

In psychology, “cognitive dissonance is the mental stress or discomfort experienced by an individual who holds two or more contradictory beliefs, ideas, or values at the same time, or is confronted by new information that conflicts with existing beliefs, ideas, or values.” (Read more)

Sovereignty – An Awakening Slave’s Most Challenging Reflection - Cognitive DissonanceWhat I discovered was that with the onset of this “awakening” I was strongly being challenged every moment of each day, as once this “new-paradigm-genie” had come out of the bottle like a gas, it was impossible to push it back in, no matter how hard I tried. I simply don’t have enough hands to catch it all. After all, I was a Finance Broker, who like Lisa M. above earned a living from perpetuating the very structure that had just jumped out in front of me!

Since I came across this “Cognitive Dissonance” thing, it has become kind of a constant mental benchmark for me. It allows me to run all challenging thoughts and events past this filter, without attaching one of the usual instantaneous labels of “Good” or “Bad” which my incessant human “meaning-seeking-machine” always tries to do. In no way do I want to be patronising and tell you what to do, but if this resonates, you might want to try it too.

With that said, let’s move on.

The Two Towers of Money

“None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free.” ~ German writer and statesman Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

The ‘two towers’ of money are:

  1. Physical Technology
  2. Psychological Deception

This physical system of banking has, over millennia, evolved with ever more clever mechanisms and technologies to the point where it is nearly impossible for any one person to even know how all the intricate circuits now operate in orchestra. Layer upon layer of deception has been put in place.

Psychologically, the structure of a few “private” individuals’ unchallenged power to create something from nothing (through technology) and force it onto the rest of us as a substitute for our intrinsic value is quite unbelievable, but true.

This is the lie upon which the entire world of banking and finance is founded. Fictitious value is created at every level through banking technology, whether you go for a loan, or enter your card into an ATM, or pay a “bill”.

It isn’t difficult to see that, everywhere you look, this structure is currently being shaken at its very foundations and is facing a swift demise. Widespread awareness about their crimes is growing every minute, as these elements of darkness in our society’s make-up come to the surface more and more.

Sovereignty – An Awakening Slave’s Most Challenging Reflection - Tearing ContractTo many, it may seem that there is no escape for the “normal” person like you and I, as Lisa suggests. Or is there? We shall see…

In my opinion the paramount issue here is the psychological deception of the financial system, that enables it to operate as a control mechanism.

This system can only have power over us, as long as we believe that it does.

I could simply end here today and let you ponder on that statement, as it pretty much encompasses it all. Yet, the difficult step for most of us is not recognising the problem, it is rather how to deal with it, first on an individual level, then collectively.

What Would It Be Like To Be Free?

My deep intuition about the massive transformation humanity and mother earth are currently going through is getting stronger each day. Monumental change is afoot at the level of human consciousness and one area it will be most evident right away will be swift shifts in the world of money, as the status quo of that very structure relates directly to our human state of consciousness.

As with every massive change, there comes a point where, once enough people have stepped into their power and LET GO of old beliefs and subsequently step away from their detrimental environment, here “debt-slavery”, by choice, then the entirely fictitious construct that it (money) is, can be seen in all its facets, and hence is rendered powerless.

You might say: “But I can’t do that, I got to pay the bills to keep the roof!”

Let’s explore that together, shall we?

Lisa’s question whether I can suggest alternative workable solutions while trying to “crash” the banking system is the regular centre of conversations with friends and family. Everybody wants to have this answered.

Each time I used to ask myself such a question early in the piece, I seemed to primarily operate from a basis of fear. Fear of the unknown, fear of punishment, fear of death, fear of loss, but mostly fear of having to take full personal responsibility for my life for the first time since I was born.

Many of us have never done that. Strong statement, isn’t it?

In our society, we are brought up and educated to conveniently and simply place “trustees” in positions of power to take care of many of the really important choices for us, the purported beneficiaries of this arrangement. Trustees, such as politicians, teachers, bankers, religious leaders, and others, all “govern” our minds (ah yes, “govern-ment”) to such an extent that today, we have handed over all control over what happens to us, to these proxies. Then, after having obediently “given to whichever Caesar what’s due to Caesar”, we are even told that we need to adopt certain religious beliefs, practices and figureheads for the privilege of being able to connect with our creator.

Where have those choices led us at large?

  • Connection to one’s creator? Predominately severed.
  • Conscious custodianship for our beautiful Mother Earth? Largely non existent.
  • Knowledge of ancient sacred relationships? All but gone.
  • Time for self love and musings? We have none.
  • Universal abundance? What’s that?

My head spins when I ponder this utter insanity. It’s time to change our approach.

So to answer Lisa’s most burning question for other “solutions”, I would like to challenge the reader today to think outside this narrow viewpoint which, admittedly, I initially shared when I first “switched on”. The real question, as it seems to me, is not “What system can replace the broken one?”, it is rather “Am I willing to step out of the shadows of a failing control system and face the abundant sea of infinite potential that I AM?”

Sovereignty – An Awakening Slave’s Most Challenging Reflection - Einstein quote Thinking Problem Solving

Were you born to live in debt, pay bills and die? Surely not, I say!

Humans have the capacity to light fire with their bare hands, heal themselves of disease, communicate telepathically, and are (on a bigger scale) now in the process of rediscovering their amazing abilities to live in unity with The Law Of One. Surely humans also have the capacity to grab the bull by the horns so to speak and find all around beneficial solutions. Absolutely they do!

Recognizing True Value

We will eventually move to a society where money no longer exists. In fact, with the financial system on the brink of collapse, it will probably become a distant history we share as a story with our grand-kids.

We may or may not need interim systems/situations/solutions to “bridge” from the current to there, depending on the speed of the consciousness awakening, but I am honestly not concerned about that. I am more interested in what is holding us back from simply walking away from the unworkable.

It doesn’t take a genius to recognize that the “true value” in a lending transaction is the human energy, as without you first signing that document — an instrument of value which then gets converted into an account credit by a pretender-lender and immediately re-branded and returned to you as a “loan”, plus interest — nothing moves.

So, just to give you one simple potentially workable solution, we could for example honour and utilise the existing infrastructures like bank computers, networks, branches and all, and come to an agreement, where the banks act as a facilitator whereby they create financial credits at – exactly as they do now – but with everybody fully and transparently aware of what is happening. In return for that facilitator service, the bank could deduct a modest fee, let’s say 2% of the amount “created” in full agreement between the parties, to cover their running expenses.

That way, and no different than it does right now, “Money” (credited digits from “thin air”) still flows into the system for you to pay the seller of the home or car you want to buy, and the “Economy” can roll on, really not much different to now — apart from removing the aspect of lifetime of debt slavery and tremendously taking the pressure off of the population.

Still makes me yawn with boredom though. It is only a partial solution. The real question in my opinion is: How can we elevate humanity to a level of higher energy vibrations where money, slavery, violence, control, manipulation, competition and planetary destruction are no longer the core of our social ‘economy’. 

In my world, it starts with myself. Encouragingly I know countless (and growing) others who have taken up that ethos in their life, and change is becoming clearly visible.

Sovereignty – An Awakening Slave’s Most Challenging Reflection - Robert A. Heinlein quote - I Am FreeOnce we recognise that somewhere along the road through these millennia, humanity has bought into the total illusion and deliberate deception that some “token” of value – such as gold, silver, diamonds, paper money, account digits etc. – can substitute one’s intrinsic and universal spiritual value, the system of financial control instantly loses its grip. From there on, we automatically gravitate away from that, and stop allowing our energy to feed the machine.

The nature of a potential new reality in front of us. What we focus on and subsequently choose to create in place of the current reality the key to it all. Our current reality is one of fear and scarcity. It is built on continued slavery; “that’s all we know and feel capable of”. Or can we once and for all let go of that?

How about we collectively focus and manifest an entirely unified humanity, re-ignited in full consciousness – a state we have undoubtedly had before, somewhere in the not so distant past – where making important decisions such as “shall we cut down the Amazon?” can be answered at the collective level before they even arise, absent the need for proxy politicians.

Be Counted!

To the Lisa M’s of the world, this is not meant to be a conclusive answer by one “know-it-all” to your very deep question. This is meant as an encouragement to face one’s bigger fears whilst stepping up to the plate, as is required right now more than ever in our history.

When would now be a good time to hatch your butterfly and take back your individual sovereignty? Step up and be counted!

Personal Exercise:

Please get up from the chair and stand in front of a mirror. Look into your eyes. Smile! Ask yourself:

  • “Are you doing all you can to realise your full potential and bring forth the glory of your creation?”
  • “Did you really come here to chase fictitious digits for personal gain, whilst your very actions destroy the environment you live in?”

The world doesn’t need another complainer or critic. I decline to be that. We are in the midst of this amazing time of shift and renaissance. We can relegate our unworkable past – based on destructive competition, held together by entirely corrupt governments, courts and private police forces – into the dustbin of history with full transparency and cooperation on a global, maybe even galactic level.

Let us be the ones who implement such a new, peaceful Utopia. Surely, we are the only ones holding ourselves back.

Previous article by Uwe Schafer:

About the author:

Barbara and Uwe SchaferUwe and Barbara Schafer are German-born Australians and live in Perth, Western Australia with their two children. They have a diverse background in business, spanning over more than 25 years with interests ranging from running a very popular Perth health café for seven years in the 90’s, four years of fulltime network marketing in SE-Asia, property development, wholesome organic health food creation, and of course Uwe’s career as a consulting finance broker for several years. Barbara has also completed a tertiary diploma in psychology/counselling.

Uwe and Barbara can be reached via their website:


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