Full Moon in Sagittarius – The Eye Of The Storm

Full Moon in Sagittarius - The Eye Of The Storm

3rd June 2015

By Simon Vorster and Jennifer Langstone

Contributing Writers for Wake Up World

Our emotional reality is being pushed to its limits by recent planetary patterns. We are currently experiencing all the extremes within our inner consciousness coming to the surface and demanding we make the necessary adjustments to bring us into our fullest potential.

To add to the chaos, we are finding ourselves left to our own devices, no longer supported by our “go to” external support structures.

We are most certainly in the ‘eye of the storm’! But this process is necessary in our evolution as empowered, sovereign beings creating change in the world, and in ourselves. We are on a path of self-mastery, experiencing the full force of our limits, and our limiting beliefs, so that we may become more aware of our wildest truth and live our most authentic nature.

There are three core planetary alignments influencing the evolutionary intention of this month’s Full Moon.

Water Trine – Saturn Retrograde in Scorpio, Chiron in Pisces and Venus in Cancer

A Trine symbolizes a harmonious connection between planetary archetypes causing a sense of ease, understanding and flow of awareness. This Water Trine reflects a powerful cosmic intention ~ our emotional evolution is being brought strongly into our awareness.

The human experience and soul evolution can be linked with how we emotionally connect to and experience our reality. It is through the emotional body we evolve, integrating our emotional experiences in life. While this powerful Water Trine alignment is activated, we are being drawn into these ‘heavy’ emotional responses that we all carry in our emotional bodies, inducing a deep inner reflection. That deep reflection enables us to expand our awareness and allow new insights into our consciousness.

In essence, we are being prompted by the Water Trine energy not just to face but to evolve through all the collective unconscious distortions; to heal and move beyond the energetic wounds we acquired through the illusions of separation and feelings of disempowerment that kept us trapped in ‘The 3D’.

Fire Trine – Uranus in Aires, Jupiter in Leo and the Moon in Sagittarius

The vibration reflected by the second alignment – the Fire Trine – is currently supporting the necessary process of deep emotional cleansing. This cleansing process is actually incredibly powerful, as is leading us into moments of personal rebirth which are igniting (Fire) feelings of personal alignment with our authentic, unconditioned selves.

It is these Fire elements that are giving us the courage and strength needed to confront any deep frozen core belief structures that leave us feeling dis-connected from our personal truth, and therefore from unity consciousness. After all, living in alignment with Source is living in alignment with our true authentic Self. So, when we find the courage to express our true authenticity and shine our light, even in the dark eye of the storm, we are naturally confronted with all the untruths we have held on to and given an opportunity to cleanse and heal.

Remember, when you do not express yourself freely, you reject a part of yourself. Use the strength of this Fire Trine alignment to challenge any thoughts, beliefs and limitations that are impeding your path to authentic sovereignty.

Full Moon in Sagittarius - The Eye Of The Storm

T Square Moon and Saturn Oppose the Sun, Mars & Mercury both Square Neptune in Pisces

Squares and Oppositions create necessary evolutionary adjustments in our awareness: Squares reflects a change in direction, while Oppositions mark integration and balance.

The third and final layer to these incredible planetary alignments is where the real work is happening. At a vibrational level, the Fire and Water Trines are carrying and inducing the process of evolution while this T Square represents what actually needs to be adjusted and integrated. This is ‘the storm’ itself, and in its eye we find self-mastery.

We keep referring in this discussion to ‘frozen’ emotions and beliefs because, along our Earthly journey we have been subjected to the emotions and experiences of an illusory sense of separation from natural law, from and unity consciousness itself. In this dualistic reality, humanity has allowed itself to be misled by illusions of separation, such as right brain and left brain, spirituality and science. And, under this spell of duality, outdated, paternalist and consumerist philosophies have conditioned our society such that we struggle to even see the abundance of our natural world or appreciate the magnificence of what we have — and what we are.

This is how we have come to accept social systems of which poverty, injustice and environmental degradation are a ‘normal’ by-product. And, with our collective values and energetic focus kept out of balance in this way, our dualistic nature goes unrecognized, and unreconciled. We become lost in the storm. We lose our sense of unification with life/Source, which ultimately limits both our intuitive and logical understandings of the world. It’s the ultimate divide and conquer tactic.

In order to come through the storm unscathed, we have to transcend the polarity consciousness that promotes the either/or mind-set. When one considers humanity’s position from an integrated place of both heart and mind, working together, we understand that the solution – humanity’s long term future – is not for each of us to “pick” a side, it is to finally reconcile and integrate the duality of our existence; light and dark together.

For example, having money (personally) and a thriving material economy (collectively) but no time or value given to spiritual discovery gives the experience of scarcity; just existence on Earth with no dimension or depth, completely separated from the inner. On the other hand, living in scarcity or poverty keeps one trapped in a space of powerlessness, unable to pursue or fulfil our spiritual needs, or to create in the outer world.

Neither are balanced states. The important thing is to realize neither unbalanced state is natural.

There is enough for everyone. Our planet is naturally biased toward abundance, supporting and creating life in every part of the globe, from near-zero waters to arid stone deserts. The Earth, and indeed the Universe itself, does not withhold anything from us — we withhold it from ourselves through our choices, beliefs and emotional patterns, and from each other through the imbalanced economic, political and resource distribution structures that were born of those beliefs and patterns. These structures – left brain/right brain, logic/intuition, heart/mind, masculine/feminine – must now brought back into alignment with the natural balance of our universal Source. By reintegrating the left and right, the heart and the mind, we begin to embody the actuality of what it means to be human, to value the abundance of our natural world, and to stand in our true power.

Full Moon in Sagittarius - The Eye Of The Storm 2

With this T Square bringing  into focus the archetypes that correlate to the left (Gemini) and right (Sagittarius) brain perspectives, we are being met with intense emotional polarizations. This is completely understandable because when we look outside of ourselves and see the state of the planet, we feel the urge to disengage, space out (Neptune) and distract ourselves due to the pain of suppression and helplessness. We are then pulled back into the reality through emotional conflicts and crisis. This constant push and pull effect just adds to the negative cycle by inducing this constant state of intensity.

It helps to remember, these cycles and challenges are creating the necessary evolutionary adjustments in our awareness, giving us the courage and strength (Fire) to evolve beyond our energetic wounds (Water). Emotionally we may feel pushed to our limits as we weather the chaos around us, but like any gale or blizzard, this storm will pass.

Full Moon Message: Equilibrium

Maintaining an alignment to Source in our existing planetary state can be incredibly challenging. While we are feeling energetically pushed and pulled, we are also faced with extreme situations that are in fact unprecedented in human history. We feel the joy of unity just as we feel the pain of the injustices in the world. So, this Full Moon message comes with a message of the importance of finding equilibrium.

Our ultimate power lies in our balance and centeredness. In our center, we align to our true Source intention. We are able to achieve this through seeing that, although we are living among the manifestations of our collective disconnect from natural law and Source itself, our current outer world is largely a reflection of our past beliefs and actions. It is the remains of where we are coming from, not where we are going to. Through the last 3 years, so much inner adjustment and personal empowerment has taken place within the human collective, and this renewed awareness and connection to our spiritual inner-world is thriving — and beginning to manifest organically. But this renewed world view is not yet manifest.

We are now at a zero point in our collective evolution, where the old and new collide. The inner work is no longer the sole point of our evolutionary focus, we are now being called to action. As we, as individuals, begin to manifest our unique inner reality into the world, we are simultaneously healing the wounds of ourselves and others, confronting the judgments and distortions and feelings of lack we once shared and evolving beyond them — with openness, love and creative expression.

While we work to anchor a balanced state of equilibrium into our collective field, it is vital that we find or create a sense of belonging for ourselves in the world. Our sense of emotional belonging drives inspiration and collaboration, and will accelerate the healing process of our collective wounds. During the current Venus in Cancer transit, it may feel especially important to find a sense of home and family; to connect to those who share and support your values. We can do this either through seeking those of like mind or through expressing our own individuality and creativity, and attracting other like-minded souls to us.

We are being called to act on the impulses to serve and aid humanity, and manifest our personal dreams. Now our task is to create the world we wish to see reflected in our outer reality, and we begin this journey at home, with our community… and in many cases, our internet community. We have created the growing Raising Vibrations Community as a real life example of this. Please join us and share your gifts, thoughts and experiences, leave your comments below, or join the conversation on Facebook.

We are standing in the eye of the storm, finding our equilibrium, together, in unity.

Let’s be the change!

Simon & Jennifer

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