Benevolent Hand, Opposing Hand

Benevolent Hand, Opposing Hand

By Open

Contributing Writer for Wake Up World

How are you helped and opposed in your spiritual unfolding?

As we unfold spiritually and step onto the path of self realisation, the veils of limited reality are peeled away and our consciousness expands into multiple realms of existence. Whilst the centre of our consciousness and therefore frame of reference remains in this realm, you begin to experience increased psychic sensitivity; higher synchronistic activity and greater intuitive capability. You seem to automatically access a place of higher knowing…

Crossing the threshold of multidimensional experience

When you cross this threshold of multidimensional experience, the natural order of higher consciousness flowing through all experiences, reveals itself in the synchronistic patterning of events. You notice you are we being aided and opposed in your continued evolution. What forms does this influence take? How might you understand it better and benefit from it?

Benevolent Consciousness

As you begin to watch how the patterns and sequences of events take shape in your life, you can build an inner consciousness landscape of synchronistic action revealing possible choices you may take in life. The guidance first leads to greater self realisation by orchestrating events to confront you with your attachments – where you are mistakenly “duped” into thinking external gratification can deliver the sense of internal completeness which is, and always was, already present.

It takes a great deal of hard work and attentive application to finally master your attachments and dissolve the fixed neural pathways in the brain that conditioned behaviours have generated. So you can expect to be tested, time and again, over many years until you have mastered the external drama of this physical reality and become fully enlightened.

Even though it is an arduous and lengthy journey of self discovery, it is also a divinely fulfilling and magical one, especially as you attune to the guiding hand of Benevolent Consciousness, bringing you to ever higher levels of awareness and understanding. A very powerful and profoundly magical relationship with your true guides is open to you, which can be far more fulfilling than any short term physical gratification. (I share a deeper perspective on “Ascended Masters” and Divine Guidance here… A Benevolent Guiding Presence.)

The more we attune to this guidance, the clearer it becomes that the ultimate objective is to liberate those who are ready to walk the inner journey. Firstly it guides you to your Enlightenment; secondly, you are made aware that a New Realm of Existence is becoming available to those who are ready to relinquish attachment to the physical realms. It is a heavenly existence that more accurately reflects our increasing vibrational levels of inner harmony, joy of living, unconditional love for all life and expanding “God Consciousness”.

Opposing Consciousness

It is no secret to many who live multidimensionally, that mankind’s natural evolution has been retarded by an Opposing Consciousness operating within the surrounding energy field, vibrating at a frequency that can be experienced but not seen.

What do we know about this consciousness? As with all etheric phenomena, our experiences are subjective to our frame of reality. Consequently, there are a wide range of descriptions, some of which, are likely to have an essence of truth. Others seem to be quite exaggerated.

It is also important not to add to the growing mythology surrounding the issue, since undue influence may distort our direct individual experience of reality. In view of this, this article will be limited to a very brief overview simply to raise awareness and offer pointers in the right direction.

It seems that Opposing Consciousness works within, and helps sustain, the Matrix of Mass Human Subconsciousness – a tangled web of controlling thought forms that exist in the surrounding energy field generated from mass systematic behaviour patterns.

In this way, Opposing Consciousness has been “farming” humanity for the emotional energy, which people release when not in internal balance. In other words, people are programmed with artificial desires and false needs, which Opposing Consciousness sustains by continually inflaming those desires by implanting thoughts or visions creating closed loops of programming.

Once active, the tendency is to respond to the programmed pattern of activities and behaviours that are against our inherent nature. This creates internal imbalance, which in turn results in anger, worry and stress. The emotional energy released is at a vibration which Opposing Consciousness can assimilate – like we assimilate our food.

Opposing Consciousness is notoriously difficult to sense. You may notice for example a spontaneous and random thought which seems to come from nowhere that may take you out of a relaxed state and into a place of worry, doubt, fear, anxiety, desire or neediness.

Most people would put this down to an over active mind, but frequently, Opposing Consciousness is the instigator of it.

So what is the best way to counteract Opposing Consciousness?

Self awareness is the key to combating Opposing Consciousness. By being continually in the place of the observer of yourself, you get to notice your repetitive conditioned patterns of behaviour, which generate internal neediness and stress. You learn instead how to attune to the lightness through all circumstances and begin to relinquish your attachment to outcomes. In this way, you generate less uncontrollable emotional energy, and make yourself less of a target.

If you are to counter the effects of Opposing Consciousness, your approach must be holistic, from the food you eat, the gadgets you use, how you spend your time, what distraction you infuse your consciousness with, being wary of subversive media influence, the configuration of our living space (come back feng shui – all is forgiven!), even to the clothes you wear. The aim is to bring energetic congruence into your life. Here are a few tips for harmonising your environment:

  • declutter living space
  • reduce the number of electrical gadgets
  • get rid of the TV or use it less
  • reduce the use of mobile phones and wireless internet
  • buy only natural cleaning products
  • wear only natural clothing like cotton, linen, hemp, silk and wool
  • eat less processed foods and switch to high vibrational vegetarian or vegan diet
  • meditate frequently
  • burn incense, use natural lighting and play calming music

Despite taking these precautions, it may be from time to time, that you come under the sense of attack. This is often experienced as headaches, migraine and tightness in the solar plexus or the feeling of energetic ‘smothering’. If this happens, the way to counter it as efficiently as possible is to become ‘as nothing’ in the face of the attack. In other words we completely surrender to it, stop what you are doing and become awesomely okay with it. By not fighting or resisting, you do not generate and release emotional energy so the Opposing Consciousness will eventually withdraw.

I’ve written in much more detail here… 9 Methods for Dealing with Psychic Energy Attack in Your Field

To pay too much attention to Opposing Consciousness is to give energy and support to it — we become emotionally over stimulated by the very attention we give. Too little attention is to make us an unwitting energy supply. A careful balance is required.


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