Fukushima: 5 Years of Fire – Global Day of Action, March 11, 2016

Fukushima - 5 Years of Fire - Global Day of Action, March 11, 2016

By Ethan Indigo Smith

Contributing Writer for Wake Up World

Happy New Year! No, I’m not talking about 2016, I’m talking about Year 5. Fukushima, Year 5. It’s almost 5 years since the initial meltdown at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear reactor, and although the disaster continues today it is not being treated by authorities with the kind of decisive urgency such an ecology-threatening situation demands.

It’s time for a change of course…

Fukushima: 5 Years of Fire

There are some events in history that change the timeline forever, marking the rest of the story for thousands of years. These events supersede all others before, and after, for some time. The Fukushima Daiichi experiment is spewing radioactive waste with a million-year ecological effect into the Pacific Ocean, nuclear disaster fractures the present and causes dire effects for the future — as far as humanity is concerned, forever. Fukushima is ground zero and time zero.

What we know about that day is horrific enough. What we know about the toxic materials leaking every day into the Pacific is enough to demand worldwide action. Every day, more information is revealed about what happened and continues to happen, with the atmospheric and waterborne release of plutonium fuel in reactors and spent fuel pools. Despite a media and political blackout on the topic, we are learning how much worse the situation is becoming. And yet, our political leaders have made no genuine progress in containing the disaster and have no intention of changing course.

We have to stop nuclear experimentation or it will stop us. The genetic damage caused by exposure to radioactive particulate is irreversible, and the nuclear industry has proven itself unable to contain the uncontainable fire of nuclear experimentation. Because of the threat posed to world peace, our biological stability and the very ecosystem of Earth, it is of paramount importance we to come together for a global protest against nuclear experimentation.

Calling a Day of Global Action, March 11, 2016

If nuclear energy has taught us one thing, it is that a single spark can start a fire that has generational effects. It’s time we light a new fire, and create the kind of future we’d be proud for our grandchildren to inherit. So let’s gather in numbers and show them we’re serious.

Protests are done to inform people and instigate change, and must have a clear, single issue of importance. Hence,

“We demand that nuclear government and corporations of the world take legitimate and urgent action to end the ongoing disaster at Fukushima.”

Arguably the Fukushima event is the biggest environmental disaster (and subsequent cover up) in human history, by nuclear institutions with a record of lies and official cover-ups unlike any other. Little genuine effort has been made to contain the disaster, radiation monitoring mechanisms were disabled by authorities following the initial meltdown, laws were implemented to quell reporting of the disaster, and government-prescribed “safe” radiation limits were lifted, apparently to accommodate the new “normal” radiation levels. Meanwhile, oceanic and atmospheric radiation pollution levels are still rising — with untold environmental effects — and are currently expected to continue increasing at least until 2018.

So, wherever you are, wherever you may be, let’s all come together to protest and raise awareness of Fukushima, and the environmental and political damage this failed nuclear experiment (and the nuclear complex at large) has caused. Let’s come together and pause in peaceful protest, with a clear statement and a clear intent: to start a dynamic shift that empowers the people to take control of this mismanaged catastrophe.

Since the Fukushima disaster began, I’ve learned that people typically want to do something positive and put an end to nuclear experimentation — once they truly understand it. So information is key. Regardless of what nuclear advocates may say, there are many undeniable facts of nuclear radiation:

Nuclear experimentation is biologically incompatible with life on Earth, starting uncontainable fires that burn for a million years.

The nuclear industry has no viable means of managing its waste, other than to bury it underground in facilities predicted to hold radioactive waste material for around 10,000 years, handing this million year problem on to future generations to deal with.

Nuclear radiation produced by the “normal” operation of nuclear facilities (not including disasters every few years) causes cancer and contaminates our world for countless future generations.

Behind The Nuclear Agenda – An Insider Perspective

Nuclear experimentation is therefore operated under the cover of secrecy and propaganda. The epitome of oligarchical energy systems, it threatens every life on Earth for the benefit of the corporate few, while viable energy alternatives are suppressed.

Our task is to help other loving humans understand these facts, and take action.

Fukushima - 5 Years of Fire - Occupy Movement (Stockholm)

You’ll find a wealth of information on the effects of Fukushima, the dangers inherent to the nuclear-industrial complex, and viable energy alternatives here:

Show Your Colors, Raise Your Voice

If we really want ourselves, our children, our grandchildren, and the future generations to have life as it is supposed to be on Earth, then we must stop feeding the corporate hunger and show the way to our fellow man. We must adopt immediate plans for public education rather than trying to convince bought-and-paid-for politicians and waiting for the next meltdown.

For those who choose to speak, sit or march, as a matter of cohesion and visual unity, I suggest wearing either, yellow and black to represent the radiation warning symbol, or green to represent clean, “green” integrative energy (otherwise labeled “alternative” energy, because it makes redundant the oligarchy-controlled energy systems and resources we currently utilize, and undermines how we have been taught to think about energy; that it must be mined, refined and ignited.)

But most importantly, let’s make our presence felt and our voices heard. Let’s march or stand, walk, roll or ride, speak, write, tweet or post. Let’s come together as communities, or speak out as individuals. Let’s end the status quo of silence and, if only for a few minutes or a few hours, unite in the peaceful and empowering capacity outlined in The First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, and exercise our freedom – our duty – of belief, association, speech, press, and peaceful assembly.

My suggestion is that when your group is ready, after whatever numbers arrive, after you walk to and from wherever, after you’ve said you’re piece on your soapbox, you and your group come together and sit in meditation. Sit quietly and utilize your own meditation or thought process of just sit quietly and in stillness to really, really make people stop in their tracks and to really rattle the authorities; total peaceful inaction in order to raise awareness of nuclear experimentation. The longer you can sit silently meditating for peace, the more striking the protest may be.

What does meditation have to do with protest? Simply put the most powerful form of meditation in the spiritual sphere, and the most powerful form of protest in the social sphere, is a declaration. I am… I declare… As never before, that I am now…Declarations diminish the ego, the inner falsehoods, for individuation, and declarations diminish institutions, their outer falsehoods, for individuals.

Think, seek, speak, stop, act.

Fukushima - 5 Years of Fire

Let’s confront the oligarchy — their policies and their police; the corporations and their cohorts — in peaceful, unrelenting action. Let’s unite as responsible living beings, and make a contribution in protest on behalf of life on Earth.

Let’s demand that nuclear government and corporations of the world take legitimate and urgent action to end the ongoing disaster at Fukushima — for the people of Fukushima, the people of the world, and for all of nature, today and in the future… and before it’s too late.

Connect with people in your area…

To connect and organize with other people in your area, please start a comment thread (either in the ‘Comments’ below or on Facebook) and label it with your home town. If someone in your area has already started one, please join in the conversation. If you already have a network of concerned friends and activists, start your own public protest to raise local awareness.

For added motivation and focus, please check out these articles:

More Than Just an Angry Mob

Facilitated by the induced dormancy of the First Amendment, the U.S. government today (as well as countless other western governments) is structured in a way that increasingly supports institutions over individuals. Under the Patriot Act, we can be treated as terrorists just for organizing against government policy, the Supreme Court decision of Citizens United gave corporations more ability to influence elections financially, and the U.S. police force is killing US citizens at alarming rates and in alarming manners.

Because of these and other emerging factors, we have to protest — and we have to protest in an evolved manner, with the tools of information, empowerment, organization and – importantly – hindsight at our disposal. Why hindsight?

The Occupy Wall Street movement of 2011 (also 5 years ago in 2016) was a critical step in the process of confronting the oligarchy. It was powerful, as it represented a grass-roots discontent with what was, and still is, going on within the ranks of our institutions and social control structures. It threatened the status quo of oligarchical collectivism, by calling out its methods and beneficiaries, and rocking the boat of the 1% who profit from ‘structuring’ the 99%. And so, the movement was dismantled by authorities, from within and without. The Occupy Wall Street movement and the Occupy movements it spawned, were heavily infiltrated by members working for the authorities, not the movement. As journalist Chris Hedges stated with a wave of the hand, “That’s not even a question.” Its direction was lost to internal discord, and it was crucified by the mainstream media, who said that the Occupy message was not coherent.

And it wasn’t. But it was real, and honest, and reflected the raw discontent so many of us feel with the corporate-industrial takeover of our world. And that’s the challenge we face, as activists and truth-seekers in a culture of institutional rule. Our role is not only to highlight the problems we see around us (the negative), but also to expect to be attacked by media and still embody the clear end result we aim to create (the positive).

People, in general, are resistant to change, so a positive message of genuine change be communicated in balance. Moreover, the solution/positive must always be embodied in protests and other confrontations with institutions, so that the media can’t easily portray a highlights reel of the negative — the angry activist archetype — in selective isolation. We’ve seen too many movements rise, become infiltrated and/or lose direction, ultimately becoming media roadkill. We have to know what we’re up against and expect opposition, and, learning from history, we need mitigate the weaknesses in our own position — by presenting a clear message, peacefully and fearlessly.

“Activism without spirituality is just an angry mob.” ~ Bernard Alvarez

Fukushima - 5 Years of Fire - Occupy Movement - I Love Humanity, Let's Figure This Shit Out Together

Forgive us, oh critics of the Occupy movement! Succinctly describing the sickness of the military industrial complex and where to see its symptoms in a world controlled by the military industrial complex is a difficult task. It’s not easy to explain the complex politics (the practice of influencing other people) or the politics behind the politics, of the the prison-military-industrial-pharmaceutical-media complex. It’s not easy to explain a society to itself; a society increasingly dependent on corporate and regulatory systems, where people are so afraid of change they will defend and uphold a crumbling complex of lies and rigged structures, and use the word ‘truthers’ as an insult, as if seeking truth were a bad thing and pretending there isn’t an elephant in the room were a good thing.

Forgive us. But we’ve learned from hindsight. And we know what we need to do.

Peace by Piece

Even the most intelligent leaders of the peace movement try to rationalize with the members of Congress, Senators and other political figures. They hope that by using rational arguments, they will be heard and their democratic freedoms exercised. But, the nature of institutional corruption is such that it closes ranks around its own corruption. Thus, playing by their rules and expecting transparency in return is futile.

Now is not the time to explain who knew, who might have known, who was at fault, and who might have been able to assist Japan to do something more about the ongoing radiation leaks. With a rising urgency to deal with this problem, now is not the time to push for answers to why Japan, the U.S.A. and the General Electric (GE) Corporation have achieved little but to apportion blame and impose controls to suppress information (instead of the radiation leak.) Now is not the time to question why Japan instituted a national secrecy law, specifically prohibiting the release of information relating to the ongoing nuclear disaster. Now is not the time to to ask why the Convention on Supplementary Compensation on Nuclear Safety does nothing to protect you, but specifically protects the nuclear industry from liability for its failures instead. Now is not the time to question why radiation detection equipment was turned off in by authorities in the U.S.A. and Canada at the critical time: 0, and why the permissible radiation limits in foods and material goods were raised not long after.

Frankly, we don’t have time to wait for those questions to be dodged, politicized and perhaps, one day, to be answered. As history has proven, this is a waste of time. And time is running short. We must take our message from the classes to the masses.

Now is the time to unite. Now is the time to raise awareness of these events. Now is the time to accept that we will never get a satisfactory answer from liable ‘authorities’. Now is the time to expose the government and corporate institutions for their lies and the resulting environmental degradation of nuclear experimentation by extension all the energy oligarchies and all the tangential oligarchies worldwide that make up the 1%. Now is the time to clearly declare:

“We demand that nuclear governments and corporations of the world take legitimate and urgent action to end the ongoing disaster at Fukushima.”

Fukushima - 5 Years of Fire

To Learn More…

To learn more, please check out my recent article The Nuclear Industry’s Million-Year Waste Cycle: Contaminating Future Generations. You can learn more about the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster here. Or check out these articles by Andreas Toupadakis Ph.D, a former nuclear scientist turned educator, peace activist and Wake Up World contributor:

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The Complete Patriot's Guide to Oligarchical Collectivism

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