Navigating the Paradigm Shift

Traversing the Paradigm Shift

By Stacy Vajta

Guest writer for Wake Up World

The past 10 years or so have been transformational for so many people. An awakening is in play where all over the globe people are waking up to new ideas and ways of being. We are indeed shifting from a paradigm in which a masculine power structure has dominated every level of our collective experience. What is awakening is a higher consciousness that brings us back to balance, back into our humanity and back into a deep connection to our energetic awareness and multidimensionality.

This “shift” is not without its growing pains. Unfortunately we don’t simply arrive, and then that’s it. There’s a continual spiraling through layers and layers here in this new energetic paradigm. Some layers, however, are easier to navigate than others. And the harder ones ask us to stretch rather quickly.

Initially, opening up to the new energetic paradigm seems to come somewhat easily. A new idea sparks a new awareness of your expansive possibilities. The energy shifts in your field and you are all of a sudden aware of so much more. Old patterns and beliefs begin to drop away, as you open to a web of connectivity. It’s a new world, and it’s exciting.

Staying in this new awareness, and riding the waves of vibrational influence that come in and push us forward in our spiritual evolution is where the work is. And recently there’s been a huge push forward.

It’s as though all of a sudden what so many of us were doing, feels done. A door closed and a new one opened. The problem is, stepping through that new door feels super challenging. It’s as though all the momentum that has been made in the past several years has come to a halt. To get through this new threshold, one must leap… no running start… just go!

I’ve been having conversation with a lot of people lately who feel this. It seems as though we’ve made it to a new level of the new paradigm. We are being asked to yet again grow in leaps and bounds, which comes with some growing pains.

The New Energetic Paradigm Just Opened Up a Deeper Layer

I’ve been thinking about all this quite a bit lately, as my own work is shifting. I’ve been looking at the leap I must make to take people into new depths. How I approach my healing practice has been changing, what I offer has been changing, and I know that I am being told to guide people onto a path that is not yet set.

Many of Us are Being Asked to Do This Now

What so many of us are beginning to find out is that there is no gearing up to stepping through this new door. There is no real transition, where things wind down while new ideas come online. What no longer holds energy is gone… there is simply not enough energy there to sustain itself. And it feels like the energetic mandate is “start something new.”

How to do this? Well, that feels a little tricky. But here’s what I’ve come up with so far.

Don’t look back. If something has stopped working for you, it’s time to say goodbye and turn facing forward. And the longer it takes you to do this, well, the longer you may sit in a place of struggle.

Navigating the Paradigm Shift

Follow the energy. Things are moving quickly these days, and where there is energy, or a curiosity for something, that’s where you want to spend your time. A willingness to go there will open new doors.

It’s all about the experience. People have been opened up to a new level of sensitivity over the last several years. The number of people who are now aware of frequency and vibration, and tapped into their intuition, is amazing. Even 10 years ago, so much of what I was talking about was understood. Now, it’s everywhere.

What’s come out of that though is the world of how to feels like it isn’t as important as the new paradigm of “let me help you have an experience of some kind to use what you now know.” Offering people an experience of their new-found awareness is life shifting.

Trust. This one is hard for so many of us. But the more I look at the energy right now, the more I can see a web of geometry forming that is indeed holding us safe. Trusting enough to follow your gut and leap into the new work, relationship, city or whatever it is that you are being call into is important. Letting go of needing to finish-out what is old and no longer viable is also part of the deal right now. Trust that you are taken care of, and do what feels right.

Having been on this journey into this new energetic paradigm for so many years now, I know the work is not always easy. At times it’s awe-inspiring, and at other times our growth leaves us feeling at a loss as to what to do.

There is a practice to this however, and that is to follow the energy.

Over to you…!

I’d love to hear from you, and how you are traversing the paradigm shift. Leave a comment below, or join the conversation on Facebook!

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About the author:

Stacy Vajta is an energy coach and intuitive healer who loves nothing more than helping women love their (work) lives. She’s here for one big purpose: to help you figure out who you are meant to be and what you are meant to be doing.

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