10 Questions to Help You Find Your Purpose, Get Out There, and Change the World

By Stacy Vajta

Guest writer for Wake Up World

The truth is, your purpose is not about one thing. You are intricately linked to an expansive and intelligent Universe. To have just one magical thing that you are to be doing in this life is thinking way too small. Yet, finding purpose is something that consumes a lot of people’s energy… especially when it’s tied to what you “do.”

“Purpose” is actually not a “thing” at all. It’s more of a personal essence that is then enacted in ways that support you, and others.

I can remember a teacher of mine long ago saying to me, “It doesn’t really matter whether you hang a shingle as a healer or drive a bus, either way, you will be helping people heal.” It took me a while to understand that, as I was always pushing to create a job, and not seeing that by simply being me, purpose flowed.

Living your life purposefully is really all about meaning and doing what feels important to you. When you do that, you live on purpose.

Recognizing your purpose feels good. It can simplify your life by allowing you to make choices based on what you value and where your gifts can be expressed. Purpose allows you to focus your life; to concentrate on what’s important. And, it motivates you, because I bet that you want to create some kind of impact in the world.

Yet, if you don’t have a sense of direction – a purpose in your life – it’s because you don’t know what’s important to you; you don’t know what your values are. And, if that ruffles your feathers, just know, you are not alone. Not by a long shot.

When you aren’t crystal clear on what your values are, what drives you forward, or even what you like or don’t like, then the only thing that can happen is you essentially take on other people’s values and live other people’s priorities instead of your own. Vibrationally, the vacuum that gets created when you can’t claim your own energy gets filled, and you end up running off other people’s energies. You end up taking on their values and burying your own.

Your inner work, then, needs to be about figuring out what’s real to you, and how it feels to own that — even if who you find yourself to be is very different than other people in your life.

To find your purpose, you need to know what excites you, what creates passion in your life, and what your innate gifts are. But, if you are drawing a big blank on what excites you and what you naturally give to the world, here’s the good news: when purpose is missing, it’s always hidden in plain sight. 

Let’s go find it…

10 Questions to Help You Uncover Your Purpose:

#1 What are you good at? Where have you excelled at in life? What’s that thing you do that others marvel at, which you don’t even think twice about?

#2 What do you do that you get lost in? What about this do you love? What do you get out of engaging in this activity?

#3 What jobs have you loved and have been most effective in? Why do you think this is so? By being effective in that, what did you offer people around you?

#4 What was your most favorite thing to do as a kid? Why? What personal quality did it bring out in you? Is this an important aspect of your life now? Should it be?

#5 How are you going to save the world? What’s your super power that will help you do that?

#6 If you had one year to live, what would you do and how would you want to be remembered? Keep it real… what would be your best life?

#7 What do you think are your best personality traits? Why are these important to you? How do you use them in your life? What do they tell you about what you need to do, express or receive in life that feels purposeful?

#8 What’s been your greatest achievement so far in life? How do you want to top that?

#9 What was your most meaningful spiritual experience? How did that help form you? What from that do you most need to express in daily action?

#10 What issues have you learned the most from in your life? Does this assist you in steering toward or away from something in your life that creates a level of meaning or purpose?

Weave the answers together and see what you now know about yourself, and what is meaningful to you. How can you put more of that into your everyday life… even your work? How will you start to create that?

Stepping Out with Purpose

Your purpose is actually a deep groove that you slide into in your life when you simply let yourself live in joy. Your spirit naturally wants to express something, and by being you, it’s going to naturally come out and create an impact on those around you… where your purpose is most needed. And here’s the really neat part: you have a choice as to how you do that.

I believe that you really know what your purpose is. But the block is about being afraid to own that, and take the necessary steps and actions in your daily life so you see it and live it.

You might be thinking that to live on purpose, you’ll need to take a huge step like find some new line of work that speaks to your soul or take drastic measures to live in new ways. Most likely, that’s not the case. Just do what you do that is meaningful right where you are.

But, you know, sometimes you do need to put some effort into changing things. If you think about what feels purposeful to you and you go blank and never get an answer, then you have to find yourself. Some of those questions above will help to open you up.

Purpose shifts with each step in our spiritual evolution. Honestly, we’re all always working on living in our purpose. Each step in your spiritual evolution will ask you to step up how you express your purpose. With every big up-leveling you’ll question your purpose all over again, but each time you will find it.

Remember, your purpose is always in plain sight. Find yourself, and you find it.

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About the author:

Stacy Vajta is an energy coach and intuitive healer who loves nothing more than helping women love their (work) lives. She’s here for one big purpose: to help you figure out who you are meant to be and what you are meant to be doing.

You can find out more about her by visiting her website. You can also connect with her on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.

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