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Stacy Vajta is an energy coach and intuitive healer who loves nothing more than helping women love their (work) lives. She’s here for one big purpose: to help you figure out who you are meant to be and what you are meant to be doing.

You can find out more about her by visiting her website, You can also connect with her at, and YouTube @StacyVajta.

Moving Into Alignment Through What You Do

9th March, 2018 By Stacy Vajta Guest writer for Wake Up World This awakening we’re in… it’s a funny thing. The more conscious you become, the more intolerable it is to do what no longer fits. The...

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Navigating the Paradigm Shift

By Stacy Vajta Guest writer for Wake Up World The past 10 years or so have been transformational for so many people. An awakening is in play where all over the globe people are waking up to new ideas...

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3 Ways To Work With Your Energy

By Stacy Vajta Guest writer For Wake Up World When it comes to how to work with your energy for self healing and spiritual growth, there are a lot of different modalities out there. It seems as...

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