There’s So Much More! Entering the Sacred Space


18th May 2016

By Fiona Almeleh

Guest writer for Wake Up World

“Dare we set our course for a new direction, keeping our gaze on a world in which we participate fully as conscious and responsible beings? Emancipate yourself from mental slavery, none but ourselves can free our minds.” ~ Bob Marley

We are part of a world that pulses with consciousness. A door is being opened to the greater reality and it calls us to enter as beings freed of fear and filled with love. As we wake to each new day, our very first thought and feeling determine the quality of our experience. This is our opportunity to enter the miraculous and consciously create the reality we dream of.

Are you warmly lit from within with deep gratitude, or do you simply choose to fall into it, resigned, allowing yourself to succumb to all the different inner weathers, mechanically following learned and required responses to whatever life presents you with? In this light, accepting, through your indifference or acquiescence, to be a part of a society where breaking free of normal constraints and fully taking responsibility for what you have helped to create in terms of disharmony, becomes personally extremely disturbing, far too risky and completely destabilizing.

Apparently, it is so much easier to keep redefining one’s reality according to difficulties or the status quo, which is ironic because it requires less energy to change than it does to stay the same. Do you actively choose to meet with yourself in the routine of life, transforming this into sacred ritual time, time that is no different to that which is specially designated and assigned to special places, whether they are for prayer or politics? Is it only when we gaze upon life’s wonders that we accept and rest into our divinity? Surely humanity’s quest for itself needs to continually align with a higher modus operandi, as we birth new generations and go through the cycles of life experiencing the full gamut of emotions. Perhaps this search involves surrendering to finer levels of being as we make those choices to love and cherish the gift of life, honouring our planet and taking full advantage of the opportunity we have whilst here.

The question that begs to be asked is, how can we all enter sacred space with ourselves and ultimately with each other moment by moment? A non specific place and time, rather an inner space/time where we hold the recognition that all are worthy of care-takership, and each one is worthy of belonging. What does it mean to live life wakefully? Surely when our eyes are open, then we are awake and participating in this life ritual, going through the motions of our designated ages, isnt that what life is about? What if beyond the usual learned emotional and psychological responses there were many more levels of experience? What if we could tap into these by changing an inner gear; a higher gear that allowed us to view the world differently? What if we were all on the verge of an elevated and heightened awareness; a consciousness that in many ways was stepped up, to a different level than the one the general population experiences presently.

This perception of an acceleration of time is something that the majority of humanity is currently experiencing. Why are we running faster through life? Have you ever noticed how a plane usually needs to build up land speed before it takes off? The connection to the ground is something it needs to break free of in order to lift itself to heights where it can cruise at altitudes where the normal weather patterns affect it less. There is also, as part of the flight plan, a focus on a specific destination. Once airborne, freed somewhat of gravitational constraints, passengers are able to view the landscape below slightly differently and even with a modicum of detachment. Perspective changes at these higher altitudes and often people can slip into a comfortable anonymity, where neither title nor qualifications need to define them. There is a separation from the hurly burly of living which gives an opportunity for reflection. Agreed that there are those who sleep even more blissfully, but the distance and space offers the same possibility; peace to turn within.

The Creative Heart and the Alchemy of Love - Fiona Almeleh

Something, intrinsic to who we are, is requiring of us at this crucial time, to run faster and at the same time to take greater cognizance of our inner landscapes, adjusting our perception of things and releasing outmoded patterns and ideas that don’t serve in any other way but to keep us asleep and trapped. The analogy of the plane is again relevant here…because flying requires that we take minimal baggage. We have to be discerning about what we include as well as packing light. For some this is near to impossible and a fee is exacted for any extra weight. There is always something to pay, and for our freedom we need to release ourselves of that which prevents our forward movement and development. It is more than a discarding process because that which is released, ultimately gives us our freedom. There is no longer anything to hold us back and our burgeoning inner growth can then be likened to replanting a root-bound tree in open soil. The conditions become optimal and the tree has the opportunity to become more of what it is!

Speed of life does not mean less time, it means we have grown to the point as humanity where we can more readily manipulate our environment at will; both outside ourselves and within ourselves. Everything we are experiencing is a reflection of aspects of ourselves and the sooner we understand that we are capable of moving mountains, so to speak, the sooner we can take charge of the way we respond to any given situation. When we acknowledge and accept this we can collectively and deliberately focus all our attention on moving forward in a way that no longer harms; a way that will secure our footing as we make a quantum leap to higher levels of consciousness. This does not imply that we break our ties with the earth; in fact we strengthen our allegiance to her and act in ways that are more suiting of caretakers as she in all her magnificence moves forward as a spiritual being.

We’re often blind-sided by difficult events and tend to rely on old coping skills because the root of the established pattern of behaviour is part of our emotional strategizing from very early on; it seems that these responses are hard wired into us and they offer themselves as the first line of defence in the way we choose to use these coping mechanisms to move past the painful or challenging experiences in our lives. More often than not, these protocols were established when we were very young and sometimes even before we were verbal. We need to teach ourselves that it is actually possible to re-invent aspects of oneself by choosing new ways of relating to life’s challenges. This process of evolving can be likened to a new consciousness that doesn’t react but rather responds with an inherent understanding from a place of learned wisdom. In order to do this we must employ a very constant ‘inner gardener’ – one who watches the seasons and looks for anything that might hinder the growth of the plants in his care.


“Shape-Shifter” –  Copyright Fiona Almeleh

By looking once more to Nature and seeing ourselves as part of a greater living organism we can be guided by her rhythms and cycles as we more easily adapt to change. Boundaries that we as humanity put in place now with regard to our own development as a species must honour the positive movement forward of all life on this planet. No longer can we act as if what we do and think is of little consequence. For harmony to find its way back into the heart and mind of humankind we need to own each moment as if it were the most precious treasure.

How do we change?

Perhaps all we need to do is to start simply observing…observing the way we interact with others and the way we carry ourselves through each day. The little things, like the way we eat; the way we cleanse our bodies; the way in which we drive our cars etc; the way in which we greet the lady at the till; the way in which we drink a cup of tea; the way we connect with the earth. Do we just go through the motions of living or can we impart richness to each and every experience, regardless of it being menial or other? Can we learn to re-activate our appreciation of the small things, the seemingly irrelevant details of living? Can we turn each moment into a jewel; one that reflects the light in a myriad of ways? Is it possible to suspend judgement of each and every experience and encounter; qualifying any given response with a justification based on belief?

Stopping the chatter

This is possible if we stop the chatter inside allowing for the experience of whatever it is to grow us. If we listen to the continual backdrop of noise in the mind we start to notice the repetition of these soul destroying mantras. They work subliminally to sabotage any effort for change until we recognise them, find their source and literally breathe them out of ourselves, allowing the release to transform us.

Nobody can do the work for us. We need to develop ourselves, and this requires passion and commitment to our elevation and evolution. No effort, however small on our part, is ever lost and our children and future generations will be a testament to what we attain consciously. There is no separation. Every new breath we take reminds us of our contract with this beautiful planet we call home. A deep respect and love of life is moving within, reminding us as humanity to fulfill our destinies as heart-centred light beings.

May our next breath be love!

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About the author:

SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESFiona Almeleh is a visionary artist, intuitive, empath and life consultant who has been facilitating others ‘creative unfolding’ for over 23 years. She invites new ways of seeing as well as decoding the symbols and messages within the subtle energy fields. This work by it’s very nature is empowering and harmonizing, joyful and uplifting. The journey, through attuning to the Higher Heart is a beautiful, spontaneous and powerful awakening to one’s core Divine origin.

Fiona’s art and articles continue to appear nationally and internationally and she has been a guest on both South African television and radio.

You can contact Fiona at her website, on Almeleh or via email: [email protected]

You can also view Fiona’s inspiring artwork at:

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