The Purpose of Set-Backs… and How to Quickly Bounce Back


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From time to time everyone is going to experience set-backs on the Spiritual Path. Maybe you put all your energy behind a particular project but it didn’t work out; maybe you thought the flow was heading in a particular direction but it changed; maybe relationships didn’t grow as you hoped they might. And so we hit this ‘crunch moment’, where the light of day reveals a new, hidden, truth. One that potentially floors you.

But there’s an important reason why such things happen, and why we might react badly to them. The point is, not how hard they hit us, but how we deal with them, and then get back up and get going again. There’s a way to always take something positive. And we can learn to master these events better…

Where light breaks into the darkness ‘eddy currents’ form.

We live in a system of control that uses logic, resources and efforting to make particular outcomes happen. Since that system is based on predictability, and since it owns most of the logistical resources, then there is a general tendency for this logic to work (for now). Hence practically 7 billion people buy into it.

However a great consciousness shift has begun to take place on the Earth, meaning the old structures will increasingly break apart as a New 5D Paradigm emerges based more on trust and connection with the natural flow of the universe (build your 5D reality now… here’s how).

This process mirrors the greater macrocosmic one of light breaking into darkness. Where this happens, you get lots of grey areas, lots of eddy currents as the darkness resists the inflow of light. You might consider it like a stream flowing down a mountain which hits boulders, blockages and crevasses, that cause eddy currents to form. The flow has been temporarily retarded.

The flow reconstitutes itself, but in a different way

This is one key reason why set-backs will most certainly happen. You’ve connected up to the universal flow, you can feel that synchronistic magic guiding your thoughts and feelings. It all looks like it’s going to stack up the way your intuition is speaking to you. But then ‘crunch’, the flow hits that eddy current, and you’re knocked off kilter – the ‘surfer is knocked off the board’.

So it doesn’t turn out the way guidance ‘told you’ it would. It can cause a serious dent in one’s trust in the divine. How do you quickly bounce back from such situations?

You can do it by recognising one fundamental truth — that should the flow hit such a blockage, progressively more and more universal energy is directed into the blockage to unravel it. The flow reconstitutes itself in a different way. The invitation is to let go of the past the way it was, and quickly pick up the threads of the new reality beginning to take shape.

Here are 4 interlinked strategies to quickly bounce back and pick up the new flow…

4 strategies to quickly bounce back from set-backs

1. The first thing is to realise that although we are meant to create things, situations and circumstances, they’re more a reflection of what we’re being, than needing a particular outcome itself. The purpose of the flow is to reveal you as the divine – unattached to anything in particular.

2. That said, fundamental expression of you as a soul, happens in the very things we commit to. And if we don’t commit with gusto and passion, then we don’t unveil those wonderful gifts of will, courage and creativity for example. So there’s still a requirement to focus on the possible creations that present to us.

3. It’s essential to realise there’s always something to learn from such set-backs. Where do you get tight? Where do you lose the sense of the big, “Cosmic Self” and become the small, victimised identity? Where this happens, feel into and break through the limitation (in the way we’ve shared in the Openhand Breakthrough Approach).

4. Finally, and most important of all, as soon as you possibly can, unwind your tightness, expand out again and once more connect up, with that almighty statement… “show me!” You ask the universe to reveal where the flow is heading now. If you trust, soften and expand, the flow will build past the blockage and sweep you up with it once more.

Get back up, dust yourself off, and start creating again.

I observe the above approach offers a most effective possibility of quickly dealing with such set-backs. You must get yourself back up, dust yourself off, work to find your trust and enthusiasm once more, then get right back on with the process of living and creating.

Anyone who was ever successful at anything will tell you they had hard times to endure and work through. Nothing that was ever truly worth having, ever came easily.

I can practically guarantee, that if you can actually break through the challenge in this way, you will most definitely connect up to a new flow, harness that through your life, and start to create something positive again.


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