Spiritual Life is All About the Process!

Why Spiritual Life is All About the Process

By Open

Contributing writer for Wake Up World

In my frequent travels around the world, I’m blessed to meet with lots of evolving people, all from different walks of life, but all with commonality about this great shift into the New Paradigm we’re experiencing. You’re yearning for a new sense of equity and justice for all — a vibration where all sentient life is respected and supported. And another phenomenon that’s uniting people is how tough the path is being right now. There’s lots of density and resistance people are experiencing, lots of earth-shattering challenges. It’s like you’re being tested to the limit. My heart goes out to you. What’s it all about?

The One in You Creates Effortlessly

The problem in this dense, physical world, where we seemingly have to graft for resources, is that it’s all about the outcome – working to achieve this or that, or just to put food on the table and a roof over your head. Or else you might be working for deep idealistic reasons (to support the shift for example) and yet still sometimes resources can seem tight.

The important thing to realise and remember is that this is not about attaining some physical outcome in life. It’s all about the process itself. What do I mean by this?

The One is not trying to create things. It doesn’t intend anything. It simply creates effortlessly as an expression of being. Being is the creative driving force of the universe. And what I’ve found in working with countless people now, is that if you too change your focus to exploring and expressing beingness in any given moment, then creation will follow the energy you put out. The universe can’t help but support you.

Embrace Life Itself as a Continual Unfolding and Expressing Vehicle

However there will be resistances to this emergent light. Consider the bigger macrocosmic process of light flowing into the darkness in the wider universe. When the light has not yet fully penetrated you have ‘grey’ areas. And souls are drawn into these by The Law of Attraction to express the light through them. As you breakthrough, creations will arise and take shape, but it is never about these – it’s always about the expression itself.

Once you attach to a particular creation, then your focus begins to cut you off from the flowing light. It’s like you isolate yourself as a snapshot in time – this creates an eddy current of control, which over time, the universe gathers around to sweep away – this is the nature of our society right now.

So it pays not to attach to a particular outcome or creation. Rather to embrace life itself as a continual unfolding and expressing vehicle. What’s the greatest version of you, that you can be now?

It’s All About Being

Within this will be your own attachments and resistances. As the universe flows through you it shines light on these and manifests them out in the open through the circumstances of your life. The key is to ‘turn into’ and face these resistances immediately you encounter them. In so doing, you can work to unwind the internal contraction caused by the attachment. Thus you unleash the flow once more and new creations happen.

This in itself becomes a totally fulfilling and rewarding life – miracles and magic flow around you. You feel a cherished part of the divine.

So consider then that life itself is a continual process — a continual working into the density and expressing your divinity through it. Let go of the need for it to be a certain way — embrace the clear path that emerges. Then your life will always be supported and magical, even in the challenging times ahead.

It’s all about the awesome Power of Being…

Sending you all big heartfulls of love in your continual unfolding process.


(on behalf of Openhand)

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