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We often hear in spiritual circles about “the importance of speaking one’s truth”. Yet so often, I hear from people that when they do this, such as in family groups for example, others frequently resist; they still work to pigeon-hole you into the ‘norm’ — they still try to stick you in that labeled box that they’re comfortable with. Short of completely walking away from the relationship, what choice are you left with?

Personally I believe “speaking one’s truth” is a misnomer and we would better be served by speaking more in terms of “expressing one’s truth”. What’s the subtle difference, and why is it important?

Challenging the Old ‘Norms’

I recall leaving a marriage which simply wasn’t working. I’d gone through a massive spiritual expansion, and despite months of marriage guidance counseling, working to find common ground, my partner couldn’t accept who I now was. She’d frequently project judgment at me and try to contain me in the old comfortable ‘slippers’. Even after our marriage ended, I’d still experience massive projection on daily visits to see our kids.

Like many on the spiritual path, there was a strong compulsion to “speak my truth”. Yes, I had changed; yes, that had affected the marriage, but it’s vitally important that a person honours who they are at a soul level. Otherwise your True Self can’t fully expand and grow. Parents found it extremely challenging too. They’d known me a certain way. All of their conditioning desperately wanted to keep me in the old identity, suffocating me down into the old way of being. No matter how I tried to share, nothing seemed to work. I’d end up in repetitive conversations or arguments that would go nowhere. Worse still, I found myself inwardly constrained by the old identity.

But then something changed… I watched the Matrix!

Changing the Narrative

There’s a great scene at the end of the first film where Neo puts up his hand to incoming bullets and says “No!” Most importantly though, energetically, he expresses “No!” It caused me to remember a deeper aspect of my Cosmic Self: he was expressing what I know to be the “Spiritual Samurai”. And most importantly, how you can influence the field — shift 3D reality — from that place.

If you continue to engage in a relationship that simply won’t acknowledge who you are and who you feel to be, if you keep trying to explain yourself, then in effect you are defending yourself. And by defending yourself, inadvertently you’re honouring the attack – you’re actually making it real by continuing to engage in those disempowering loops of behaviour that are resistant to change. It is these loops, that when activated, perpetuate the old existence, the old reality.

I remember receiving a barrage of judgment from a work colleague the day after watching the film. Something stopped me from responding verbally — a vision of Neo standing there caught me. Instead, internally, I put up an energetic hand… “No! I will not receive your judgement.”I didn’t feel aggressive. I wasn’t about to go on the attack. I simply made a bold statement within my field. This feeling radiated through me, and out into the surrounding field; whereupon, realising he was making no headway, that his attack was having no effect, my colleague simply stopped.

What had changed was that no one was feeding his controlling behavioural loop. So it had nowhere to go. There was nothing bolstering it, and so it petered out.

Become as-nothing… Breakthrough… Become The One

On another occasion, in another situation, when the barrage simply wouldn’t cease, instead I remembered a quote from an old book I had about the Shaolin Priests… “Become as nothing in the face of your enemies and they have nowhere to strike.”

So this time, I saw the ‘bullets’ coming in, but instead, let them pass straight through. Something truly amazing happened. I recognised I’d been tight in the abdomen – unconscious in it. Now I could feel myself unwinding there, which felt blissful. With each attack, I felt increasingly blissed out, until my belly started to rumble and then chuckle. In the face of the attack, I was soon laughing. Pretty much immediately the attack ceased – the person was able to see how ludicrous they had become (it’s an example of Breakthrough — a powerful way to unleash your Cosmic Self, which I’ve written about in my new book… Breakthrough: divine revelations).

I know to some this might seem like it’s lacking compassion. However, there was absolutely no negative intention in my response (in fact there was no intention at all), it simply arose directly, spontaneously and authentically from my soul. Of course true compassion has nothing to do with supporting emotionally distorted behaviour, but rather in some way, “calling the truth” on it. Because it is only the truth that can truly set someone free (and I’m not advocating that you necessarily take this particular approach if attacked, ie laughing in the face of it. You must seek the authentic response, whatever that might be).

In this case, the unexpected response created a powerful mirror that caused the attacker to turn in on themselves and question their own behaviour. The attack unwound itself and in the bargain, offered the potential for the attacker to self-realise something of great value.

This is what I call the Spiritual Samurai.

Quantum Touch

Traits of the Spiritual Samurai

In short the Spiritual Samurai does not speak about her actions, she simply acts.

The action must come from the soul. It arises only as a last resort when there’s no diplomatic way forwards.

She does not fight or attack.

He changes the ‘goal posts’ of an old reality by changing the situation decisively.

She can speak a thousand words in pure silence.

He does not have to defend himself.

She does not need others to accept her truth.

He doesn’t need his truth to be seen or heard.

She does not need others to respect or honour her; she respects herself.

He can clearly and directly walk away… and not come back.

She can decide NOT to answer that phone, text or email.

He doesn’t need to win over the mainstream of opinion.

She just is.

Finding the Spiritual Samurai in You — Your Cosmic Self

Maybe my writing touches the Spiritual Samurai in you?

Maybe you can find the power to act differently next time you feel overwhelmingly judged? Remember, there is absolutely no attack with this energy — all attack comes from a place of weakness. It’s simply about the requirement for self-determination and if the situation provides you no other freedom of choice, in terms of physical acceptability, you simply take the route of greatest inner empowerment.

This is the Spiritual Samurai.

In effect you are unleashing your Cosmic Self by transcending the moment…


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