We the People… Unite in the Field

We the People... Unite in the Field - 3

By Open

Contributing writer for Wake Up World

We are not American, European, Australian, Canadian, African, Syrian or any other minimalising label states care to stick on us. We are people of the Universe — children of “God”. And we each have a right to connect with “God” however we feel to.

When humanity came to this planet, there were no borders — like any other creature, we were free to go where we chose. Yes I understand that in a more “sophisticated” world (really?) particular locations might need to define ‘countries’ and apply ‘state’ so as to keep ‘order’ in a now heavily-populated world. But where an ‘authority’, by some peculiar means, gains the power to ban the free movement of people, simply because of the country they were born in, then you know something is very seriously wrong. And something needs to be done about it…

Standing up against the playground bully

I’m not sure that during the U.S. election campaign people really took “Mr T” seriously when he spoke of building walls across Mexico, creating a Muslim registry or stopping particular people from particular countries from entering the U.S. simply because of their nationality. In a society that’s become so extreme in its outlandishness, where some people will say or do anything to gain some degree of popularity or fame, where fake news is notoriously photoshopped, repackaged, then masqueraded as truth, it’s hard to know exactly what to take seriously anymore.

But when people ARE restricted from free movement simply because of the country they come from, then I suggest we are duty bound to sit up and take notice.

“Mr T” was elected on the very anniversary of “Kristallnacht” – an interesting synchronicity, because it was the very night a particular “Mr H” (I prefer not to personalise such gross distortion) began a very violent campaign against Jews in Nazi Germany. For some considerable time, the world stood by and watched, that is until this particular brand of facism risked swallowing up the whole world. And so people rose up and took a stand. Although only in the early days of this particular ‘administration’, it’s already time, I believe, to start standing up. We’ve seen before the perilous direction things can head in, where the bully is allowed free reign over the ‘playground’.

So for evolving people, for conscious people, for deep-field energy workers, what might “taking a stand” really mean?

How best to take a stand?

We the People... Unite in the Field - 2

No doubt some people will take to the streets — I know they already are. Some will protest vociferously. Some will likely get violently angry and aggressive. Such are the passions that are ignited when personal freedoms are artificially constrained in this unjust way.

But if you’re reading this, it’s because you are an energy worker. Even if you don’t fully realise yet how to work the field, you certainly can, or else you simply wouldn’t be here. So now is the time to take a stand — now is the time to stand up within the field — by expanding your consciousness into it and allowing the sense of rightness and justice to radiate like waves through you and into the wider world. I put it to you, that’s by far the greatest impact we can have — far greater than any physical action in itself. A shift in consciousness will literally change everything, because everything is of consciousness.

Do you feel angry by what’s happening? Mind your anger, because in the field, anger is inherently weak. It causes you to contract down too much, and so you become very third dimensional. You’ve got to expand out into at least the 4D to have a meaningful impact. This in itself requires a degree of softness, but definitely not weakness. It requires passion and willful commitment, but not the contraction of judgement or negative projection – for these will only deplete you. No, we have to find a better way, a more effective way.

Positively influencing the field, for the maximum uplifting impact

We the People... Unite in the Field - 1If like me, you really feel the calling to influence the field in a very positive aligning way, especially in this horrendous injustice unfolding before our very eyes, then I might suggest the following approach:

Take yourself off into meditation.
Use breath to bring you to your centre.
Contemplate the injustices we’re now beginning to witness.
Explore any judgmental tightness or projection and work to unwind it.
Use movement and emotive music to invoke the passion of the spiritual warrior.
Let loose your energies into the world, trusting the effect will be aligned and right.

If you’ve not already see our video, this captures the essence particularly well: Break Through Subconscious Tightness.

Energy Workers Unite

It’s time for us all to come together through the field.
It’s time to recognise the great shift that is beckoning us all, and to commit to that.
How can you open up, how can you expand your consciousness?
The advice and practices are here. It just requires the commitment and passion.
Trust in the alignment and rightness of your soul,
Unleash it and let it soar out into the world.

It’s time.

(on behalf of Openhand)

‘Energy Workers Unite’ from Openhand on Vimeo.

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