10 Reasons to Doubt the Official Report on the “Chemical Weapons Attack” in Syria

April 16th, 2017

By Anthony Tyler

Guest writer for Wake Up World

There are many different reasons for critiquing and criticizing the official reports of President Assad’s alleged sarin gas attacks on his citizens. The greater majority of these critiques do not have to involve the support of Assad, Putin, or an “Illuminati” conspiracy theory. By simply digging through some source material with a proper sense of critical analysis (see the Trivium Education for more details), the entire story begins to cave in on itself.

After such analysis, the official narrative of the chemical attack becomes so peculiar, inconsistent, and devoid of any sense of political strategy that it ultimately becomes only one of two possible explanations: Either Assad has a hearty appetite for his own geo-political suicide, or these alleged sarin attacks were so psychopathic and strategically asinine, that the theory of Assad being responsible can only be seen as highly debatable at best. Additionally, when considering what is known about US foreign policy in the Middle East (i.e. NATO war profiteering), as well as some details behind specific groups affiliated with the promulgation of this story (The White Helmets, as example), the entire narrative turns from fishy to geopolitically ominous. These are the top ten reasons to doubt the official story.

The White Helmets Masquerade

As can be seen in the officially released footage of Syrian victims being rescued from the alleged sarin gas attacks, The White Helmets rescue volunteers are not only incredibly careless with their protocol, but also seem to somehow be impervious to the known side effects of sarin. For quick notes of reference, not only is a mere pinhead’s worth of sarin gas needed to kill a grown man, sarin is also well-known to spread through the air, and mix well with water—which does little to explain the lack of safety masks or gloves on many of the rescue workers when rinsing the supposedly agonizing victims of their sarin contamination. Additionally, in this footage of the The White Helmets a worker can be seen lighting up and smoking a cigarette literally just a few feet behind a victim being treated for sarin contamination.

The White Helmets Formerly Apologized for Falsifying Rescue Footage

Not only are The White Helmets known to work closely on the ground with al-Qaeda, they have already been caught in a scandal for falsifying their emergency-rescue videos once before. Of course, depending on what news outlet a person goes to, they will get different stories, even at different mainstream sources, and that should be a huge red flag. The official narrative for this disturbing video showing The White Helmets workers posing for the reenactment/falsification of a rescue situation in Syria last year, is the hardly-known and even less interesting internet meme called the “Mannequin Challenge,” where a person films a scene of individuals entirely motionless in elaborate positions, like the ultimate mannequin.

Believe this lazy explanation if you like, but before doing so, note that The White Helmets apologized for deceiving people after this was exposed as a fake, as did CNN.

Many Members of Congress Don’t Buy the Official Story

“It doesn’t make sense.” ~ Ron Paul

It would seems that in today’s political climate, most every politician is two-faced to some degree, but credit should be given where credit is due, and for any politician to stand up in defiance of the mainstream narrative is deserving of praise. Firstly, Rand went on record stating matter-a-factly that President’s Trump’s missile strike on Syria was unconstitutional due to its bypass of the necessary Congressional approval. Despite the incessant urging of the Trump team that Article II of the Constitution allows for this type of attack, this ignores the specifically relevant War Powers Act that makes very clear the need for the intrinsically democratic approval of Congress. What we are seeing is just semantic side-stepping. Tulsi Gabbard has been the champion of standing up to the establishment of late, and this event is no different. She has been outspoken about her doubt in the official story. Finally, Ron Paul recently sat down with Daniel McAdams to speak very adamantly about the hypocrisy of US foreign policy in Syria, the incredulity of the official reports, the peculiarity of Assad’s alleged motives (which are practically unaccounted for in the official report), and much more. 

Putin Claims that the Sarin Attacks Were “False Flag” Propaganda

Take it for what you will, since it is a statesman using a state-affiliated media outlet for his announcement, but even President Putin recently declared not only that official US reports of the “sarin gas attacks” were all lies, but that more of these lies and provocations would be coming from the US and NATO. Ultimately, Putin and his affiliates have taken the stance that these are falsified and classical propaganda tactics that are designed to rally the US people for more warfare in Syria.

Mainstream Media Complicity

Simply by looking at source material such as Operation: Mockingbird, and the analysis of ominous classics like Edward Bernays’ Propaganda, there is a demonstrable and overwhelming record of media complicity with official government intelligence narratives. (Robert Redford even starred in a movie about the subject, for those who may recall.) For the supposed protection of the people, media complicity with narratives regarding concepts of “homeland security” and “intelligence sensitivity/confidentiality” are always sold as imperative, when disclosed, and are actively enforced. Considering this age-old practice of media and government working hand in hand, and on top of that, the official operation that outlines how to execute just that, and how to keep it from public view, mainstream media’s complicity in this paper-thin sarin gas narrative should be a foregone conclusion. Mainstream media’s questionable “journalism” over the course of this story is flagrant and can be seen in TruthStream Media’s brief and non-partisan video on the subject.

No Proof of Assad Using Chemical Weapons in 2013 or 2017

Since the initial accusations in 2013, there have been many different holes found in the claim that Assad used chemical weapons against his people. Ultimately, as illustrated concisely here by James Corbett with primary sources, the only group that has proven their supply of such chemical weapons are the rebels that Assad is combating. Furthermore, even Carla del Ponte, a former member of the UN Independent International Commission of Inquiry on Syria in 2013 admitted on record that “we [UN officials] had no indication at all that the Syrian government had used chemical weapons.” Flash forward to today, and the same conditions apply. Assad is yet again being accused of using sarin on his own people, and yet again, the entire accusation rests on “the word” of the same intelligence community that lied about Assad then, as well as about WMDs in Iraq, while the American people and the world, have seen zero evidence. The only other source claiming to be certain that Assad is guilty of the stupidest act in geopolitical history, are The White Helmets, who have already been revealed above as extremely untrustworthy to put it very nicely. 

Assad as Caligula

Not only does this most recent alleged sarin gas attack prove exceptionally poor timing on Assad’s part, but so does the first reported attack. In his interview with Ron Paul, Daniel McAdams said,

“He [Assad] would have to be the most insane leader, probably, in the history of the world—a Caligula or something.”

Perhaps not the most “insane leader” of them all, but as McAdams elaborated a bit more, he hit the proverbial nail on the head. If it seemed like Assad was making a psychopathic power-play, that would be one thing, but the man has absolutely nothing that to be gained from using an inhumane chemical on innocent people, and instantly invoking the wrath of the self-proclaimed First-World on himself. Unless Assad specifically wanted to test the boundaries of a potential war game scenario, he could not have made a more strategically hazardous move for himself. Readers must, at this point, be prepared to lump Assad in with an insanity akin to rulers like Caligula, for example, or question what other possible factors might be at play here.

Sending Tomohawk Missiles to Syria

As more a point of speculation based on the facts at hand, if Assad’s motives are highly debatable, then Trump’s decision to send the tomahawk missiles to Syria becomes even more controversial than it originally was. If Assad’s role in this alleged chemical attack is actually different from the official narrative at hand, then by proxy, this makes Trump’s missile attack on Syria entirely ulterior and unknown. Even indicated by Putin and other Russian officials, this alleged attack by Assad on his people very much appears to be a sort of primer to get US citizens ready, willing, and able for more conflict in the Middle East. The launching of these missiles was the second part of this primer, perhaps, in part, a sort of attempt to gauge how the American public would respond the acts of aggression after Trump claimed during his campaign that he would let Syria figure things out for themselves, and his statements before his campaign that US involvement in Syria was a “very bad idea.”

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The U.S. Still Funding Rebels Against Assad

Those who still consider NATO and western powers funding the Syrian rebels as a conspiracy theory may as well be using primary source material as toilet paper instead of reading it, because this has been entirely documented at this point, and is an undeniable geopolitical fact. Then consider that multiple Congressman and women have stated unequivocally that “there are no moderate rebels” and that the US has been, and is currently, arming and funding the very terrorists it claims to be fightingAt this point, only the details can be argued (case in point, Sibel Edmonds and her testimonial of Gladio B – which, in any case, has every indication of authenticity). With this line of research kept in mind, Reuters recently reported that “Homs Governor Talal Barazi… said the targeted airbase had been providing air support for army operations against Islamic State east of Palmyra, and the attack served the interests of ‘armed terrorist groups’… The U.S. strikes ‘targeted military positions in Syria and in Homs specifically’ in order to publicly ‘serve the goals of terrorism in Syria and the goals of Israel in the long run,’” Barazi added in his interview with state TV. Considering the nature and gravity of these claims, it would appear President Trump’s missile strike proved to be a capital advantage for ISIS and their offensive against Assad.

Syria is Iraqi War 2.0

As the final point, considering all the prior material discussed, it unfortunately does not seem like an unfair comparison between Trump’s recent instigation in Syria and Bush Jr.’s clear and blatant war-profiteering in Iraq. In a sense, Trump is proving to be a sort of metaphorical concoction of Bush and Obama. While he seems to thrive on being a dunce at the center of attention like Baby Bush, Trump has also proved himself as silver-tongued as Obama, beguiling a large group of the nation’s citizens only to throw all his promises out the window as soon as he entered office. At this point, it would be surprising if America saw this “Mexican Wall.” Truthfully, it would be surprising if Trump was not continuing the profiteering of the military industrial complex, since this is the only successfully reoccurring geopolitical narrative that Americans have seen since the Industrial Revolution.

As always, it is important for citizens to inform themselves and take nothing at face value, but at this point, the only thing that seems certain about the official narrative of the alleged sarin gas attacks is that the official narrative is inconclusive — perhaps even a bit transparent.


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