How to Embrace and Live Your Mission in This Dream Called Life

By Juliet Tang

Contributing writer for Wake Up World

For the longest time, I was obsessed with the idea of remembering and living my life mission. Having spent long years working at a career that felt like a prolonged internal death, I would sometimes wake up in the morning in complete panic and despair with thoughts rushing through my head on how I was wasting my life away by not fulfilling my life mission, yet I had not the slightest idea what my mission was. All I knew was, “I had to do something with my life,” and my fixation around discovering what that “doing” was, filled my days and nights.

So many of us treat life like a grocery list: as we finish doing and accomplishing one task, we put a check-mark next to it and move onto the next one. But what if our mission has nothing to do with what we do? What if it is as effortless as living as our authentic selves and following whatever inspires us?

Your Authenticity Activates Your Mission

My journey of remembering my mission came out of my lifelong pursuit of the idea of enlightenment. Like many seekers, I was convinced once I attained enlightenment, everything would flow into place and I would remember exactly what I came here to do. Throughout the years as I slowly awakened to my True Conscious Self, I began realizing enlightenment means nothing more than being and honoring who we are.

One day during my meditation, I was suddenly given the insight that there is absolutely nothing that is required for us to do in this human existence, for we are the active dreamers in this dream having chosen to forget our true essence so we can have a convincing adventure here on earth, and us just being here is enough. The sole purpose for us to take on this form in this space and time dimension is to be alive and be ourselves, and that is done through complete self-love and self-acceptance.

Everything in this universe and all universes is a unique manifestation and extension of Source Energy, or Universal Consciousness. No two manifestations are alike, and through experiencing itself as the soft flower petals that dance in the breeze, the snowflakes that land silently in our palm, the sunrays that melt the snow and nourish all living things, or the “I” that we use to define ourselves, Source Energy is in a state of eternal expansion and creation to know itself as consciousness.

Everything about who we are, the colors of our eyes, hair and skin, the regions of our birth, the experiences we assign to ourselves, the different gifts and talents we each possess, the little quirks and perceived imperfections we are born with, the states of joy and even sadness, as well as our dreams, desires and yearnings, every little detail is absolutely exquisite and unique only to us. No two versions of us exist, not even in twins. It is so easy to overlook these things, but it is not an accident that we are, as Source Energy created ourselves to be. Each of us has come with a divine mission that only we are qualified and designed to carry out. We are the golden keys that can unlock our missions in this life, but in order to do so, we must first honor ourselves and allow ourselves to be who we are without any pretence.

A flower does not have to be told to be a flower, it just is. And by being a flower without pretending to be a rock, it is living its mission of providing for earth, or simply being the beautiful decoration in a field. Likewise, a cat does not try to be any animal other than itself, and it meows and sleeps in the sun. Human beings are the only living beings that struggle with authenticity. We live with others’ beliefs and expectations, we say yes when we mean no, we suppress our emotions fearing we may appear to be vulnerable, we stay at jobs, relationships and situations that do not honor us, we bash our bodies and drench our thoughts with negative self-talk, etc. How can we be fully living our missions when we cannot even live as ourselves since our missions require us to be the fullest expressions of who we are? And without staying centered in our power and authenticity, we are losing touch with that part of us that is the golden key to unlock our missions in life.

Your Mission is a State of Being

Some of the most memorable moments of my existence came out of ayahuasca ceremonies, and one of my intentions for my recent ceremonies was to fully understand my mission even though I felt I was already living my mission. As always, the power of ayahuasca took me one step beyond and showed me that my mission has zero to do with what I choose to do with my life, and everything to do with my state of being.

During one of the ceremonies, I was given a distressful experience in which the only way to come out of it was to force myself to wake up from it, and I remember muttering to everyone in the room for hours, “Just wake up, you are in a dream and you only have to remember who you truly are.” The next ceremony took my experience further by providing a training ground for me to stay conscious to my True Self no matter what was happening around me or inside of me for the entire night so I could experience what it was like to hold space for myself, and everyone else without getting lost in that dream state.

Again and again, I was given the insight that my mission of holding space for everyone’s journey was a state of being of merely staying in that conscious space of knowing and remembering my true essence, and honoring the divinity inside all of us. It does not matter one bit what I choose to do with my life whether I am a coach, painter, writer or dancer, for as long as I live my life coming from the space of knowing Who We Truly Are, I am fulfilling what my soul has chosen for this life.

So many of us have it backwards and believe what we do leads to what we can be and as a result, we aim to do as much as possible and rush through every experience hoping the doing will bring us what we are seeking when in truth, it is the other way around. We are vibration beings (not doings), and when we align our energy with the vibration of our chosen mission and immerse ourselves in that state of being, we awaken the part of our souls that holds our deepest desire to serve humanity and contribute to the world. When we are one with that state of being and the energy of our sacred mission, we experience unspeakable joy and fulfillment coursing through our veins, and whatever we do out of that state whether it is creating a beautiful piece of art, winning the Nobel Prize or taking care of a farm is purely our choice.

What is the state of being that you are most inspired to be in? Is it a state of joy? A state of love? A state of creativity? A state of full consciousness? Or a state of Oneness? Can you allow yourself to be one with that state and let it fill your soul?

Remember, there is only one of you in this universe, and only you can be that unique vibration of the mission you have chosen for this life. The energy of the authentic you aligned with that state of being gives birth to whatever callings and actions you are inspired to take, as a result, you become a channel for the divine mission you came here to fulfill. But do not for one moment mistaken the action or the outcome of the action for the destination, for you are on an eternal journey of simply being and evolving into who you are, and no calling is higher than that.

“The meaning of life is just to be alive. It is so plain and so obvious and so simple. And yet, everybody rushes around in a great panic as if it were necessary to achieve something beyond themselves.” ~ Alan Watts

About the author:

Juliet Tang is an intuitive life coach, spiritual mentor and medicine woman. Her work empowers those who are looking for more alignment and expansion to awaken to their power and purpose on earth, activate more love, abundance and joy in their lives, and manifest their soul’s desires using the conscious creation process.

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