Beyond the U.S. Election – A Call for Individual and Collective Healing


November 15th, 2016

By Juliet Tang

Contributing writer for Wake Up World

“It’s not what happens to you, but how you react to it that matters.” ~ Epictetus

On the eve of the 2016 U.S. election, many in America (as well as around the world) experienced dense waves of energies comprising the far extremes of the human emotional spectrum and everything in between. Even those who were not following this series of events were unknowingly affected by these collective energies. Some rejoiced and others sank into deep grievance and rage. Strangers formed alliances based on common interests and loved ones fell apart over political division. The collective psyche began to reflect a state of chaos, anxiety, separation and fear.

It is easy to give in and allow ourselves to be sucked in by that giant vacuum of the collective shadow. The vibration of fear magnified by the masses can indeed become an excuse for individuals and groups to play the blame game or worse, commit acts of violence against each other. So what can we do at this time of extreme uneasiness and change?

Understand Your Significance

We are vibrational beings living in a quantum reality of energy. On an individual level, our body is a holistic eco-system in which the energy behind one persistent thoughtform can manifest in ways that either boost our wellness or weaken it. On a collective level, when a thoughtform is shared, encouraged, promoted and acted upon, its energy becomes magnified and powerful enough to impact the entire equilibrium of the collective consciousness.

Every leader who has ever risen, from the very best to the very worst, is the product of our own consciousness. Each of them has embodied either the light or dark found within ourselves. On the surface, we may have nothing to do with the individuals who are exhibiting manic behaviors that we love to condemn, and to demonstrate our separation between us and them, we fiercely stand by what we believe is right and attack “them.” In truth, they are nothing but reflections of the sum of consciousness from all of us.

Every time we are dishonest for the sake of our own gain, multiply that by a city full of people, and we are breathing life into the creation of a leader who engages in lies and manipulations. Every time when we judge others because of their appearance, gender, sexual orientation, race, or beliefs, multiply that by a nation, and we are manifesting a leader who is ruled by prejudice and fear. Every time we attack another human being physically, verbally, or even just in our minds, multiply that by a continent, and we are giving energy to a leader who acts on hate and violence rather than love and tolerance. Every time we neglect to help someone in need, multiply that by a planet, and we are contributing to the rise of a leader who would rather invest in warfare than feed the hungry.

They are us. We are them. While we are not responsible for anyone else’s choices, we are responsible for our own. There is no difference between us littering occasionally, and the rain forest being destroyed (even though we are not cutting down those trees with our own hands.) There is no separation between us judging and hating our fellow human beings behind their backs, and a leader who sides with genocide. Each is born of the same consciousness. Energy does not die. The energy in the thoughts, words and deeds we committed a moment ago, a week ago, a year ago, or decades ago continues to play a role in the expression of our own lives as well as the collective destiny. Every ounce of who and what we are being counts, as it casts a ripple effect out into the collective consciousness. So, beyond the illusion of separation, we are truly selecting our own future — and we do that by consciously participating in the formation of the collective psyche, not being unconsciously shaken in its ripples.

Let’s accept the fact that the world is what it is right now. We are living in a world of many illusions, and recognizing that is the first step in healing. For a good reading on these illusions, and how to use knowledge of them for the greater good, Neale Donald Walsch’s ‘Communion With God’ is a great start.

Examine Your Tribe

We are all born into a certain tribe that dictates our values, morals, religions and all elements that make up our entire belief system. We are social beings who need a certain group identity to feel safe and our ancestors relied on it for survival.

When we are un-awakened, we do not question the validity of the beliefs we have taken on and we live our lives subscribing to a set of thoughtforms with utmost loyalty that are not ours. Our tribe’s fears are our own, our tribe’s wounds continue to haunt us, and our tribe’s decisions become our decisions. If we dare to challenge our tribe, it is seen as the deepest betrayal.

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Whether the current events are evoking joy or fear, deep down inside, how many of us have questioned whether our emotions are entirely our own, or have been filtered by our tribal mentalities? Which of our current beliefs are actually powerful energetic patterns that have been passed on to us by our caretakers, family circles, religious organizations, national leaders, and ethnic groups?


By investing our energy into our tribe, we are strengthening it, making it both more resilient and more difficult to break away from. To do so, we must first recognize the choices that are being made for us, and that true healing calls for us to make our own empowered individual choices. It is okay to fully feel the emotions that are coursing through our bodies right now; in fact, it is essential, so we can continue healing. Wherever we stand, know that, just like the individual destiny where we are 100% responsible for where we are heading, the collective destiny is never solid or pre-contractual, and we happen to be powerful creators whose very thoughts can shape the outcomes of all events.

As we carry on with our lives, it’s important for us to bring our full awareness into than the now, into our being. If you are experiencing strong emotions over what is currently happening in the world, allow yourself to be present with how you feel, and begin approaching each emotion with curiosity. Examine what is underneath. Continue to drop through those layers of self-understanding and ask yourself “What is underneath this?” Eventually, a belief will surface. Have a talk with that belief by asking some of the following questions:

“Whose belief is it?”

“Who do I know who shares the same belief?”

“Is this belief rooted in love or fear?”

Limiting beliefs inherited from the tribe are almost always rooted in fear. Fear patterns drain our life force energy and are the causes of illnesses and unfavorable conditions in our lives operating under the law of like attracts like. The decision to walk away from the tribe once we discover being part of the tribe is no longer serving our highest good, is extremely healing. By leaving our tribal conditioning behind, and even finding a new tribe that aligns with who we are, we are taking the power back to transform ourselves, hence the collective at large.

Elizabeth Gilbert’s post Beware of Tribal Shame is a good start for anyone who is interested in learning more about tribal consciousness. For healing tribal damage, Caroline Myss’s book Why People Don’t Heal and How They Can is an excellent read.

Be the Change

None of us are victims in this world because we are born creators, the only difference is that we are either creating consciously, or unconsciously. Whether the mass population is creating consciously or unconsciously, we are all impacted by those collective decisions. As the world is waking up, more and more of us are being called into healing and empowering others, and we are eager to change the world, but we can only do so by first committing to shift our own consciousness and vibration — because the world is nothing but a giant collective mirror onto which we each project our own individual consciousness.


We can start every morning by asking ourselves, “If the reflection is not to my liking, what is one decision I can make today that can bring a smile to that reflection, even for just one moment?” What would happen if all 7.5 billion human beings on our planet took part in this every day?

Some call this awakening a ‘battle’, yet it is important to truly see what we are battling against. If we believe it is about attacking other fellow beings because of their beliefs or ideologies, we are sadly participating in the unconscious creation of more anger, violence, and separation. It is not a battle against humanity, it never was and never will be. It is, and has always been a battled with the collective Self: a spiritual evolution that involves every single soul. Of course, this isn’t to justify anyone’s hurtful words and actions or to place blames. On a larger scale, we are in a continuous and eternal process of self-actualization and the only way for us to truly evolve is through experiencing polarity. Throughout history, whenever there is most darkness, there has been the opportunity for the emergence of most light. And, like any a species threatened by extreme conditions, we will continue to change and adapt…

The only difference is our level of awareness; our thoughtforms. We are all co-creators in this big drama that is unfolding on Earth. When faced with extremes, we are each given the chance to raise our awareness and come to the realization that nothing outside of us can take our choice away — to experience and demonstrate the love we have for ourselves and for our fellow beings. By choosing to be love, no matter what the circumstances, we are choosing to heal ourselves and the collective. We are creating real ripples of change.

Start today. Start with little things because they truly matter. Indulge in some self care and envision all the tense energy leaving your body. Show your loved ones how much they mean to you. Forgive one more person in your life and visualize that person healed. Commit one act of kindness for someone who is in need of help. Smile at a stranger on the street. Brighten up someone’s day by telling a joke. Adopt an animal from the shelter. If you are in the mood for peace and solitude, some mindfulness into your life. (The Chopra Center offers many free guided meditations.)

Whatever you do, allow it to come from the heart.

We are standing in an open field. We are facing an infinite number of possibilities right now, and what we decide to be from this moment on has the potential to shape our collective future. We are in this together. The choice is, and has always been ours.

Wherever you are, whatever you are doing, however you are being… when in doubt, choose love.

About the author:

Juliet Tang is an intuitive life coach, spiritual mentor and medicine woman. Her work empowers those who are looking for more alignment and expansion to awaken to their power and purpose on earth, activate more love, abundance and joy in their lives, and manifest their soul’s desires using the conscious creation process.

To learn more, go to, or follow Juliet on Facebook and Instagram.

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