The Moon in Taurus – The Paradox of Creation and Surrender

April 27th, 2017

By Simon Vorster & Jennifer Langstone

Contributing writers for Wake Up World

With 4 planets in a retrograde motion during the last cycle, the invisible and unconscious aspects of our being have recently become visible. The energy reflected by the astrological alignments of the past few weeks have made us acutely aware of the emotional wounds we carry, and provided us with the emotional triggers we need to help bring awareness to — and ultimately heal — those wounded, traumatized aspects of ourselves.

During this current lunar cycle, which began with the New Moon in Taurus on April 26, this theme continues as our new awareness of traumas and triggers demands that we re-evaluate our self, our identity, values and ideals. We are in the midst of a personal and collective reality shift and, as we work to balance the competing energies of intention and surrender, our challenge is to navigate this part of our evolution — this space between conclusion and creation — without attachment.

Let’s look at the astrological alignments that are currently reflecting our spiritual evolution.

Mars in Gemini square the Karmic Nodes (North Node in Virgo, South Node in Pisces)

Firstly, this alignment reflects an interesting dynamic, where the past and the future are constantly interacting with each other on a very conscious level within us. As Mars, the planet reflecting the nature of our conscious choices, squares the current position of the Karmic Nodes, we are moving through a cycle of completion and conscious integration. In our current everyday lives we are making choices that reflect our de-conditioning from old past patterns, and we are allowing excitement to move through us, inspiring new directions and healing ourselves from the duality experienced in separation. And yet, conversely, the level of tension manifesting in the outer world (and for many, our interactions with it) reflect the shadow expression of this alignment: the chaos and uncertainty, the feeling of being stuck, that we and our society are paralyzed by our own polarity, unable to make defining choices, and flip flopping over which direction to move in. As Mercury retrograde conditions Mars in this alignment, it is likely there will also be missing information and miscommunication taking place, which can easily add to the confusion.

Thankfully, the formation of planetary alignments that accompanied the New Moon on April 26 began us on a very interesting pathway in our spiritual evolution…

The Sun, The Moon and Mercury trine Saturn in Sagittarius

With Saturn in Sagittarius pushing for us to break-down beliefs and open up to new perspectives, it is now plain for all to see just how much conflict in the world is presently due to humanity’s confusion and lack of acceptance of what is natural and authentic for us as living beings. In part, this energy is simply asking us to observe where we are as a collective and to recognize that we need to progress through these experiences of acknowledging and confronting our reality, in order to create the natural movements of awareness and momentum that will allow us to find our collective way back home.

With this energy now in play, the current lunar cycle supports and reflects a deep process of awareness around our values and beliefs — our truth. Each of us places a certain value in our truth, and that helps us identify with that truth. At some point in our evolution, as consciousness moves through time, we come to see that those fixed beliefs becoming limiting. That is what Saturn is currently showing us: where we hold emotional attachments to what we see as the truth, and how those attachments support our needs and security while also limiting our perspective. Moreover, these energies are prompting a deep awareness around the diverse ways in which we each see the world, and how our past experiences have shaped us to see things a certain way and to hold beliefs that are now limiting our experience of life (both individually and collectively.)

Each of us right now is seeing new value in things and experiences, and this process of re-valuation is heavily influencing how each of us at different levels finds and integrates new directions in our lives. Indeed, with such a shift in values taking place, our lives can never be the same again — and it is through the energy of initiation and creation that the next phase begins to take shape.

T-Square between Jupiter in Libra, Pluto in Capricorn, and Mercury & Uranus in Aries

The signs of Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn are called cardinal signs and express themselves as an energy of initiation. They are associated with the process of establishing and re-establishing our core sense of identity. Essentially, we relate to others (Libra) through our own actions (Aries) as our self-identity (Cancer) is reflected outwardly (Capricorn) as an outer definition of ourselves. As we constantly interact with new experiences, this definition becomes a part of our inner sense of self which then, in turn, influences the way we interact with the world and the directions we create in our own lives.

With the current energy pattern, we are prompted to seek new direction and find new experiences which help to shape us and find new meaning in our lives. This is happening in two ways: At first the tension between these square alignments is forcing us to look at what once was, and how it has shaped us and our choices. The next layer is rewriting and reintegrating those experiences by reframing and revaluing what they mean to us, and allowing our new perspective to flow forward.

However, this alignment brings to us great tension in many ways. Our freedom is rooted in the evolution and expression of our core values and perspectives (Jupiter). When we experience our values and perspectives shifting, our challenge is to clearly see the emotional attachments we have for the things that need to be shifted or changed. But as humans, we emotionally connect with the phenomena of reality; and, be it real or illusory, it gives us a sense of identity. When that emotional reality gets shaken through experiences that require us to change our perspective, we often lose our sense of groundedness and identity. A change in our reality can scare us, and uncertainty and confusion take over, making the shift difficult to navigate. (Related reading: Recovering from Loss of Identity.)

So we are left with a paradox here: the energy on one hand supports a shift in perspective and core values, a catalyst to change and conscious creation, but on the other requires us to trust and remain open, and surrender to the flow of the universe. This is why tensions/squares between Pluto (Capricorn), Uranus (Aries) and Jupiter (Libra) bring our inner security and emotional attachments to the surface: all are cardinal signs, an energy of change and renewal, and with Pluto symbolising evolution, Uranus de-conditioning, and Jupiter the formation of our personal truth, this alignment highlights a difficult spiritual conundrum: the tension between spiritual evolution, creation, truth and intention, and the need for trust, non-attachment, de-conditioning and surrender.

As this shift takes place, remind yourself of your own inner attunement — that inner sense you have used in the past, which enabled your changing values and ideals to be experienced and navigated. On some level, we are all feeling this shift in direction right now; it is part of a much larger cycle of human evolution and social transformation. And, with the Karmic Nodes due to switch signs within the next month, these current energies — as challenging as they may be — are moving us into a state of consciousness from which we will be ready for the next part of our cosmic journey.

Gregg B

And remember, your real safety net at this time is found in the inner world of non-attachment — where attachments are identified and objectified (Uranus), and then let go, liberating you from what no longer supports your growth.

The true nature of our evolution is that, with change comes letting go, and with letting go comes the need for inner security and an inner identity that is free of outer attachments and labels; and that at its deepest level, all of this is connected to our deep desire to transform and enhance our inner reality, to know true empowerment and spirit awareness, so that we may truly know peace and security — from within.

Reflected in the lengthy cycles of Pluto, Jupiter and Uranus (all outer planets), this shift in direction is a major one, and with it comes the necessary process of dissolving the past and all its attachments, and embracing the new and unknown. Although the openness needed for our new self to really take flight can come with a deep sense of anxiety, stirring up emotions around attachment and security, if our desire to know the new is the stronger force, we have to surrender to the flow with openness and trust.

It is in the unknowing that we sow the seeds for the future.

New Moon Message: Into The Unknowing

There is a time between no longer and not yet — a pause between breaths, a suspension in time, a space between stories — where we are more connected to the totality of infinite consciousness than in any other moment. When approached from the perspective of the masculine, action-oriented consciousness, this time is a purgatory; when approached from the perspective of the feminine, receptive state, it is the emptiness of the void. Both perspectives, experienced in isolation, bring suffering to the consciousness of humanity. But, when experienced from a centered space of be-ing and a yielding to the moment between moments, we can feel an alignment of mind, body and spirit in total connection with the universe.

This is where creation is born; a transformational space where the death of the old sprouts into the birth of the new. We can either experience this moment as the past cycles coming to their natural fruition and await the impulse of the next moment to arise of its own volition, then surrender to its flow and trust where it will take us, and indeed, where we will take it. Or… we can remain trapped in polarity, bouncing between the frustration of the purgatory and the pain of the existential void. The choice is ours.

This moment, when heaven and earth meet, is where timelessness is transmuted into time through the creative impulse of the collective unconscious directed into form. Once in this form, it is no longer boundless and must find an expression to best fulfill the essence of the desire within the limitations of time and matter. Your free will to express this unique impulse through your perfectly created form is available, ready to be utilised, just waiting for the opportunity — the right moment. As the conscious vessel to this impulse — this seed — you are given the authority and blueprint to ensure the growth, maturity and actualisation of this impulse. Only you hold the awareness of its self-actualisation, its destiny, meaning and purpose, and what it will take for that impulse to integrate into form — but you are not there yet. There is work to be done.

“Our destiny is never something that occurs without our participation… we, and only we, are the creators and the keepers of our own destiny. … The future is always being made up of the present moment. … This means that our future is always changing and that our destiny can drastically change course at any moment in time — that is, if we choose to take charge of it.” — Danielle Benvenuto

So, how can you invest in the fulfillment of this purpose? What resources will support the integration and expression of your divine impulse, and give it the best opportunity for manifestation? How can you prepare for your impulse to actualise? Where is your focus and energy best needed? And among all this, how can you remain open, trusting and receptive to the flow?

There are many layers to supporting this inner process. Honour your vessel and your physical form. Honour your time and energy. Value and believe in yourself and your ability to create, trust in the universe to provide what is necessary, and trust yourself to navigate the unknown ahead. You have the will and courage to act and express your authentic self, and although the new story has not yet been written, you have the power to guide yourself through this process as the guardian of your own special destiny.

Simon & Jennifer

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