Understanding the Nature of Risk on the Spiritual Path

June 29th, 2018

By Open

Contributing writer for Wake Up World

There will come a point on the spiritual path where there’s nothing for it but to risk all. It’s when you hit the edge of ultimate freedom — to begin to walk the blade edge of life. The soul wants to flow as freedom. It doesn’t calculate what is logical, safe, or will gain the best practical outcome. It is yearning to be forged by the crucible of life into something immortal, beyond fear and limitation. Not that the soul doesn’t have boundaries, not that it doesn’t blend into rigid realities, it does. But it’s purpose is to be the expression of the unbounded, unconstrained, fearlessness of the One. That’s why there will come a point on the path to risk all…

It’s time to break through the glass ceiling.

Risk is the antithesis of security. It’s where you’re presented with a choice and you have no idea what’s on the other side. You don’t know if what you’re being invited to do will work, or where it will lead. Let’s be clear — truly following the soul will take you to the limit of what you feel secure. This is the crux point, which pulls on all the remaining ties of ego.

And that’s exactly why you’ll hit the ‘glass ceiling’ if you’re truly walking the path. You’ll encounter the final restraint that provides shelter and comfort to the ego. To break the glass ceiling, is to dive right into your fear. At this point, ego explodes and full kundalini is activated.

Activated kundalini is boundless, free flowing soul, down from the Source, through your being, and back again, all inside of yourself. The sense of freedom is like metaphorically surfing a 100ft wave, snowboarding down a mountain without control, or base jumping into thin air, wondering if your ‘suit’ will carry you.

Risk in the day-to-day challenges of Life

Now I’ve used these emotive metaphors because that’s what it feels like to me. But let me hasten to add, I don’t surf ocean waves, I don’t snowboard down mountains and I certainly don’t base-jump off cliff edges! But how might you apply these metaphors to the challenges you face in modern society?

  • What about leaving a job that you know isn’t for you, yet pays the rent?
  • Could it be beginning that new passion with minimal resources and committing all that you have?
  • Might it be daring to move on from a secure relationship, but which didn’t fully work?
  • Or else could it be challenging the judgments friends and family members place on you?

All of these situations are often powerfully emotive, and can stretch you to the limit because of the risk of losing that’s involved. But whenever you take such a leap of faith into these kinds of circumstances, in terms of the forging of the soul, you will never lose!

Preparation for risk

It’s also vitally important to say that to confront fear by taking a risk, doesn’t mean to do so recklessly. You don’t base-jump off a cliff edge without a flying suit! You don’t throw yourself into a 100ft wave without a surfboard! And there’s much preparation that goes with it too. To follow the natural pathway of the soul in a particular ‘landscape’, will involve the application of skills — you may be a natural healer, but you’ll still need to hone the gifts of your art to have some chance of success.

So taking risk, doesn’t equate to being reckless. But if you’re truly following the soul, it will prepare you for the point at which it’s time to jump into the unknown. And there’s no avoiding this, if you’re to truly know the boundlessness of the One.

Think “Innovation”.

Crucially, preparing for risky situations, and developing yourself to face them, will involve daring to take the tried and tested in your life, but then doing it differently — think “Innovation”. When you think about it, “Innovation” doesn’t mean simply abandoning all the practices you’ve known and all the skills you developed along the way.

Innovation means taking the threads of the old, and fearlessly weaving them into a new garment.

Here’s an Openhand Video on Innovation.

The passion of risk

There’s often great passion that comes with risk taking too. In fact, for me, it’s hard to imagine forging the soul through risky situations without passion. I observe this is one of the limitations often encountered in the spiritual mainstream — it’s seen as not ‘spiritually correct’ to unleash emotion. And so the natural passion of the soul is frequently dissolved out. This in itself creates the limitation of spiritual identity — a particular form of the glass ceiling, under which I observe many languish. Hence, if you truly yearn to breakthrough the final ties of ego’s limitation, I’d advise applying yourself to experiences which generate, and unleash, passion. Many a time I’ve found myself standing on the edge — it was always passion that carried me over and through.

What is it that ignites the spark of your passion? Do you know yet?

Risk ignites the fire of the soul.

When you find yourself easily rising to great passion at times in your life, then as the crux point of risk arrives, the flame of the soul will ignite and carry you through, leading to unimaginable expansion and liberation.

So I’d advise frequently exploring the ‘ignition point’ in daily life, the one that fires and unleashes soul.

For me, it can be something as simple as emotive music that ignites passion in my life. Or free wheeling in the unknown, following the divine signs and synchronicity to some distant inner shoreline. And emotive film carries me into this ‘dream time’ too. Which for me, is often more real than ‘reality’. Maybe it’s time to acknowledge, confront, and break through risk in your life?

In loving support,

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