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Low energy, poor memory and brain fog are major problems for many of us, resulting in lowered cognitive function and working efficiency, and significantly reduced quality of life. But with the right know-how, you can improve your mood, memory, mindset and get more out of life!

Dr. David Jockers struggled with fatigue. Growing up he was always tired. It didn’t matter how much sleep, rest or relaxation he got. In college, it was a challenge to recall what he studied. He also ended up with be severe digestive cramping and irritable bowel syndrome. Through his studies he realized that his diet and lifestyle were the problems – and that his symptoms were completely related. His research resulted in the brain-boosting strategies that later formed the content of this eBook – and which transformed his entire life!

In this 26-page eBook, you’ll learn why you should:

  • Drink water (with lemon!)
  • Consider adding essential oils to your life
  • Exercise in surges
  • Snack on the right things
  • Breathe properly
  • Connect with nature frequently
  • Shiver in the shower
  • Power nap
  • and much more!

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