11 Essential Keys to Conscious Living

By Susan Hassen

Guest writer for Wake Up World

With the introduction of over 250 new chemicals into our environment since the 1950’s, a political climate designed to keep us continuously high strung, and a toxic load of electromagnetic radiation, it can be hard enough to survive in our modern world let alone imagine thriving. When seeking to live a conscious lifestyle, it can be extremely daunting and difficult to sift through massive amounts of information while being as discerning as possible. Through my work as a Quantum Energy Healer and holistic practitioner, I have found the following to be the most foundational, yet essential keys to conscious living to elevate us from survival mode to our highest potential.

1 – Protect Yourself from Electromagnetic Radiation and Harmful Frequencies

The Electromagnetic Field (EMF) affects us on a physical, mental, and energetic level. EMF radiation consists of the waves of the electromagnetic field including cosmic waves, radio waves, infrared rays, ultraviolet rays, X-rays, and gamma rays. In addition to these areas, harmful EMF radiation is emitted from electronics, such as televisions, refrigerators, air conditioning units, computers, tablets, and cell phones. Even our cars emit harmful EMF waves. We are also bombarded by EMF signals coming from cell and telecommunication towers, smart meters, Wi-Fi, and the soon to be launched 5G network that many doctors and scientists consider to be a human health hazard. There have been thousands of studies done on the harmful effects of EMF radiation. Some documented health conditions include migraines, cancer, skin conditions, heart conditions, fibromyalgia, arthritis, nervous systems disorders, stress and anxiety, fatigue, depression, insomnia, brain fog and altered brain chemistry, lowered immune system, and DNA alterations.

Why does EMF radiation attack us so violently? Our bodies are tuned into the natural, organic frequencies of the Earth. When we are blasted with excess radiation from manmade devices 24/7, we are no longer in tune and vibrating with the Earth’s rhythm, but with the rhythm of artificial devices and frequencies. The problem is that our bodies are ill equipped to deal with the magnitude of EMF waves that we’re currently being bombarded with and it disturbs the natural processes in our body down to a cellar level affecting metabolism, how our brain operates, and the electrical output of the heart. These frequencies disrupt our optimal physiological state within us and they create chaos in our cells. One study on cell phone use showed that EMF radiation affects blood circulation by disrupting blood cells and their flow by only fifteen minutes of cell phone use.

Some solutions to help reduce the damage caused by EMF waves include reducing the amount of time spent on cell phones, using a headset to avoid holding the phone directly up to your head, turning off the Wi-Fi in your house when you sleep, keeping the phone in another room while you sleep, and keeping your phone in “airplane” mode. Grounding (see below) and Earthing (walking barefoot on the Earth) help release the static charge from the EMF and allow us to dump electricity and reconnect to the frequency of the planet. It’s also a good idea to invest in EMF blocking devices. A simple Internet search will reveal many options and include customer reviews. You can even purchase your own radiation meter to test the radiation levels in your home and see how well your devices protect you. There are also several crystals like Shungite and Black Tourmaline which help absorb radiation, as well as Orgonite energy pyramids and discs that help balance the electrical signals around the body and restore harmony in our energy fields and environment.

 2 – Stay Hydrated, Stay Healthy

In order to function at our optimal health we need to make sure we’re not only properly hydrated, but also drinking clean water. That means staying away from fluoridated tap water and seeking out sources of fresh spring water. The human body consists of 78% water. According to Dr. F. Batmanghelidj, author of “Water for Health, for Healing, for Life,” every twenty-four hours our bodies recycle about forty thousand glasses of water to maintain normal physiological functions. While performing these functions our bodies lose about six to ten glasses of water each day that we need to supply. Additionally, the body needs an average upwards of half its weight in ounces of water per day, so a minimum of eight to ten glasses. Water is a source of energy for our bodies, it is essential to a strong immune system, and helps regulate our weight. Future health issues can be avoided by proper hydration. Often times migraines, irregular heartbeats, and fatigue can be attributed to dehydration. Stay properly hydrate and make things a little easier for your body, after all, it works so hard just to keep us at homeostasis.

3 – Explore Shadow Work

Shadow work, a term coined by psychologist Carl Jung, refers to the unconscious aspects of our selves that are usually hidden from the ego, or parts that the ego does not want to acknowledge. It is sometime referred to as our “dark side.” These aspects include emotions, desires, and behaviors that some may interpret as “negative.” The goal of shadow work is to eventually integrate the shadow by bringing these unconscious aspects forward to understand them, to find out the root of our triggers and the reasons why we react and behave in certain ways, as well as which repressed emotions need our attention in order for us to meet all our aspects with compassion and unconditional love.

Shadow work helps us to understand the deeper and unexpected ways that we interact with the world. Feeling your feelings and understanding why you do or don’t do certain things allows you to become more aware of what triggers your ego and allows you to act from a higher, more conscious place, rather than reacting to outside triggers from others that are speaking to an aspect of yourself that just wants to be understood and liberated.

4 – Unplug: Get Outside and Bond With Nature

A great way to reset the body when feeling tired and energetically dense is by spending time in nature. Breathing in fresh air and getting your vitamin D from being outside in the sun is another great way to recharge. Forest bathing, taking a walk amongst trees, is a Japanese practice that has been said to increase immunity, improve balance, and calm the body and mind. Being outside is a great way to unplug from all the electronics and EMF radiation that we are oversaturated with. Unplugging from the world can also mean unplugging from social media, television, nightly news “programming,” anything with an artificial affect on your mind. Taking a break from it all and allowing your body to reset with nature will leave you feeling lighter, calm, and with a sense of gratitude and appreciation for the beauty of our planet.

5 – Let Yourself Laugh

Laughter is a powerful way to release stressed and built up emotions. We also release endorphins when we laugh which interact with the opiate receptors in our brain to reduce how we feel pain, as well as promote an overall feeling of happiness and wellbeing.

It is also important to have fun and not take yourself too seriously. When we are deep into spiritual doctrine we often close ourselves off from anything silly and playful because there is a perception that one must be serious, quiet, silent, and strict when on the path to enlightenment. This is an outdated way of stereotyping those on the path to higher consciousness because it disregards the value and importance of having a personality; as well the fact that humor is a powerful aspect of our intellect.

Both energetically and physically, the body can become tight and restricted when we are always tense and don’t allow ourselves to be playful. Allow yourself to enjoy your Earthly experience. We all know how hard life can be, so balance it out by remembering that its in our human nature to play, to be curious, and let ourselves laugh from deep within our souls. To integrate this essential aspect into your life ask yourself: What did you like to do as a child? What made you laugh for hours on end? Find a way to make things light around you. Find a way to enjoy yourself, laugh, and just let it all be. You are allowed to have fun while you are learning, growing, and evolving.

6 – Seek Holistic Healthcare

By now, a lot of us have learned where modern healthcare leads to: symptom relief and more imbalances. This is because our current model isn’t as much concerned with addressing the underlying factors or root causes of illness and is more focused on suppressing the progression of disease. While this mode of operation may keep symptoms at bay, they are not designed to heal the body.

Part of conscious living is understanding that symptoms are our body’s way of communicating imbalances. I’ve learned through my own healing process that our body is always talking to us; it can speak through inflammation or through functioning optimally. Seeking health practitioners that understand the body as a whole can help us get to the heart of our health issues and even empower us to become our own doctors.

7 – Understand What it Means to be an “Empath”

Most of the clients I work with are very sensitive to energy and easily absorb the energy of people around them. These types are commonly known as “Empaths.” Sometimes an empath can be so overtaken with another’s energy that they are unaware of how much of their will, power, and energy they have given away. Empaths often fall prey to narcissistic relationships because they tend to be people pleasers who want to avoid conflict and keep the peace, allowing narcissists to violate their boundaries, exploit them, and drain their energy.

Empaths feel it all- including other people’s feelings and unprocessed emotions, which can mistakenly be taken on as their own. Its important to understand what it means to be an empath so that you can protect yourself from taking on and processing another’s emotional wounding, and be able to differentiate what is yours to heal and what is someone else’s. When we understand our own feelings and sensitivities, rather than taking on another’s or the collective unconsciousness, we can relieve ourselves of extra energetic burdens that many of us have been carrying around since childhood. Remember, we’re here to do our own work. We can still support other people emotionally and energetically, we just have to honor when our tanks are empty with the same care and attentiveness we give to others when our tanks are full.

8 – Learn How to Set and Enforce Boundaries

When you personally feel violated by another, it is important to communicate this by setting a boundary and speaking up when that boundary has been violated. Part of the journey is learning how to use your voice and express your needs. We are often taught how to express positive feelings, but its more socially acceptable for us to keep our discomfort and suffering to ourselves and not “rock the boat.” Whether it be in a romantic relationship, friendship, family relationship, or career relationship, we need to start getting comfortable with setting and enforcing boundaries with people who cross them whether it be through energy draining, manipulation, coercion, or other harmful tactics. To read more on how to set and enforce boundaries, as well as the different types that one can come across, click here.

9 – Practice Grounding and Being in Body

Paying attention to the physical realm means paying attention to your body. If you find yourself emotionally stressed and overwhelmed, your body is working overtime to keep you in place. Furthermore, environmental and physical stressors can put us in “fight or flight” mode and oftentimes cause us to disassociate and leave the body in order to avoid feeling pain and discomfort. In order to be more present, we need to be fully grounded into the Earth and fully occupying our bodies.

When we are ungrounded and out of body, life becomes chaotic and confusing, causing us to lose our sense of focus and control. Common signs of being ungrounded are anxiety, nervousness, negative thoughts, paranoia, insecurity, and lethargy. People exhibiting these signs as well as certain illnesses all have one thing in common: they are out of their bodies, and when you leave your body, you invite heavy energies in. Luckily, we are all able to plug right back into the Earth as soon as we feel ungrounded. You can seek out a grounding activity, or practice my own here. Get outside and put your feet into the ground and imagine yourself dropping an anchor deep into Mother Earth. Dump out all the toxic and heavy energies you absorb each day and send it deep into the core of the Earth for Gaia to cleanse and recycle on your behalf.

The benefits of being grounded include being in touch with your physical and emotional body sensations, mental clarity, calmness and stillness, patience, relaxation, focus, self-trust, feeling safe in your body, and an overall feeling of inner peace. More importantly, grounding is how you make sure that all the self-work and healing work you do actually sticks.

10 – Have a Creative Outlet

We all have an inner artist. That artist usually is at the forefront when we’re children and we are encouraged to explore our imaginations. As we grow up, we may lose touch with our inspiration and creativity. This tends to happen to those in more “left brain” types of careers in law, corporate fields, science and math, etc. It’s important to keep a balance between the creative right brain and the more “logical” left-brain. When we’re out of balance, we lose our sense of hope, optimism, and connection to our creator power- that strong, unbound, god-like force within us that can create or birth something out of nothing. If you have a more creative/artistic-oriented career, you likely feel the sense of freedom and autonomy that comes with it. Feeling free is so important to the soul and we often appreciate this more when we get in touch with our inner artist. Everyone needs an outlet to express themselves because everyone has something to say, we just don’t always feel free or safe enough to or know how our expression will choose to show itself. Our true self comes out to play when we are engaging in something creative. Its about getting in touch with your creator power and exercising it through something that releases stress, inhibition, and control and puts you into a state of flow, relaxation, and inspiration.

11 – Beware of Guru Worship

Following a guru is a double-edged sword. Part of why we’re here is to learn from others, but the task at hand is balancing how receptive we are to information from others while not getting sucked into belief systems whether its through fear or promises of heaven. Many spiritual “gurus” prey on our lack of confidence in our ability to listen to our Higher Selves and follow our intuition. Our inner knowing is then rephrased and remarketed to ourselves by someone else claiming to know the truth path to enlightenment.

The key is to learn how to filter information so that we are honest with ourselves as to why we are resonating with it, rather than hang on every word that someone is claiming as the ultimate truth. For example, if you know that one of your vulnerabilities is a fear of the unknown, you may be drawn to extremely confident teachers that are always assuring you a happy ending as long as you remain passive and positive. A guru that embodies the complete opposite demeanor, where they are always warning of the next doomsday event to come, can also appeal to someone who is in fear of the future and uncertain about their place on Earth, that’s why discernment takes some practice and requires one to know themselves in order to develop self-trust. We have all fell for the guru trap at some point in our lives- whether it be from a religious upbringing or our initial forays into spirituality. So how do we walk the fine line with this one? Have an open mind and be open to new information, just don’t take it as doctrine. Many gurus are looking for people to feed something in themselves and anyone who claims to know the one and only true way to Spirit/Source/God etc. is somebody’s lesson, but it doesn’t have to be yours. When presented with new information and spiritual teachings its important to take what you need- but not become attached to the information or the source of that information.

However challenging our paths may be, we are all equipped to handle them. Sometimes, a little direction is all we need to access our full potential and look forward to the future knowing we are prepared to take on life in all the ways it chooses to present itself.

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Susan Hassen is a Quantum Sphere Healer, holistic practitioner, emotional counselor, author, activist, and Juris Doctor. She runs the blog CosmicArcheress.com where she uses her background in higher dimensional healing, emotional body and energy body work to assist humanity in our spiritual evolution.

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