Nuances of The Law of Attraction

By Jennie Ankney

Guest Writer for Wake Up World

I’ve been playing with the law of attraction and discovered some nuances that I thought were worth sharing.

I have been wrestling with this new paradigm shift from victim consciousness to one that is empowered. In the last couple of months, I’ve reached amazing heights of feeling wonderful for the new life I am creating for myself. I knew that I was attracting my new life with force because things and people started manifesting for me, and I loved the energy!

And there have been days where I’m still facing abuse and doing my best to see it as a result of my past thoughts. It’s what I don’t want and I “look away,” as I’ve prescribed. I’ve made efforts to repeat the same affirmations to myself or think the same thoughts that helped me feel wonderful and excited…and found my feelings hitting a wall. I either couldn’t shake the sadness or anger, or I just felt numb. It was like I didn’t believe in those words.

This has been a flag for me to stop and investigate what is going on within. In actuality, what was happening was that as I needed to allow all my feelings. I discovered I had some anger I needed to acknowledge and release. I also stored some sadness over the past that needed the same compassion. Many of us store our pain and sadness, even anger which is never a good thing for the body. We must find a way to release it, or it will be a source of attracting negative experiences into our lives.

These negative feelings were reflecting back to me in continued negative experiences. If I am going to change these experiences, I will need to release these feelings.

When we jump into our new goals, most often than not we have “stuff” to look at and let go to be able to transmute our old habits or ruts to be able to create something profoundly new such as overcoming a victim consciousness. Perhaps we need to face our fears! This is natural and normal in the process of transformation and creating change. We owe ourselves the space to be compassionate with the ups and downs while we are in process of creating a revolution in our lives.

What works best still is focusing on what I’m grateful for now because that is a subject of endless supply. I can be grateful for so much, large and small, and I will feel better…even if it’s a little bit in that moment. I steered my ship away from wrecking against the rocks of the same old shore, and that is a small victory!

We build our resources to be able to reach and maintain higher frequencies, and therefore create and maintain our dreams. Unfortunately, there is no speed pass. Until we reach mastery over creating and maintaining feel-good thoughts, we are the ones who must take one baby step at a time to make even the slightest positive change for ourselves. And that is no small task. It’s important to celebrate our successes, however small, giving ourselves credit and acknowledgement for our efforts.

We need to remember the lifetime(s) we’ve spent trudging over the same neuropathways of negative thinking that has brought us to a life that we don’t want. And so that change requires discipline and commitment to being and staying on a positive mindset, building new and positive neuropathways. It’s tough at the beginning because it is new and requires so much attention, but then it gets easier and easier. Remember how attentive we were when learning to drive a car? A manual shift? That took focus. Now we can drive to work or school and wonder how the hell we got there because we were in another world while doing it!!

Another resource that has really helped me is a series by Kevin Trudeau called “Your Wish is Your Command.” He goes into great detail to set the stage for being able to create change in our lives. For example, are you teachable? If you aren’t willing to learn something new, i.e., you’re a know-it-all, chances are that you will not be successful at creating anything new in your life. You aren’t even willing to see the same things in a new light. Sometimes that makes all the difference between unhappiness and happiness. This takes brutal honesty to look at ourselves with such scrupulousness.

I really started getting into the juicy parts of manifestation when he started talking about blocks. He explained the importance of spending time throughout our day thinking about what we want with great intensity. I liken this to focused feeling. Thoughts are great, but the subsequent feelings are the stronger vibrations that will cause our dreams to come racing toward us. Or so I thought…

Then came one of the nuances that I hadn’t caught in my studies of the law of attraction. When we *believe* we will receive what we want and we can feel it as done, like it’s in the past already…THEN our dreams come racing toward us.

I’ve confused the intensity of my desire with my belief in being able to own my dream.

We can have a great intensity of desire for our dreams, describing them in great detail in our minds eye, stare at dream boards, recite affirmations on mirrors, etc.…and spend time thinking about them, but if we don’t *believewe can have them, then we will hit a block. And we will be left wanting.

What I found is I couldn’t generate the feelings as genuinely as I had just a day or two before.

What happened?

My belief level tanked. I had a few negative interactions with others, my train of thoughts led in a negative direction and I started believing I was foolish to believe I could create such abundance, harmony, love and peace in my life. I’ve never done anything like it. How the hell could I achieve it?

Kevin repeated over and over, and I listened over and over until I regained my belief.

“You don’t need to know how…”

“It doesn’t matter what people say…”

“It doesn’t matter what the facts say…”

“…it will work out.”

This is not coming from someone blowing smoke up you-know-where. This is someone who has achieved success on every level. He was leading the seminar, but in attendance were millionaires, billionaires, high-level government officials, leaders of countries, members of royal families, politicians and captains of industry. Many times, Kevin repeated that these people are not just wealthy in finance. They are truly happy people. They were there to attest to what Kevin was teaching.


This is really, really important…



The key is start with the dreams that fall in the “sweet spot.” The sweet spot is where we have an intense desire to make it happen. We are willing to do everything we can. AND we have a high level of belief that we can achieve it. That means that we may have to start local. Baby steps. The point being that we are generating belief in ourselves that we can master this game called manifestation/creation.

He warns that anytime we are thinking about what we want, and we start to feel bad – stop. Do something else that will help us feel good again. We don’t have the belief it takes to get that one yet. Once again, our feelings are our guides. Paying attention to how we feel is the navigation tool to manifestation.


What if the intensity of my desire to create what I want is from a dire situation? I must succeed. It can’t wait until my belief level reaches some unknown level…

Here’s another fun nuance about the law of attraction! He says that we can decide what we want with great detail. Interestingly, it is BETTER to choose things in general. Instead of I want a house or a car with these specific details….I want a house/car that makes me feel **amazing**, **safe**, **inspired**…

FOCUS on the FEELINGS of having what you want.

When we do this, the Universe responds with our creations that are truly amazing!! It’s like the Universe knows us so well!! (Hint: The Universe/God knows you inside/out) Kevin bluntly says, “you don’t know what you want!” I laugh every time I think of it!

So, the best dream for us to have is the feelings we want to have in our lives. I feel good. I feel wonderful! I feel exhilarated!! I feel loved, safe, secure, in harmony, peaceful, abundant!

How do you want to feel everyday of your life?

I’m starting with “I feel good.” And on good days, “I feel wonderful.” Stepping it up and fiercely sticking to our goals is what gets us there faster and in technicolor. Most importantly, we don’t want to try to pass up our belief levels. We’ll just fall off the bike again.

I haven’t abandoned my goals. I’m breaking it down to the simplest outcome. How will I feel when I’ve achieved my dreams? Then that will be my focus. The truth is that many things can help me feel good or wonderful. And as long as I am feeling wonderful, I am magnetizing myself toward my dreams.

Are you ready for another nuance? I resonated with this one. For some reason I never felt comfortable putting a timetable to my goals. It felt so random and unachievable. No wonder I struggled with attaining my goals! It’s important when working with the law of attraction to leave the timing up to the Universe.

DO NOT set time frames. The truth is we don’t know what it will take to make our dreams a reality. Mountains must move on our behalf, and we’re going to give God a deadline? I don’t think so! Once again, we don’t know the perfect timing of our dreams, but the Universe absolutely works in divine timing. Let go of the stress of timing, and let God do the work.

Doesn’t that take a load off?

In fact, the standard method of setting goals is hogwash, according to Kevin and his colleagues. Are you familiar with SMART goals?


We can forget about those rules! Keep it simple. Feel good even when things don’t look good. There will be times when things are going wrong. We can’t understand why it is, but when we keep the attitude that it is happening FOR our good, then it will work out fine. And in some cases, it will be what needed to happen to keep us safe, or to put us in the perfect position to receive what we want.

Our reaction to any experience (especially the negative ones) makes all the difference in turning the negative into a huge triumph. We’ve all heard the amazing stories of people overcoming huge obstacles. It wasn’t because they complained and had to be dragged to the top of their personal mountain. Nope.

The Universe conspires for my good. (Repeat)

A quick re-cap:

  • Believe we can have what we want, start with where we’re at and take baby steps
  • See it/feel it as done – we don’t need to know how it will happen
  • Focus on feeling good – Find ways to feel good at all costs – this is extreme self-care
  • Leave the timing up to the Universe

Did you learn something new? Let us know in the comments below! We love hearing from you!

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Jennie has been an empath before she knew what that meant. She picked up the emotions of others without realizing what was happening, and it was quite confusing. As an adult, Jennie dove into the mystical world of the occult, astrology, numerology and self-help books to find who she really is, and what this world is about … at least, according to Jennie Sue. This was the start of a journey that continues for 25 plus years, calling it her own “Hero’s Journey.” She believes that everyone has this wisdom within, and when we tap into this self-guidance, we become empowered to direct our lives to fulfill our dreams. She truly feels that is why we are here, to find our own power – and when we do, we will have amazing powers beyond comic superhero’s. Jennie lives with her husband, two sons and two cats in Southern California. She loves to be in her garden and go on bike rides and hikes with her family. She has enjoyed working at home and raising her own family and continues her journey of self-realization and fulfillment.

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