Universal Bank of Spirit Consciousness

By Niraj Soma Naik

Guest Writer for Wake Up World

You know how the banking system works. You open an account, you fill it with money, and you withdraw money when you need it. You can always put money in, and it’s never a problem. But, there’s a limit to how much you can take out, depending on how much you’ve deposited.

We all know this; it’s a simple concept. And we may have some understanding of this idea when it comes to our physical bodies. But, we don’t apply these same principles to our minds and spirits.

There’s another bank you may not have heard about: The Universal Bank of Spirit Consciousness

  • It has super high interests for savings. Whatever you invest into it grows exponentially
  • You get an account with a free deposit the moment you are born.
  • It also has an overdraft facility. But be careful, if you just keep taking from it, it will penalise you in more ways than one, that is the risk you take!
  • You don’t want to abuse the generosity of this bank.
  • The more you abuse the bank, the more lessons it will teach you on what to do next time.
  • If you learn from your previous errors, then it will help you along to make your account grow.
  • By helping you to grow your account, the bank’s own account can grow too.
  • If you don’t, then the tougher and tougher your life becomes as the bank strips away the spiritual currency it has given you and the more you will need to learn to get it back.

At this bank, the spiritual currency is energy, and you learn to earn along the way.

How have we been withdrawing from our account?

We make withdraws from this bank when we make decisions and choices that only benefit our physical desires and indulgences. Be careful in simply following the path of your desires. Anything that you choose that exits on the physical dimension, like superficial sex, self indulgent possessions, and power is subject to the laws that govern the physical dimension. These are desires driven by your ego and this requires energy and withdrawals from the universal spiritual bank.

Alternatively, desires driven by your ego that are aligned with the laws of consciousness, will result in the manifestation of things in the physical dimension that are beneficial to universal growth. Of course, our bodies have needs that must be met, but when we make the entire focus of our lives about ourselves, then we aren’t adding value to the world. And if we aren’t adding value, our own spiritual account doesn’t grow, and the account of the universe doesn’t grow either. Self-indulgence is only a one way flow of energy from the universal bank to you. So you could end up spending more than you save and invest, and both you and the Universe lose out.

Don’t abuse this bank. If you do, then the tougher your life becomes as the bank strips away the spiritual currency it has given you and the more you will need to learn to get it back.

How can we add to our account?

What you do with the energy you receive is very important. It’s the same as the Biblical principle, “To whom much has been given, much will be required.” We’ve all been given power, gifts, and a free-of-charge Universal Bank account. It’s time we take care of it.

The way you can add to this spiritual account is by adding value to the universe, simply for its own sake. All the major religions teach this. It is the seed that brings them all together. Add value and do good work. That way, your account is full, and not only does your spiritual self benefit, but your physical side does as well! (and so does the whole universe!)

Follow this formula to add value: Identify Problems + Find Solutions to Fix Them= Add Value

Ways to add value to the world:

  • Listen before you speak. Sometimes we forget that people need a listening ear. We are focused on our own needs and issues. Lend that ear to someone else.
  • Make a kind gesture to someone on the street.
  • Make an unconditional compliment to a friend or family member.
  • Make someone else feel good or help someone in need for a change without expecting anything in return.
  • Do a job well that you love within a company or system that adds value to the customer.
  • Creating a product or service that adds value to the customer. The more the product helps a person’ own spiritual bank account to grow, the greater your reward.
  • Create a system that adds more value to more people.
  • Help someone grow their own spiritual account. By adding to their account, you automatically add to your own and that of the Universe.

But, you need to learn lessons as you create value and understand the Universal Bank of Spirit Consciousness system. It is essential that you take tips and change and develop yourself. If a company creates a good product but doesn’t listen to reports or feedback about that product, and just stays the same, they may end up doing more harm than good, which wasn’t their original intention. If you learn to grow and allow yourself the space to do so, you will learn how to grow your account

And, you can’t create value if you’re simply worried about the big picture, world-saving kind of stuff. The little details matter. A simple moment of kindness to a stranger can add incredible value. Remember that.

What happens when our spiritual account grows?

When you work to add value to the universe and grow your spiritual account, your own value increases. And, you also will receive plentiful rewards that follow the path of your desires. If you want peace, you will get peace. If you want love, you will get love. But remember, your desires should not be driven solely by your ego, or else they will remove energy from the account without replacing it.

Just like a regular bank, the more you add to it, the more money (rewards) you will receive. Of course sometimes you will need to make withdrawals, just like in the physical world. But, be sure not to take more than you put in. Then you’ll be right back where you started.

With overdrawing your account and not adding to it along the way, you will experience negative consequences as opposed to simply getting charged. Consequences could appear in the form of emotions: fear, lust, anger, grief, or apathy.

But if you treat the bank well, learn your lessons, add to the bank, and don’t overdraw, you will receive the positive consequences in the form of positive emotions: courage, strength, acceptance, and peace.

Think of the emotions as being put into different levels of energy. Love is the measure of vibrational energy: L-level O-of V-vibrational E-energy. Peace is the highest and most powerful emotion because it is love for all. Apathy would be the lowest of emotions because it is devoid of everything, especially love.

So any negative or positive impact you have on your Universal Bank will have an effect on you and the Universe. If you work hard to bring value to the Universe, your account grows, and you will receive the benefit. But, if you withdraw too much and use up all of the spiritual energy you’ve been given without giving back, you will be subject to negative consequences.

And your account continues on after you die, affecting what happens to you in your next life. It has a greater impact than you realize.

How to increase your vibrational energy

Think about the people who receive a lot of money, fame, or recognition for their art or product. People are jealous of them because they seem to have a great life living in this physical world. But, oftentimes, these people have taken all that vibrational energy given to them, and used it up. They’ve overdrawn from their accounts.

Many of these people conduct lives that lead to despair and destruction, such as drug abuse, broken relationships, loss of money and status, and loss of respect. Depression is a common issue among these types of people.

But if you have been given a lot of vibrational energy, then use it to create more for others, and you will lead a blissful life. Of course, our physical bodies are subject to death, and there will always be hardships. But, at our cores, we can find happiness and peace by following the spiritual laws that govern our Universe.

Increase your vibrational energy by (which will help you to add more value)

And use the 4 agreements! (created by Miguel Ruiz)

  • Be impeccable with your word: Watch your tongue. Words have power. Use your words to create value and positive energy.
  • Don’t take anything personally: Everyone is going through something, and it can be a tough journey. Those who send negativity your way are showing their own need to add more value.
  • Be skeptical but learn to listen: Question things but also be open to wisdom. Our growth and development will always continue.
  • Always do your best: In whatever you do, you create positive energy by trying your best!

In order to create vibrational energy and add value to the Universe, you need to be disciplined and focused. Take care of your physical body and treat it well. It is a gift to you. But also take care of your mind and soul and make deposits to your account. Imagine the change both our individual lives and the Universe would experience if we focused more on our spiritual selves and worked to bring about happiness and peace instead of evil and despair!

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About the author:

Niraj Naik is a certified pharmacist turned holistic health and breathwork expert. Having cured himself from Ulcerative Colitis, he is dedicated to helping others restore their health and improve their overall quality of life with holistic practices and lifestyle changes where stress and gut health is a factor. He is known internationally as The Renegade Pharmacist and founder of SOMA Breath.




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