An Elemental Shift: Astrology Forecast August 18th – 25th, 2019

August 19th, 2019

By Lorna Bevan

Contributing Writer for Wake Up World

One after the other this week, Mars, Venus and the Sun cross from fixed Leo into mutable Virgo, from the alchemical element of Fire to Earth. Whenever the personal planets change signs, you notice your emotional state shifting as well.

Those bright creative inspirations that have arisen since the Super New Moon on August 1st and Jupiter/Uranus changing direction on August 11th now need grounding. At the same time, the lightbulb moments will still keep coming as Mercury in Leo aligns with Jupiter on the Great Attractor and Mars, Venus and the Sun align with Awakener Uranus in Taurus. A mystic Finger of God from Saturn and Neptune points to Mercury -time to test the viability of your dreams.

This week marks the start of what will become in September a relentless embodiment and manifestation process-when the spiritual rubber will meet reality road. For the inside track, sign up to my subscriber only September 5D Report:” Radical Repurposing”

For now, notice that you are nudged from within to regenerate your own ecology -your energy signature, the magnetic Field that surrounds you, that you live from, draw on and co-create, your breath, your physicality, your food, your creativity, your health, your heart, your frequency.

For it to flow, for you to thrive, not just survive, you need to clear the river. Being deeply present to your physicality and frequency will gradually become the new normal in your transition to full embodiment. Under such transformative earthy energy, you will be amazed at how suddenly and effortlessly you switch to what is in your own highest interests. The experimentation, feeling and energy of freedom within your own thoughts and heart accelerates change over habit.

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Chandra Symbol for Venus/Mars Virgo 4: 

A small piglet dressed in baby’s clothes

“Being aware of the factors others miss. Sensing the clues, the missing pieces. Drawn toward what is shadow, what is denied, what is suppressed. Seeing the world from the point of view of the dispossessed, of the denied, of the inconvenient factors and forces. Whatever we try to get rid of will come back on us and must be heard, felt, known, made the basis for the truth to be far more comprehensive, far less self-serving .Any way you cut it, this is the surfacing of what we assumed had been put behind us. It is the circling back around to get us in touch with the earth and with unfinished business, gaping holes, anything and everything we’d like to forget. Right in the middle of all this controversy, a future possibility is being hatched, and it will not wait to be approved and allowed in.”

Aries Weekly Forecast: August 18-25, 2019

A Venus, Mars and the Sun are all now in practical Virgo and your 6th House of work and service, your focus shifts to checking your systems and foundations. Overhauls, upgrades and updates of all kinds are in the frame-from physical check ups to financial audits to your habits and routines. Look at everything with fresh eyes to see where and how you can nudge your life towards your vision for the future. In this astrology, the devil is in the detail and when Saturn moves forward next month, you’ll be so relieved you did due diligence. It’s going to smooth your path towards a major personal reorientation.

A systems update.

Taurus Weekly Forecast: August 18-25, 2019

The good news is that for the next four weeks you’re going to be in your element and feeling much happier in your own skin. Your personal ruler Venus joins the Sun and Mars in compatible Earth sign Virgo -your 5th House of creativity, fun and pleasure. No matter how much you’ve got on your plate, it’s time to lighten up and see the world through rose tinted glasses. Focus on what’s working, not on what needs improving. And launch a project that’s close to your heart- it doesn’t need to be perfect,it doesn’t need curating, it just needs to be just a true expression of you and what you have to offer.

Take a risk and live your life out loud.

Gemini Weekly Forecast: August 18-25, 2019

The movement of the Sun, Venus and Mars over the base of your chart signals a new annual cycle. Virgo- your 4th House of roots, belonging and tribe -is a practical Earth sign so now’s the time to make sure your foundations are solid and supportive and your plans are costed and backed up. Look around and notice what needs updating, what needs re-thinking. Bring your family on board and ask for their suggestions and feedback. You may be surprised by their fresh take and inspired to think bigger and out of the box. Home is the base camp for your life so make it a true reflection of yourself.

Time to press the refresh button.

Cancer Weekly Forecast: August 18-25, 2019

Although you’ve been feeling drained and inclined to cocoon yourself safely at home in recent weeks, as the personal planets migrate together into your zone of connection, happiness is going to come through other people. Reach out to ask for and to offer support, risk being vulnerable and join in instead of nursing your wounds. This is perfect timing to get more involved with groups of likeminded people, to co-operate on joint ventures and to ask for feedback from trusted friends or family. Stuck situations need a fresh perspective.

As the saying goes:” A problem shared is a problem halved”.

Leo Weekly Forecast: August 18-25, 2019

Communicator Mercury is still in your sign and aligning helpfully with expansive Jupiter. If you need to call in favours, this is the week to do it. With Venus, Mars and the Sun moving into Virgo, your angle of self-esteem and finances, you’ll be thinking carefully about how to advance your goals. Whatever your pitch, you need to dot the Is and cross the Ts, check that your blueprint is workable and adequately funded and show your evidence. Others will be happy to meet you halfway as long as you explain how it will be worth their while.

Share the spotlight, don’t hog it.

Virgo Weekly Forecast: August 18-25, 2019

The welcome news is that first Mars, then Venus then the Sun returns home to Virgo this week. After a month when your batteries needed constant re-charging, just watch your energy levels soar. You are truly back in your element and feeling at home in your own skin. Don’t dwell on what’s not working but shift your attention to what is. This will give you a muchneeded change of perspective, especially where one important relationship is concerned. The ball is in your court to play as you choose, so accept the challenge and put your own best interests first.

Let the sun shine back into your life.

Libra Weekly Forecast: August 18-25, 2019

As first Mars, Venus then the Sun enter your occluded 12th House, frame the next 4 weeks as a rest stop to recharge your batteries, regroup and put your own highest interests first. If you try to push the river and keep on keeping on, it will be counter-productive. Think of the Byrd’s song “To everything there is a season-turn, turn” And for you it’s a time to reflect, restore and repurpose. There’s a huge difference between passive waiting and waiting with expectation for the tide to turn. When Lord of Time and Karma Saturn turns forward in mid-September on an important angle of your chart, you’ll need every ounce of stored energy to keep up.

“It is always important to know when something has reached its end. Closing circles, shutting doors, finishing chapters, it doesn’t matter what we call it; what matters is to leave in the past those moments in life that are over.” Paulo Coelho

Scorpio Weekly Forecast: August 18-25, 2019

You’ll notice a subtle but distinct shift in your inner world this week. Your personal ruler Mars followed by Venus and the Sun move into your 11th House of alliances for the next month. This means that your usual fallback position of being the lone ranger won’t do you any favours. Now’s the time to restore and strengthen the bonds of friendships, to meet new people, to collaborate with joint projects, adding value as well as picking up new ideas. With the inner planets aligned beautifully with futurist Uranus in your relationship zone, other people hold the cards and the keys.

Expand your people landscape.

Sagittarius Weekly Forecast: August 18-25, 2019

Each year in the 3rd week of August, the Sun crosses the top of your chart to start a new cycle. This year, Mars and Venus amplify the impact, making you much more visible than usual. This is, of course, a two -edged sword. On the one hand every mistake shows up, on the other people notice you and reward your efforts. From now to mid -October, watch for opportunities where there were none before. Accept a helping hand when it is offered and stake your claim to better things. Don’t just sit back and wait for things to fall into your lap but do due diligence. Yes, luck is on your side but luck is created when you’re willing to take risks, follow your hunches and take every opportunity to expand your world.

Pure possibility.

Capricorn Weekly Forecast: August 18-25, 2019

Looking at the big picture has never been so important for you as a Capricorn. In the weeks between now and January 2020, your personal ruler Lord of Time and Karma Saturn will make a tighter and tighter conjunction with Pluto-the ultimate eliminator of all things outgrown-in your own sign. This is a defining passage, a once in a lifetime catharsis. It’s important to factor in that these shamanic drums are beating in the background of everything you do from now on. Don’t try to resist changes and don’t bury your head in the sand. Instead, starting now as the inner planets gather in your 9th House, confront and re-evaluate anything that is keeping you small or stuck. These are long overdue changes. You know what needs doing. Start gently but persistently.

Make the changes you want to happen before change happens to you.

Aquarius Weekly Forecast: August 18-25, 2019

This week as Mars, Venus and the Sun move into Virgo and your 8th House, notice your thoughts turning to issues that you normally keep under wraps. That means money, intimacy, your greatest fears and your most heartfelt desires. If you yearn for a deeper, closer, more meaningful level of connection, start by offering it. With Saturn and Pluto excavating the deepest part of your chart, this astrology is all about housecleaning and house clearing-at a literal as well as an emotional level. So start somewhere that feels comfortable, perhaps physically getting rid of things that relate to a previous stage of your life and go from there. Think of it as shedding a straitjacket that’s kept you confined.

Getting real.

Pisces Weekly Forecast: August 18-25, 2019

This week, you’re going to be thinking about what and who makes you happy instead of how you can make others happy. That’s quite a turn around. As Mars, Venus and the Sun light up your relationship zone, you’ll start to notice patterns that were previously blind spots. Is it really your role to constantly smooth things over, to mediate and to give way? Pay attention to the dynamics of a current partnership. Are you too co-dependent or overly independent? Does it feel like a win/win give and take? Just look without judgment, reflect and prepare to be surprised at what you learn. And as Jupiter brings much deserved rewards or accolades at work, your self -esteem and self-belief will rise.

Change your mind and change your life.

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