Interdimensional Travel, By Realising the Universe as a Hologram of Light

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Increasingly there is a yearning within the soul of humanity to reconnect with the true source and shape a new reality that is more harmonious, unconditionally loving, just and fair to all sentient life. After aeons of forced amnesia, Humanity is realising his/her greater place within the cosmos – these are exciting times indeed.

In terms of travelling and creating in higher dimensions of existence, there are some fundamental keys to behold which can unlock the inner gateways. The first is to realise that the outer is but a hologram of the inner. How does this work?

The Universe Breathes Inwards and Outwards

The classic way of considering the big bang is that light exploded outwards in all directions and condensed to form the known universe. But I ask the simple question: how could the singularity explode outwards if there was nothing to explode into? How can it fill space that doesn’t exist?

What if though, at the moment of explosion outwards, you also have implosion inwards that happens just afterwards, with an ever-so-slight delay. The dynamic sets up standing waves of vibration. So the Universe progressively moves to a place where it is breathing out and in, at the same time. Thus you have the basis of the manifest Universe. You have a dynamic equilibrium in constant flux. It’s a postulation that can satisfy science and spirituality.

What we now know as space-time-continuum creates because the flow back inwards is slightly out of sync with the flow outwards – so that the two waves don’t merge and cancel each other out. This dynamic also accounts for spin, since you get a displacement back at the source which creates a torque. And so form is also created from this spin – which you see replicated in the toroidal flow throughout the universe, within particulate matter and in the flower of life depiction of interconnected sentient form – it’s a stunning interweaving mosaic.

Now this I know might sound like intellectual pontification, but stay with me a while longer and see how we might apply it to open crucial inner dooways through which to travel and create.

The Virtual Hologram

We need to open another doorway first. That is seeing the manifest Universe as a hologram of Light. Remind yourself of this classic scene from the matrix…

When you touch something that is ‘physical’, like the chair in the clip above, it feels real. Yet when you consider it deeply, that’s only because your brain is providing you information about a collective construct that at some level, you’ve agreed to.

Consider it this way: your soul is wanting to have an experience of density and separation, so together with the rest of the collective, you dreamed into existence (over aeons of ‘evolution’) the complexity of the world that we live in today, of which the human body, together with the 5 senses, becomes the vehicle through which you travel. Your soul is travelling through a particular inner density of experience, which then projects into the outer as a virtual hologram, through which you then travel and your body makes real as an experience.

Escaping the Matrix

Now that experience has become highly distorted and enslaving because of an intervention that wants you to identify and stay locked into this outer hologram – one that it can control and manipulate. It simply adds new levels of complexity in order to distract outwards, or else creates internal disharmony so you don’t find your way back to the truth – back to the source. Hence the increasing distraction of our ‘Smart’ society. It makes the outer increasingly compelling and real – it’s very anchoring.

Things begin to change when you become disillusioned with this limitation, the experience never seems to satisfy. You remember belonging to a much deeper causality, a sense of belonging to the totality – which satisfies all external desire. And so surrender begins to happen, which quietens the inner busyness long enough to pick up the subtle senses of the soul. The soul is your vehicle, your conduit, your connection and bridge back to the source.

And so through the soul, you begin to travel inwards. This is a progressive journey, because as you do so, you pull on the karmic tethering where you (aspects of your soul) have identified with the outer. As you tug on these, they become active, which you then need to address by regressing into. So the journey becomes one of progressive purification. Now your soul becomes more integral and whole once more. You become increasingly free to travel into new dimensions of existence.

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Interdimensional Journeying

Effectively you progressively quieten the inner world through meditation. You get to feel the various densities of existence and soften right through them through progressive deep relaxation and awareness. This brings you ever closer to the source – the spining vortex around the singularity. You’re still in the physical body, but journeying ever deeper inwards. This requires much dedicated patience and persistance, because you’ll hit all the reasons why not to do this – at some point it will feel like the death of the ego for example, which was bound into the outer. This can take some journeying to unravel. Or there might develop attachment to the sense of release and coming home which feels like bliss – the attachment can stop you moving deeper.

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As you come into other densities within, and get to attune them more acutely into your inner senses, then these start to reflect outwards into your virtual hologram too. So you witness the physical manifestation of the interconnectivity of signs and synchronicity for example – the Universe is truly interconnected, and here unfolds the actualisation of that. However at this level of journeying, the new densities such as the 4D and 5D are interrelated and enfolded over the 3D reality – you’re living in two worlds not one.

The 5D Hologram

If you’re reading this, there will come a point where you’ll likely want to start to creating and living in 5D – actually physically living in the New Paradigm. Whilst you still have a physical body, this can at first be quite challenging, because whatever you experience in the higher dimensions keeps getting interpreted through the lower ones – and because of that dense frequency, it can tend to override the lighter ones – so you keep seeing the lower densities even though you’re travelling through higher frequencies. It’s a reason why people don’t recall their dreams for example.

In fact for me, the full embodied experience of the higher dimensions reflected into a new hologram, that of the 5D for example, begins as a dream state. How does this work? You quieten and soften the lower densities of the physical 1D, emotional 2D and mental 3D, travel into the timelessness of the 4D unravelling any interference or disturbence there (which is why the processing of karma in this plane is necessary), whereupon you come into 5D interconnected flowing sense of lightness. But how do you see this depicted and manifest in the outer hologram?

It begins with the imagination. But this has to be imagination beyond intention. Otherwise you’re simply creating an illusion based on conditioning or desire, which sinks back down into 4D and 3D – you create illusionary ‘time lines’ as people often speak of (‘event lines’ would be more precise). But if you can hold the higher vibration of that inner space, then images start to happen of their own accord. For instance I begin to see the 5D landscape of the new earth – I see the liberated consciousness taking new form, which becomes possible to travel through. At first this journeying will feel a degree etheric, a degree intangable, however as you develop your experience of the spirit light body, the new 5D DNA will form in these higher frequencies, and so when the physical body falls away, this 5D DNA will weave a new vehicle through which to experience the new hologram of the New Paradigm.

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Coming home

And so we may say, that by softening through the densities of the lower outer world, we reconnect with the Toroidal Vortex of the Source, and from there, begin to weave the new experiences in the higher densities. It’s tremendously exciting and fulfilling.

What awaits people in the 5D, is an interconnected experience of harmony, joy and at-one-ment with all life. After the challenges of the old karmic construct, it feels like coming home and living an embodied experience of it. Welcome home!

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