Dreaming, Visioning and Scrying: Astrology Forecast November 24 – December 1 2019

November 18th, 2019

By Lorna Bevan

Contributing Writer for Wake Up World

This is a time for staring into a fire or a candle flame to discern private visions of what is in immanence……. what is ready to materialise but not quite here yet.

The Sun is now in far sighted Sagittarius pressing the rest button in a bright New Moon on Tuesday November 26th. Sagittarius the 9th sign is a hologram of a centaur-half human/half wild horse -firing arrows towards the far horizon, ever on a quest towards the emerging future. The New Moon aligns harmoniously with Chiron in Aries downloading an influx of Centauric consciousness – the capacity for both differentiated rational thought (Mind) and intuitive awareness (Soma) of our connection to the unified Field that lies beyond what we perceive – the world behind the world.

This theme is magnified by Jupiter on the Galactic Centre at 28 Sagittarius and by dream maker Neptune slowing to turn direct in limitless Pisces on Wednesday 27th.Venus fresh from a merger with Jupiter is conjunct 5D planet Quaoar-the Creation archetype of the Dream Time. Quaoar rules manifestation- it is where we bring into being that which we desire. You can channel its deep space transpersonal properties to transform your experience of reality. This force is alive and well within all of us and we use it every day mostly without conscious awareness. Once you learn to harness this energy and work with it, you can create your own personal reality that lines up with your highest intentions. You can do this by tapping into your sensory acuity, the source of intuition, letting it guide you.

Make the very most of these energies this week before Jupiter enters Capricorn on December 3rd, the Saturn/Pluto contractions intensify and the wild card Capricorn Solar Eclipse ripples reach you. For practical strategies ,buy my “Making Eclipses Work for You” 6 page guide.

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The Chandra Symbol New Moon in Sagittarius:

Three Women Materialising out of a Fog

“Being mesmerized by your own triple reflection. Casting a huge chunk of your own soul back into the dim past, casting another chunk of your soul into the remote future, and enshrouding the present time chunk of your soul in layer after layer of obscurity and evasiveness. Living simultaneously in past, present, and future. Down inside there something extraordinary is happening. Free from the glare of any form of overt reflection you are gestating, healing, and making yourself ready for the infinite unknown to pop or hatch. Intensive forces of dreaming into the void, the great abyss. And while knocked out of outer commission, liberated to conceive the inconceivable and to renew your tangled and damaged roots in the old wise woman way that never ages and always works.”

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Aries Weekly Forecast: November 24-December, 1 2019

Each year when the Sun returns to fellow Fire sign Sagittarius you start to feel at home again in your own skin and this year, more than ever. Tuesday’s bright New Moon lights up this part of your chart-your 9th House of broadening your vision and your horizons-aligning with pattern breaker Chiron in your own sign. Let your imagination, intuition and instincts have free rein. Time to be playful, curious and creative like a small child let loose with paints, glitter and glue. Make the absolute most of this inspiring energy as Venus moves into your 10th House of career and public image to join Saturn and Pluto in dour Capricorn. Over the next two extraordinary months, the temptation will be to get overly serious, only focused on the bottom line, putting work over everything else and losing sight of what it’s all for. Resist it.

Big picture visioning.

Taurus Weekly Forecast: November 24-December 1, 2019

The last week of November could be one of those times when you see and feel the rewards for previous efforts. A bright New Moon on Tuesday 26th in Sagittarius brings financial windfalls-could be a bonus, a gift, even an inheritance or discovering a new income stream. Venus your personal planet moves into compatible Earth sign Capricorn, inspiring you to take a surprise trip, to visit an art gallery or museum or to take up an intriguing new area of study. New horizons of possibility are opening up right in front of you. To round it all off, as Neptune turns forward, watch your friendship circle expand and flower.

Focusing on the positives.

Gemini Weekly Forecast: November 24-December, 1 2019

This is an important week for you as a Gemini. Why? because Jupiter, planet of expansion, optimism and luck, has only 8 more days in your opposite sign. Since October 2019, there has been a changing of the guard in all your relationships and partnerships. People have left, others have arrived. They have all shown you something important about yourself, your hopes and dreams and your self-esteem. On Tuesday November 28th, the bright New Moon in Sagittarius helps you build bridges, cut ties that no longer mean anything to you and look at who boosts you and who drains you. Think of them as your support team and now that Neptune is turning forward again at the pinnacle of your chart, refreshing your vision and ambition for 2020, collaboration is going to be crucial.

People who need people….

Cancer Weekly Forecast: November 24-December 1, 2019

With both expansive Jupiter and a bright New Moon lighting up Sagittarius this week-your angle of work, habits, routines and service-it’s time to lift your nose from the grindstone and devise some new ways to lighten your load. Sunday 24th and Tuesday 26th are lucky days when group or team collaboration could pay dividends-perhaps literally. Venus moves into Capricorn, your opposite sign of relationships, making December a much more sociable month than usual. Stop focusing on what has to be done-delete those dreaded words “should/ought/must” from your vocabulary- and decide to enjoy yourself. After all, with a wild card eclipse in your 7th House of partnership starting to rearrange circumstances outside your control, anything could happen and probably will.

Life is a mindset.

Leo Weekly Forecast: November 24-December 1, 2019

These last few days of November look uplifting for you, Leo. With a lovely New Moon on Tuesday in fellow Fire sign Sagittarius aligned with pattern breaker Chiron in Fire sign Aries, you’ll be in your element. Remember that the purpose of a Leo Sun or ascendant is to warm everyone else with your open heart and sheer presence and you’ll have that in spades this week. Sometimes you can be generous and openhanded with others but not yourself ,so make sure that the love you spread includes you .With both expansive Jupiter and the New Moon in your 5th House, enjoy the company of children and people who take life as it comes and lift your spirits.

Play is the greatest creative magic of all.

Virgo Weekly Forecast: November 24-December 1, 2019

Make the very most of the warm energies of the last week of November to remind yourself of what makes your heart sing and what drains you. A bright fiery New Moon on Tuesday in your 4th House is the perfect time to bring family and tribe together, to plan future celebrations and to deepen those bonds. Expanding the theme of your people landscape, Neptune turns forward on Wednesday in your angle of close partnerships. Now that Mercury is also moving direct, expect someone important-whether personally or professionally-to make contact after a period of disconnect or distance. You’ve had time to consider your feelings so speak from your heart. All the omens look aligned for a happy reunion.

Looking for the best in everyone.

Libra Weekly Forecast: November 24-December 1, 2019

By now, with Mercury moving forward again, you should be feeling life flowing more easily and smoothly. The week begins with Jupiter and Venus together in your angle of connection, followed on Tuesday by a bright New Sagittarian Moon. It looks as is news of some sort is on its way that will make you change your mind about one particular contact or project. Jupiter always widens your horizons to reveal the big picture, so if you’ve been head down in detailed plans, take a breather and ask for some input from people you trust. The result will take your ideas to a new level. Meanwhile, don’t leave your tribe or family out of the loop. On Monday, Venus enters your zone of home and belonging to stay until Christmas- it’s time to beautify your surroundings ahead of the holidays.

On form again.

Scorpio Weekly Forecast: November 24-December 1, 2019

This is the start of a week of unexpected opportunity for you, Scorpio, so don’t let it pass you by-it’s rare to enjoy such well starred planetary alignments. Ever since Mercury turned forward last week in your own sign, the wheels of communication and commerce have been turning rapidly and more smoothly. Given that Venus and Jupiter-the gift bringers -are merging in your money zone on Sunday, you might receive a windfall of some sort. Whatever form it manifests in- a pay rise, a bonus, an inheritance, a tax refund or a repaid debt-it’s your reward for past services or due diligence. This inspires you to make some big plans on Wednesday when Mercury and limitless Neptune align just as the God of dreams turns forward.

Ask for your heart’s desire-you just might get it.

Sagittarius Weekly Forecast: November 24-December 1, 2019

Well, it’s finally arrived-the last week of your ruler Jupiter lighting up your own sign for the next 12 years. But the good times are not over yet. On Sunday, between them Venus and Jupiter-the attractor and expander-make you the star of the show and the zodiac. It’s like a farewell party with the gift of bringing you well deserved rewards for everything you’ve created and upleveled since October 2018.The gift is permanent-yours to keep-a reminder of just how multi -talented you can be when you believe in yourself. And there’s more. Venus lights up your money zone in time for Christmas just as Neptune turns forward to brighten up your home life.

Party time.

Capricorn Weekly Forecast: November 24-December 1, 2019

On Sunday Venus and Jupiter have a gift for you, probably a personal one rather than a promotion or a bonus. Then on Tuesday at the bright New Moon in Sagittarius, the Goddess enters Capricorn to join Ceres, Saturn and Pluto. Venus plus Ceres suggests that your attractor factor will be at a high and a link to unpredictable Uranus could bring a bolt of romantic lightening straight out of the blue. Seize the chance to enjoy it by meeting up with friends or family, having a makeover or simply awarding yourself the luxury of time off to do whatever you like. Next week on December 3rd, Jupiter returns to Capricorn for the first time in 12 years making the huge starry gathering even more potent.

2020 is your year- prepare for lift off.

Aquarius Weekly Forecast: November 24-December 1, 2019

The entire last week of November has the potential to be life enhancing for you, Aquarius. It’s all about people. On Sunday Venus and Jupiter merge just before a bright New Moon in Sagittarius, your 11th House of alliances. Your networks are expanding, whether through social media or in real time or both. You might be expanding your family or stumbling across groups of likeminded souls. Make the very most of these rare influences by getting involved, stepping off the side lines and putting out the welcome mat. It might also bring a changing of the guard as some friends leave and others arrive.

Say Yes to every invitation.

Pisces Weekly Forecast: November 24-December 1, 2019

With no exaggeration, this is going to be a very important week for you, Pisces. There are some rare and unusually supportive alignments at the pinnacle of your chart and in your 1st House of self and identity. Whenever these angles of your solar chart-your foundations and engine room-are activated, life changes. Don’t let any of it go by. Make a commitment to a new direction-personal, professional or both. You can’t be half in and half out-play everything at 100%. Circle Sunday November 24th, Tuesday 26th and Wednesday 27th as days to expect a sea change. Literally perhaps as your personal planet limitless Neptune rolls forward again after 5 months of go slow in a stunning link to Mercury. Prepare to be inspired.

Make the news, be the news.

Originally published at hareinthemoonastrology.co.uk and reproduced here with permission.

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