6 Easy Ways to Strengthen Your Aura

By Nikki Harper

Staff Writer for Wake Up World

If you’re feeling tired, drained, depressed or demotivated, it could well be that your aura needs a bit of a boost. Your aura is made up of the vibrations of your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual energy, and it is constantly fluctuating. Over time, through circumstances or by being around others, some of life’s negativity works its way into your energies, and this will eventually have a cumulative effect on your life, and on your spiritual development.

Fortunately, there are many easy ways to strengthen, cleanse and boost your aura. Why not have a go at all or some of these?

1. Think Positive

Our thoughts both reflect and create our realities. It sound cliché, but making an effort to think more positive thoughts really can attract more positive energies into your aura and into your life. Even when you’re going through a difficult time, you can use daily affirmations or mantras to convince yourself that the situation is more positive. Seek to find the good in everything and everyone around you, and perhaps begin to keep a gratitude journal so that you don’t miss all the good things in your life while you’re concentrating on the bad.

2. Mingle with the Elements

Being outdoors often is very important for a healthy aura – we humans were not designed to be shielded from the elements! Sunshine and daylight are vital for our physical health, in terms of vitamin D intake, and for our mental health too. Take time to engage with all of the elements. Walk barefoot and dig your toes into the earth, or build sandcastles or mud pies to reconnect with earth. Sit in the rain and be cleansed by the power of water. Walk in the breeze or fly a kite to absorb some air energy into your aura, and enjoy a fire pit to soak up the powerful energy of fire.

3. Carry a Crystal

There are hundreds of different types of crystal, each with their own benefits for us. In terms of strengthening your aura, however, the two most useful crystals are clear quartz and smoky quartz. Wearing or carrying clear quartz will help to energize and invigorate your aura, lifting tiredness and renewing optimism. Smoky quartz is useful to keep in your pocket or your bag as it absorbs negativity and sadness, helping to drain these less than helpful energies from your aura. However, be mindful of where your crystals come from.

4. Laugh a Lot

The healing power of laughter is not a myth – you probably know how when someone makes you laugh it provides an instant mood boost. Making a conscious effort to bring more laughter into your life is a great way to strengthen your aura. Watch your favorite comedy shows, or get together with good friends on a regular basis. Be playful and don’t be afraid to let your inner child have a good time.

5. Smudge Your Space

Smudge sticks are an essential tool in the spiritual home. These tightly wrapped bundles of sage are lit and then gently smolder, giving off a cleansing smoke. Use one to cleanse your home regularly, but you can also waft it in a spiral fashion around your body, from your head to your toes, to “bounce out” less than helpful energies from your aura. It helps if you can get a friend to do this for you while you stand still with your eyes closed – you will feel a difference.

6. Visualize Purity

Regular meditation helps to maintain a strong aura, as it calms and settles negative emotions. However, even if you find meditation difficult, you can do a simple creative visualization exercise which will have a similar effect. Simply close your eyes and sit calmly, and then imagine a pure white light entering the top of your head. Feel it move down your body, and out through your feet, down into the ground. This only takes a minute or two and done regularly, can help to keep a vibrant and strong aura around you at all times.

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