Healing Modern Epidemics with Plant Medicine – FREE Online Event

Have you had trouble sorting out valid health advice from questionable marketing claims? Have you consulted with doctors and practitioners and received multiple — and sometimes conflicting — diagnoses, medications, herbal remedies, and supplements?

It can be difficult to separate misleading or irrelevant information from genuine proven and time-tested knowledge and wisdom – and if you’re already receiving standard medical treatment, it’s not easy to work out how to safely integrate natural medicine.

Help is at hand. Join us and celebrated plant medicine pioneer David Crow for a FREE online video event: Healing Modern Epidemics with Plant Medicine: How to Avoid Pop Medicine & Trendy Diagnoses to Find Real Solutions.

During this free online event, you’ll discover:

  • State-of-the art principles of plant medicine to help you heal, prevent relapse, support allopathic treatments, and “think like a clinician”
  • How to avoid trendy diagnoses and treatments for today’s epidemic health challenges — and find real solutions
  • False marketing claims you need to watch out for — from essential oil products to the “boosts” you add to your smoothies
  • Expert advice to help you reorganize or start your family’s plant medicine pharmacy
  • Little-known herbs that are highly effective for specific conditions

As David has demonstrated, the therapeutic benefits of medicinal plants have been validated through evidence-based research. But for the average person, knowing how to apply specific herbs to specific health challenges remains a mystery.

Join us for this FREE plant medicine event and you’ll learn how to think like a clinical herbalist.

Whether you’re looking to heal yourself or to benefit your family and your community, you won’t want to miss this insight into herbalism that works. Register here and get started with a healthy new you.