Creating a New Way of Being in a Time of Uncertainty

By Vanessa LeBlanc

Guest Writer for Wake Up World

We are in a time when we are facing two emerging realities. One is a course set by destructive thought which is leading us to, well, you know where. A place where our society lacks fundamental values, our unique perspectives are censored and our way of life is completely misaligned with our human spirit.

The other reality is also forming now.  We are dreaming of a better world and a new vision is forming. This is a world where we are aligned with our human spirit. However, if you truly want to be part of this new reality, we, as a group, have to actively take part in creating it.

You wouldn’t be blamed if you are feeling a little tired at the thought of it, but is it really that hard? Considering that our current society template was formed by a bunch old mates long ago which is based on fear, one must consider that a vision formed with love in our hearts would be a million times more powerful to bring into fruition. So we must stop feeding the dream of destructive thinkers and feed the dream of loving souls.

We can’t wait for the perfect time and circumstances to align. Sometimes, we simply must choose as individuals first and foremost to change the direction we are heading and visualize the ideal outcome we want. Our dream is calling those of us who seek a better way, what I like to call a New Way of Being.

So how do we do this? We use the art of manifesting to redirect our attention towards a new vision. Something we can all work together to create. One where we are connected to nature and all that is. A world where we have simpler, happy and purposeful lives and where we change the rules of living by re-connecting with our true human potential.

This means that whatever vision we create in our minds and share as a group will eventually turn into our reality. Considering this, we can completely reshape the direction of our future and stop worrying about the direction others want for us.

These 3 techniques can help us do this:

1. Immerse yourself in the life you want to lead

Focus on what matters. We all have an inner core desire to live our lives in a natural and harmonious way, which is unique to us. We are however becoming distracted by everything going on around us, chaos, confusion and uncertainly. Redirecting our individual focus towards our ideal life (outside of predetermined formulas) is the key to happiness and changing our world as you are tapping into a core desire of your human spirit.

 2. Visualisation

The next step is visualising your ideal life as if it is happening around you. It is like experiencing your new life through the veil of your existing one while transcending your current reality. You can then extend this technique to seeing and experiencing the world we want to create as if it is happening as well. We see happy people, we hear happy news, we win tough cases and we expect that good does indeed triumph over evil.

 3. Anticipate a positive outcome

The third step is to anticipate a positive outcome. Once you realise that your thoughts lead you to experience either an undesired situation, which creates a distortion in your reality, you also realise that if you change your predominant perception of the world, the world will then shift to meet this.  It doesn’t take large groups of people to shift the direction of the world – just some very purposeful thought by a small group, softened with love.

This is the essence of powerful thought. You are convincing your mind, your body, your spirit and the Universe that this new world exists, and because we believe it to be, so it will be.

Once you master these concepts, there will be no stopping you and me from living and breathing a different way of being into our existence.

About the author:


Vanessa LeBlanc teaches a wholistic and spiritual approach to manifesting in her signature courses Happy Everything and Little Visionaries. Join the movement towards a New Way of Being at

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